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Welcome Back! Springton Lake Middle School Physical Education 2010-2011.

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1 Welcome Back! Springton Lake Middle School Physical Education 2010-2011

2 SLMS Physical Education Staff Mr. Adams 6 th, 7 th & 8 th Grade Physical Education Teacher Mr. Norris 6 th, 7 th & 8 th Grade Physical Education Teacher

3 SLMS Health & Physical Education Staff Mrs. Baker 6 th & 7 th Grade Physical Education, 8 th Grade Health Mr. Carr 6 th & 8 th Grade Physical Education, 7 th Grade Health

4 SLMS Health & Physical Education Staff Mrs. Melchior 7 th & 8 th Grade Physical Education, 6 th Grade Health

5 What do I need for Class? Gym Uniform: – RTM Physical Education Yellow Shirt. –Red Shorts (any style as long as they are red!) –SNEAKERS! Additional required parts: –Heart Rate Monitor Strap –Bandana or other Head Protection –Sweat Pants and/or Sweat Shirt for cold days. (Can be any color!)

6 Where can I get all of this? The Yellow RTM Physical Education Shirt can be purchased at the school store or your PE teacher The Red Shorts can be bought from the PTG and Sweat Suits can be purchased at ANY sporting goods store. Heart Rate Monitor Straps can be purchased from any PE teacher Bandanas can be purchased from any PE teacher

7 Do I have to change for PE class? YES!!!!!!! The only times that you do not have to get changed for class will be days in which your PE teacher will tell you. Generally it will be a day with a condensed schedule, cold weather, the very start or end of the school year.

8 YOU must label all articles of clothing, and your heart rate monitor straps Label your shirt with your 1 st initial followed by your last name Write your name the same way on the inside part of your shorts Write your first, middle & last initials on the white part of your heart rate strap

9 After School If you are playing an after school sport or you are participating in intramurals, you must be changed for class. If you do not get changed, you cannot participate after school. Also, students who need to make up work in class, (fitness test make ups, heart rate readings) will have the opportunity to come in on the designated days after school.

10 How will you be graded this year?

11 You first assignment for Physical Education… By next class, 9/10/10 (days 135 students) 9/13/10 (days 246 students), you must return the form that we give out today to your PE teacher. By 9/17/10 (days 135 students) 9/20/10 (days 246 students), you need to have your uniform ready to wear for class.

12 What are we going to do this year? 7th Grade Badminton Basketball Biking Cooperative Games Floor Hockey Fitness Testing Football Multicultural games Rock Wall Climbing Roller Blade Self Defense Volleyball Wave Boards Weight Room 8th Grade Aerobics Badminton Basketball Biking Cooperative Games Dance & Movement Electives Fitness Testing Golf Multicultural games Tennis Volleyball Wave Boards Weight Room 6 th Grade Basketball Bouldering Cooperative Games Fitness Testing Multicultural games Orienteering Pickleball Prussik Climbing Soccer STX Track & Field Volleyball Weight Room

13 Class Etiquette Treat each other with respect and display good sportsmanship. Use appropriate language. Respect equipment and facilities. Listen when the teacher is talking. Follow directions.

14 Consequences for Poor Etiquette 1st = Stop & Think Warning. 2nd = Removal from class for a specified length of time. 3rd = Detention & phone call to a parent or guardian. 4th = Sent to guidance office.

15 Lockers & Combination Locks Next Class you will be given a card and a lock. You must fill out your card completely and return it to your P.E. Teacher. If you do not and you forget or lose our lock you will be unable to find it! You are only allowed to use the SMALL lockers! The big lockers are to be used after school for the sports teams

16 Lockers & Combination locks (continued) If you lose your lock you need to check the lost lock box near our office. Above the box will be a print out of every students serial number next to their name. All you need to do is look for your name and then find your serial number. Reach in the box and check the back of the locks and look for your serial number.

17 Lockers YOU are responsible for your own locker! YOU must lock your locker! YOU must make sure you do not bring any valuables to the locker room! YOU must make sure that all of the contents of your locker are placed as far back as possible!

18 YOU need to be responsible in the locker room!

19 As you enter the locker room you will see… A dry erase chart that will have what we will be doing in class The chart will tell you: What activity you will be doing in class, if you need a heart rate strap and/or a bandana and where class will be

20 When you are finish changing you will… You will sit down in your row and wait to be dismissed to go the gym. You will NOT leave until you are dismissed! You will either go to your squad or if instructed, go outside You will not touch any equipment that is set up unless otherwise told by your teacher.

21 Fitness Testing Minimum Requirements You will have a minimum requirement this year for fitness testing.

22 Additional Information… All forms that we will give out during the year will be available on our websites. 400/site/default.asp? 400/site/default.asp After school athletics will start next week. Please listen to school announcements and to your P.E. teacher for further details.

23 Let us all have a great year!

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