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MRA Progress and Next Actions

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1 MRA Progress and Next Actions
Ministry of Tourism 21-February-2014 By: Mr. TRY Chhiv Deputy Director General of Tourism Secretariat Director of National Committee for Tourism Professional

2 Outlines Recall: MRA’s Goals Mechanism for implementing MRA
Progress and Next actions Propositions

3 MRA: What are the goals ? In compliance with ASEAN Economic Community 2015 Tourism sector: 3 areas for cooperation ASEAN Mutual Recognition Arrangement on Tourism Professionals Mobility of Tourism Professionals Exchange of best practice and experience on human resources development Address the gap of Professionals Competences among ASEAN countries

4 Mobility: 2 areas / 6 labor divisions / 32 job titles
HOTEL SERVICES 1.1 Front Office 1.1.1 Front Office Manager 1.1.2 Front Office Supervisor 1.1.3 Receptionist 1.1.4 Telephone Operator 1.1.5 Bell Boy 1.2 Housekeeping 1.2.1 Executive Housekeeper 1.2.2 Laundry Manager 1.2.3 Floor Supervisor 1.2.4 Laundry Attendant 1.2.5 Room Attendant 1.2.6 Public Area Cleaner 1.3 Food Production 1.3.1 Executive Chef 1.3.2 Demi Chef 1.3.3 Commis Chef 1.3.4 Chef de Partie 1.3.5 Commis Pastry 1.3.6 Baker 1.3.7 Butcher 1.4 Food and beverage service 1.4.1 F&B Director 1.4.2 F&B Outlet Manager 1.4.3 Head Waiter 1.4.4 Bartender 1.4.5 Waiter គណៈកម្មាធិការជាតិ​អ្នក​ជំនាញ​ទេសចរណ៍

5 Mobility: 2 areas / 6 labor divisions / 32 job titles
2. TRAVEL SERVICES 2.1 Travel agencies General Manager Assistant General Manager Senior Consultant Travel Consultant 2.2 Tour operations 2.2.1 Product Manager 2.2.2 Sales and Marketing Manager 2.2.3 Credit Manager 2.2.4 Ticketing Manager 2.2.5 Tour Manager គណៈកម្មាធិការជាតិ​អ្នក​ជំនាញ​ទេសចរណ៍

6 Cambodia: Mechanism for MRA Implementation
ASEAN Secretariat NCTP National Training Board Certification Assessment Recognition

7 How to become an ASEAN Tourism Professional ?

8 Cambodia: Assessment and Certification

9 How can a Tourism Professional be assessed successfully ?

10 Recommendation: Training and Capacity Building
Attend a training center implementing CATC (Common ASEAN Tourism Curriculum). Ex. PSE Use CATC for in-house training or capacity building program comply with ACCSTP (ASEAN Common Competency on Tourism Professionals)

11 NCTP’s activities to support MRA Implementation

12 MRA Dissemination

13 Cambodian Competency Standards for Tourism Professionals in Hotel Services

14 Training of Master Trainers and Assessors in Housekeeping : 120 pax

15 144 Training Toolboxes in Hotel services : developed
1 competency = 1 Training Toolbox containing= 4 manuals 242 competencies = 242 x 4 = 968 documents 144 competencies (hotel services) = 144 x 4 = 576 documents Ex. Competency: “Work effectively with customers and colleagues” Trainer Guide Trainee Manual PowerPoint Assessor Manual

16 Integrating ASEAN Curriculum into PSE Program:16 Sep 2013
Ceremony : 2,000, Representatives from ASEAN Secretariat

17 PSE Progress


19 Cambodia as a lead country

20 Next actions National level:
Developing Cambodian Competency Standards on Tourism Professionals in Travel Services Developing Tourism Skills Passport Pilot project on Training of Master Trainers and Assessors coached by ASEAN project team Register Cambodian Tourism Professionals Develop Qualification Framework for Tourism Professionals Pilot project on Assessment of Tourism Professional on Housekeeping Division Other…

21 Next actions Regional level:
Regional Secretariat establishment in 2015 in Jakarta, Indonesia ASEAN Skill Competition in Hanoi, Vietnam in 2014 Master Trainers and Master Assessors in Front Office, Food & Beverage and Food Production (12 from Cambodia) Development of ASEAN Tourism Professional Registry System (ATPRS)

22 Proposition Tourism lecturers to use ASEAN Toolboxes in their curriculum Tourism Schools to use ASEAN Curriculum in their Tourism Programme Travel industry to use ASEAN Toolboxes for their in-house-training

23 Thank You! Visit us at: Website:
Facebook: Cambodia Tourism Professionals

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