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Ms. Ramos Mater Academy 2014-2015.

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1 Ms. Ramos Mater Academy

2 What is a Procedure? A procedure is the way we do things

3 Procedure Keep voices low at all times. In the hallways and during announcements there is NO talking. Respect each other at all times, as well as respect all other students, teachers, principals, and visitors at our school. Use your best manners at all times. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.

4 Morning Procedures 1. Greet your teacher and peers as you enter our classroom quietly. 2. Copy your homework and spelling/vocabulary words. 3. Put your homework folder in bin. 4. Begin morning work quietly. 5. Visit Classroom Centers.

5 Bathroom Procedures Bathroom Time: Morning and Afternoon
Wash your hands often. Appropriate bathroom behavior. Clean up and put back in place items you use in the classroom.

6 Lining Up Procedures Sit quietly with your desk cleared.
Wait for your table to be called to line up. Stand up and tuck in your chair (this is so important) WALK appropriately in line.

7 Dismissal Procedures The bell does NOT dismiss you.. the Teacher will dismiss you. Clean the area around you before you leave. Reflect and think about your day and some of the things you’ve learned.

8 Classroom Rules Follow directions quickly Be a caring friend
Always do your best work Listen when someone is speaking Raise your hand to speak

9 We can all learn from them.
Mistakes are OK! We can all learn from them. Everyone will start off their day at “Ready to Learn” Star Student and Excellent Effort are an A Way to Go is a B Make Better Choices is still a B  No Recess is a C Then I will decide if the student needs to sit in another classroom for a little while or maybe sit out for recess. Lastly is Parent Contact which is a D/F the student will go to the office and the parent will be contacted through a sad gram.

10 OH Class! Please raise your hand when you need my attention.
When I need your attention, I will simply say “Class” Everyone will respond (at the same time) “Yes” You will say “Yes” the same way I say “Class” Let’s give it a try! Anytime that I or any other adult calls your name for attention, you respond with a “Yes” (never yea or what?)

11 What is etiquette? Etiquette is a code of conduct that explains expectations for group behavior. There are many ways to act when certain situations occur…

12 Someone gives something to you (3 seconds) Your teacher is speaking
How to Act when Someone gives something to you (3 seconds) Your teacher is speaking YOU are speaking (eye contact) You win or loose a game You meet someone (learn everyone’s names) Bump, Burp, or Sneeze Work is given Eating lunch (saving seats and talking) Someone else is getting in trouble Lining up (no cuts!)

13 Being a Young Adult Personal Space Honesty Respect (gestures)
Organization Fair to Share

14 Where am I suppose to sit?
Right where you are! Look at the name tag on your desk. Make sure it has YOUR name and number on it. You will be sitting in this desk all year long! THIS IS YOUR DESK, MAKE SURE THAT YOU: Keep it clean Keep it organized

15 What will I be learning this year?
This year we will be learning Multiplication and Division Fractions Different types of writing Grammar and punctuation

16 Grading scale Grade Point Value K-12-Grades Verbal Interpretation
K-12-Grades Verbal Interpretation A= % Outstanding Progress B= 80-89% Above Average Progress C= 70-79% Average Progress D= 60-69% Lowest acceptable progress F= 50-59% Failure I = 0 Incomplete

17 Who is your Teacher? Ms. Ramos Born and raised in Miami, FL
Graduated from FIU in 2011 4th year teaching Loves to read, workout, and eat ice cream!

18 Thank You! Any questions?

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