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2 WHO WE ARE Maintenance 5 – Maintenance personnel Each has a specific trade and has additional knowledge in areas such as: Plumbing Electrical Welding Concrete Cabinetry General Construction 2 – HVAC Technicians Both are HVAC Certified Grounds 6 – Grounds personnel

3 WHO WE ARE Custodian 8 – Lead 12 – Night 3 – 3.9 Night Total 23 Custodians Support Staff 1 Supervisor 1

4 CASBO STANDARDS California Association of School Business Officials has formulas for the basic staff of maintenance and custodial These formulas are based upon a general rule, however, each district is slightly different Maintenance 9.7 FTE Custodian 24 FTE

5 OUR FACILITIES 674,981 square feet of floor space 360 classrooms Over 500 HVAC units 8 commercial ice machines Freezers, refrigerators, stoves, and hot water heaters Sewer systems, sewer pits and sewer pumps Fire alarm, bell, and intercom systems 18 acres of grass to irrigate and maintain, in addition to numerous bushes, shrubs, and smaller trees RUSD has aging facilities

6 WORK ORDER SYSTEM Example of actual Work Order

7 TYPICAL DAY Could include for maintenance: Installation, maintenance and repair of HVAC units Repairing or rekeying of door locks, installation of new hinges and other hardware Unplugging clogged drains which could include sinks, toilets, urinals and garbage disposals Replacing of light ballasts Ground or repair concrete when lifted by tree roots Repair roof leaks Repair fencing Paint over graffiti as needed Repair shade structures as needed Maintain RHS pool Trouble shoot and repair electrical problems Cabinetry repair

8 TYPICAL DAY Could include for grounds Trim trees (lower hanging branches) Mow and edge grass Mark athletic fields Weed abatement Repair irrigation as lines get vandalized Accompanying local fire marshal on school inspections Adding fibar into playgrounds Fertilize and aerate lawns twice a year

9 SPECIAL PROJECTS Recent projects include: Conversion of unused portables into an RHS Wrestling room Remodeling of classrooms to meet the needs of Project Lead The Way Laying of conduit for new fiber for technology Remodeling of classrooms to house the Technology Department Remodeling of classrooms at Old RCS for use by SELPA Creation of a student store and conference rooms in RHS Administration building Rebuilding the Barnett playground shade structure Remodeling a classroom at RCS, turning it into a science lab Assisting in the softball/baseball dugout project at RHS Other Major Projects Work on the RCS playground project, including an expanded shade structure Concession stand and restroom facility at RHS Remodel of H-Wing boys bathroom

10 FUTURE PROJECTS Spring is the time that school sites begin to make requests for major projects for the next school year so it is a little early for a full list. However, during the spring, some projects will include Ramp repair and replacement of portables buildings Reapplying non-skid surfaces on handicap ramps Replacement of concrete which has buckled Preventive cleaning of fire alarm sensors (they activate errantly if allowed to get dirty) Replacing siding on portables at Ramona Elementary and Mt. Woodson Conversion of another portable for an expanded wrestling room

11 QUESTIONS In closing, it is evident our staff provides the District with incredible skills and exceptional knowledge of the many facets of maintenance, grounds and custodial matters However, we do not have the staff, nor budget, which would allow us to repair and maintain these aging facilities


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