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Camp Riverbend 101 Where to find everything here!.

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1 Camp Riverbend 101 Where to find everything here!

2 Open Air Theater This is where each camp day begins and ends. On arrival all campers and staff gather in the Open Air Theater for songs and announcements. There is a specific bench for each camp group.

3 Schedule Bulletin Boards These are the bulletin boards where important information is located, including daily schedules, club lists, duty rosters, and rainy day locations.

4 Attendance Board This is where group and bus attendance lanyards are kept. Each morning, you will remove the bar code cards of any absent campers in your group and/or bus. Put those cards into baskets on the side of the bulletin board. The rest of the cards stay on the lanyards, which are hung on their assigned hook.

5 Nurse’s office Campers (and counselors) who are sick or injured are brought to the nurse’s office. Campers come to the nurse for any medication they must take during the day

6 The Awning This space is just outside the camp office. You will find crafts supplies for group activities here. This is also where you will get milk order slips for lunch time, supplies for clubs, and where campers who are leaving early get their ice cream.

7 Camp Office Parents or adult relatives of any camper who are visiting camp must come to the camp office to sign in. Campers who are leaving early are delivered here to wait for pick up. If you need to make a phone call during camp hours, come to the office to do so (you may not make cell phone calls or text in camp)

8 Walk-In cooler All camper lunches from home are refrigerated here during the day. All your group’s lunches go into a laundry basket; 2-4 campers (depending on their age and how heavy the basket is) will deliver the laundry basket to the cooler. Campers are not allowed to go into the cooler.

9 Dairy Barn 2-3 campers from your group go here at lunch time to pick up drinks (juice, bottled water, milk). The campers bring your group’s order completed order form with them. In the afternoon, 2 other campers come here to pick up your group’s ice cream. Specialists and pool staff come to the side of the dairy barn to get their drinks at lunch time and come individually at the end of the day for ice cream.

10 Bathrooms There are bathrooms all over camp: next to the Clubhouse, across from the sandbox and by the airplane. Counselors are NOT allowed to use the bathroom in the nurse’s office unless they are being treated there. Counselor Only bathrooms behind nature cabin and in Chef’s kitchen house.

11 Pools Come to the pools for instructional swim or free swim in a bathing suit, ready to get into the water to help the waterfront staff.

12 Crossroads This is a duty location after lunch time. Its where the path from high ropes to canoeing crosses the path between archery and the cookout pavilion. Campers are not allowed on the pathway toward the river during this time.

13 Sports Shed Located next to the tennis courts, this is where you get sports equipment for group activities. Return the equipment you have used when you are done!

14 Fire Truck This is a duty location for after lunchtime. If you are assigned to this duty, you must continually walk around to see both sides of the fire truck. Children are not allowed to stand on top of it.

15 Locker Room These are typical locker rooms. Each camper and group counselor has a cubby or locker to keep his or her stuff in.

16 Water Fountains/Coolers Water fountains and water coolers are located all around camp. Make sure that you and your campers drink enough water during the day. Please discard used cups neatly.

17 Canoeing We canoe on the Passaic River. Canoes enter the river here. All campers and staff must wear life jackets while in canoes.

18 Big Barn This space can be used for basketball most days. On rainy days, several groups at a time will be assigned here for activities.

19 Game Pavilion Groups can come here for table games like ping pong, snooker and knock hockey. In the afternoon, campers who don’t want to go to free swim are allowed to be in the Game Pavilion.

20 Sandbox The Sandbox is next to the pool complex. Groups can come here for playtime. Campers who choose not to go to free swim can be at the sandbox

21 Spray Park Groups are assigned here for 20 minutes at a time, either morning or afternoon. Campers need to be in bathing suits for this activity.

22 Cookout Pavilion When your group has a cookout lunch, it takes place at the cookout pavilion.

23 Clubhouse This part of camp houses groups for 3 – 5 year olds. Older campers are not allowed on play equipment in this area.

24 Arts Quad This is where our various crafts programs are located: arts and crafts 1, arts and crafts 2, ceramics 1, ceramics 2, jewelry, lanyard, woodworking. The nature cabin is also in this area.

25 High Ropes course There are actually 5 locations that are parts of the high ropes course— starting near the Big Barn and the roller rink.

26 Chef’s Kitchen Formerly known as “Passport,” we have renamed this program “Chef’s Kitchen.” This is our cooking program for older campers (entering 2 nd grade and older). It is located behind the Grey House and the Green Cabin in the Clubhouse area.

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