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By: HE. NEB Samouth Director General of Tourism Cambodia Tourism: Toward ASEAN Integration.

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1 By: HE. NEB Samouth Director General of Tourism Cambodia Tourism: Toward ASEAN Integration

2 2 I. Global and Regional Tourism II. Cambodia Tourism III. Tourism and ASEAN Integration IV. Development Strategies V. Perspective on Think Tank OUTLINE

3 I. Global and Regional Tourism 3

4 4 Tourist Arrival

5 5

6 Why tourism matters?

7 7 Outbound Tourist

8 8 Projection for 2014

9 Projection 2020 & 2030

10 10 International tourist arrivals to increase by 43 millions a year on average Tourist Arrival

11 11 Emerging economy destinations to surpass advanced economy destination in 2015 Tourist Arrival

12 12 Tourist Arrival to ASEAN

13 13 Tourist Arrival to ASEAN

14 II. Cambodia Tourism 14

15 Cambodia tourism is:  Culture and nature-based tourism  Developed in sustainable and responsible manner  A main economic sector  Green Gold contributed to the development of Green Economy Government Policy

16 Economic Contribution 16

17 Tourism Map Phnom Penh & Surrounding Northeast Siem Reap Angkor Costal Area 17

18 18 Cambodia Tourism Total International Visitors to Cambodia in 2013 = 4.2 M (increased by 17.5%) Source: MOT

19 19 Cambodia Tourism Source: MOT

20 20 Cambodia Tourism Source: MOT

21 Cambodia is: -Cultural and natural destination -Emerging destination 21 Cambodia Tourism

22 4.5 Millions Millions 2020 Vision 22

23 III. Tourism and ASEAN Integration 23

24 ASEAN Integration ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP)

25 ASEAN Integration Implementation of ASEAN Tourism Strategic Plan (ATSP) measures (75%) have been completed within respective timelines

26 ASEAN Integration 1. Tourism Product Development: 130 ASEAN tourism products identified by Member States under four following categories: – Nature-based tourism; – Cultural and heritage tourism; – Community-based tourism; and – Cruise- and river- based tourism. Nature-based tourism product: Development of the ASEAN Ecotourism Strategic Plan

27 Tourism Product Development: Cruise and river-based tourism Creation of the “Health and Wellness Tourism” as a new category to the existing grouping of ASEAN tourism products ASEAN Integration

28 2. Marketing and Communication: The development of Marketing Strategies Social media marketing Experimental and creative (urban tourism, ecotourism…) marketing strategies Marketing strategies for Indian and Chinese markets

29 3. Quality Tourism: ASEAN Tourism standard – Green hotel, – Homestay, – Spa and wellness services, – Public toilet, – Clean tourist city, and – Community Based Tourism The adoption of the Declaration on Global Code of Ethics for Tourism. ASEAN Integration

30 4. Human Resources Development: The implementation of MRA (Mutual Recognition Arrangement) for tourism professionals The establishment of the Regional Secretariat ASEAN Integration

31 Country A Country B ATPMC NTPB BNTPB A NTPB ATPRS Matching Matrix Verification Job Opportunities Job Interview Work Permit Job Seeker Registration [CATC] ASEAN Integration


33 5. Travel Facilitation and Connectivity As a group, the ASEAN member countries are more open 10% of all tourists arriving in ASEAN in will need a visa ASEAN Integration

34 Travel Facilitation and Connectivity UNWTO, 2013 ASEAN Integration

35 ASEAN International Tourism Receipts Visa facilitation policies would bring between 6 and 10 million additional tourists by The additional tourists would generate US$ 7 billion and US$ 12 billion in receipts ASEAN Integration

36 ASEAN Direct Travel & Tourism Employment The additional receipts would create between 187,000 and 367,000 direct industry jobs by 2016 Total job creation could reach between 330,000 and 654,000 jobs by 2016 ASEAN Integration

37 IV. Development Strategies 37

38 Strategies 1. Tourism Product Development: Diversification Strategy: Siem Reap – Phnom Penh – Coastal Area – Ecotourism Area River-based tourism, agri-tourism, urban tourism… Modal tourist village, modal tourist pagoda…

39 Strategies 39 Sihanoukville Declaration on Multilateral Cooperation for Ecotourism Development

40 Strategies 40 Bokor Declaration on Sustainable Development of Coastal Cities

41 Strategies 2. Tourism Quality: Online licensing system Strategic plan for tourist guides Implement the ASEAN tourist standards Eco-label award Reinforce competitive movement “Clean City, Clean Resort, Good Service”

42 CLEAN CITY C ONTEST Strategies 42 7 basic indicators 33 detailed indicators 77 criteria

43 Strategies 3. Marketing and Promotion: Promotional campaign “Cambodia: Kingdom of Wonder” Capture new emerging market (China, India, Russia, UAE, and Middle East) Modernization: E-tourism and E-marketing Tourism events organization to attract international tourists and to push domestic tourists (Sea, River, Elephant Festivals) The Establishment of National Tourism Council for Marketing and Promotion

44 Strategies 4. Travel Facilitation and Connectivity: Single Visa, Visa on arrival, E-visa, Visa Direct Flights, Low Cost Carriers and Domestic Connection ( PP-SR-SHV) Cruise Tourism, Tourist Port, Facilitation of Visa Procedure Facilitate procedure for in-and-out tourist cars and bus and Creation of tourist stations

45 Strategies 5. Human Resource Development: The establishment of National Committee for Tourism Professionals The establishment of national school for tourism professional training The implementation of MRA in Cambodia

46 V. Perspectives on Think Tank 46

47 Think Tank Objective Objectives: Study and analyze data to elaborate tourism strategic papers Study new trends of tourism Stimulate the implementation of tourism strategic plan …

48 Think Tank Structure Think Tank Board Secretariat Partners: - Research Centers - Consultants, Researchers…

49 Conclusion 49


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