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May 6, 2010 Irvine Unified School District HMC Architects.

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1 May 6, 2010 Irvine Unified School District HMC Architects

2 What is a Modernization?  Eligibility Permanent buildings - 25 years old Portable buildings - 20 years old  DSA Requirements ADA Compliance Fire, Life, Safety Upgrades  Maintenance Requirements

3 Budget and Funding  Board Approved Project Budget Construction Costs Soft Costs ○ Architect Fees ○ Agency Fees (DSA, Health Dept., IRWD, etc.) ○ Testing and Inspection Fees $12,600,000 ($12.6m) ○ Anticipated State Funding: $3,992,966 ○ Local Matching Funds: $8,607,034

4 Planned Scope of Work: DSA Requirements  Required Fire Life Safety/ADA Compliance/Structural components: Upgrade restrooms to ADA compliance Add restroom fixtures based on student and staff capacity Upgrade drinking fountains for ADA compliance Upgrade fire alarm system Upgrade ADA accessible parking stalls Upgrade path of travel (exterior) Upgrade/create updated exiting Loss of mezzanine/pit areas and current teachers lounge Relocation/replacement of shade structure Relocation/replacement of current classroom relocatables

5 Planned Scope of Work: Maintenance Needs  Scope includes: Roof replacement Flooring replacement New PA/Clock system Electrical upgrade Paint all interior/exterior surfaces HVAC control replacement

6 Pre-Modernization Site Plan

7 Pre-Modernization Floor Plan

8 Post-Modernization Floor Plan








16 New Administration Floor Plan

17 New Classroom Layout

18 Interim Housing: El Camino  Board Approved Transportation Zone  Interior Wall restoration Carpet repair/patch Paint Plumbing  Exterior Asphalt, concrete Playground  Childcare Restroom Facility  Street Signs Install approximately one-two weeks prior to start of school

19 Interim Housing: El Camino Real

20 Deerfield to El Camino

21 Childcare  CDC Closed Friday, June 25 th* Reopens at El Camino Monday, June 28 th * See CDC for more information regarding childcare and availability

22 Timeline  Moving Out Teachers - Friday, June 25th Administration staff - Wednesday, June 30 th  Moving In By September 1, 2011*  Construction Phase I ○ July 12, 2010 - December 31,2010 Phase II ○ January 3, 2011- August 19, 2011

23 Questions Thank you for your continued support of the Deerfield Elementary School students! Deerfield Elementary School students!

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