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Hingham Public Schools Preliminary Budget Information FY 2016 Service and Facilities January 12, 2015.

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1 Hingham Public Schools Preliminary Budget Information FY 2016 Service and Facilities January 12, 2015

2 Time Passes in a Blink Buildings are getting older – East School will be in its 8 th year of operation – High School and South 16 and 18 – PRS and Foster 10 year upgrades are 5 - 6 years old now – Brand New Middle School! (Grounds Maintenance) Buses are getting older – End of the second lease (5 year and a 3 year) – Buses 8 years old – Middle School enrollment projected to spike in 16 Backlog of maintenance projects New facilities require more maintenance Depot, Buildings 179 and 12 still need a solution

3 Service and Facilities FY 16 Budget Highlights September Planning Meeting Initiatives – Increased Facilities Oversight – Restored Maintenance position to address grounds and other maintenance issues – Asset Inventory of School Infrastructure – Increased Central Office Support Increased Athletics support due to growth New Bus Lease

4 New Position Facilities & Procurement Mgr. Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor HS Building and Grounds Supervisor Custodian Supervisor – Elem and MS Barry Mike Bill Peter New Grounds for Elementary and MS Custodians (8.25) Custodians (18) Director of Athletics.7 Proposed Organizational Structure

5 Facilities and Procurement Manager Personnel in Lieu of “Capital Money” First Year to include: – Asset Inventory for Schools and Town – Establish School Department Leadership Role Project Tracking and Administrative Functions Expanded School Dude Implementation and Reporting Use of School Department’s Maintenance Work Order System (School Dude) Equipment Data Base to Store Asset Inventory Data Subsequent years more focus on data analysis and School Facilities and Procurement

6 Facilities & Procurement Manager School and Town  School Asset Inventory  Town Asset Inventory  Depot Projects  Town Buildings  Implement Full School Dude  Prioritize Projects (Maintenance)  Manage Budget  Establish Standard Reports  Ensure Quality Date Input and Reporting  Review Capital Needs & Asset Life Cycle for Town and Schools Schools  Write Bid Specs & Assign Resources to Manage Projects  Update Administration on Facilities Projects and Issues  PO Tracking and Forecasting  Participate in Budget Development  Maintenance  Capital  Oversees Facility Use Process  Community Interface  Problem Resolution

7 Administration, Facilities, Health and Transportation Trend FY 16 Preliminary Budget

8 Hingham Public Schools FY 16 Preliminary Budget

9 Maintenance and Custodian Needs FY 16 Recommendation for Maintenance – Facilities and Procurement Manager – Additional Maintenance worker for grounds Requests for additional Custodians - Deferred – South.5 – PRS.5 – MS.5 – District added three custodians last year, 2 MS, 1 HS

10 Energy Forecasting Method FY 15 based on FY 13 actual usage adjusted for seasonality FY 16 based on FY 14 actual usage adjusted for seasonality Previous years Usage adjusted to an average year based on 10 year rolling Heating Degree Day Average Price based on existing pricing for electric and gas and existing contract pricing for oil There is no crystal ball – depends on the severity of the winter New Middle School is still unknown relative to usage for Heat and Electric Old MS was oil, New MS is natural gas

11 Heating Degree Days YearTotalAverage 2004-20055909 2005-20065358 2006-20075368 2007-20085379 2008-20095702 2009-20105135 2010-20115587 2011-20124436 2012-20135375 2013-201458785472.75* * Removed the High and Low from the average Heating is the primary driver for gas, oil and electric costs. Primary fuels are combusted while pumps, circulators, and blowers distribute the heat.

12 Energy Budget Natural Gas New MS converts to natural gas In FY 15

13 Energy Budget Oil New MS - Gas Heat FY 15

14 Electric Budget New MS built to current day code

15 Capital Projects Notable Items in FY 16 – High School Hot Water Boiler – East School Erosion Control and Field Development – HS Weight Room Expansion – Increased Cost for Foster Shed Painting – Boiler Issues at the High School – High School Cafeteria Modifications – Business Office Automation

16 Capital Projects Continuing from FY 15 (not all inclusive) – Converting Fire Call Boxes at all locations – Technology Plan Costs as adjusted for SBC funding of Chromebooks – Food Service Equipment for additional schools – Feasibility Studies for Foster and PRS Accelerated Repair for Windows – Phone System for High School and Foster – Special Ed Van Replacements

17 Capital Projects Funded from FY 14 Operating Budget – Kitchen Equipment for HS and PRS – Structural Repairs for Foster Shed Pushed Out, Reduced, Not Included – High School EMS Upgrade as we go – Reduced to annual installments – Building 179 Renovations Still waiting on Town wide solution Added Money for Building 12 Repairs pending solution – Depot Paving, Garage Doors, Etc. These are below the School Department’s total Not included in the request

18 Capital Equipment Notable Instructional Equipment Music Equipment Wrestling Mats Weight Room Equipment Health Equipment – Audio Meters – Vision Testing Notable Maintenance Equipment Tractor Cab for HS Small Tractor East New Floor Scrubber Washer Dryer – South – Cuts down on towels, mops, etc. Snow Blower for Bldg. 179 – Also as backup for District

19 Discussion

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