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Ch. 10: The Jefferson Era.

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1 Ch. 10: The Jefferson Era

2 Lesson 1: A New Party in Power

3 The Election of 1800 Federalist candidates: Adams & Pinckney
Republican candidates: Jefferson & Burr Electors cast 2 ballots each Jefferson & Burr tied House of Representatives votes for Jefferson 1803: 12th Amendment 1 vote for prez, 1 vote for VP

4 Jefferson as President
2 terms ( ) Reduced nat’l debt Cut military expenses Limited # of fed gov workers Got rid of most fed taxes Only collected customs duties

5 Judiciary Act of 1801 Before Jefferson took office
Adams made hundreds of court appointments Chief Justice: John Marshall Strengthens Supreme Court Jefferson to Madison (Sec of State): don’t deliver commissions Marbury v. Madison 3 principles of judicial review

6 Lesson 2: The Louisiana Purchase

7 Westward, Ho! 1800: Louisiana Territory (west of Mississippi River) belongs to Spain 1802: Spain no longer allows American goods through New Orleans Secretly gives Louisiana Territory back to France (FL also?) Congress sends Robert Livingston to France Offers to buy New Orleans & West Florida

8 Napoleon & Santo Domingo
Saint-Domingue: Toussaint L’Ouverture leads slave revolt 1804: Independence from France = Haiti

9 An Expanding Nation Napoleon needs $ to pay for war against Britain
1803: Sells Louisiana Territory Jefferson sends Lewis (& Clark) to explore new territory L&C (& Sacagawea, York, etc.) Expedition:

10 An Expanding Nation (cont.)
Pike: 2 expeditions Federalists in the northeast: worried about growing country Plan to secede Ask Burr for help Hamilton: doesn’t trust Burr Burr kills Hamilton in a duel

11 Lesson 3: A Time of Conflict

12 Piracy on the Seas Americans trading w/ China, India, South America, Africa, Mediterranean Barbary States of North Africa: Morocco, Algiers, Tripoli, Tunis Pirates demand tribute

13 War with Tripoli Jefferson refuses to pay higher tribute
Tripoli declares war on U.S. Jefferson sends ships to blockade Tripoli 1804: Pirates seize U.S. warship Philadelphia Ship burned by Stephen Decatur so pirates couldn’t use it 1805: Treaty signed

14 The British Abuse American Shipping
Brits search for deserters on U.S. ships 1807: Chesapeake-Leopard Affair Leopard stops Chesapeake Chesapeake captain refuses to let Brits search for deserters Brits fire, kill 3 crew members on Chesapeake

15 More Problems for American Trade
1807: Embargo Act All imports & exports banned Disaster Repealed in 1809; replaced by Nonintercourse Act Banned trade w/ Britain & France Unpopular & unsuccessful


17 HW What is happening in this political cartoon? (Embargo Act of 1807 cartoon) What is the Ograbme? What seems to be the cartoonist’s opinion of the Embargo? Support your response with examples from the cartoon.

18 Election of 1808 Republican candidate: James Madison
Federalist candidate: Pinckney Winner: Madison

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