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Chapter 9 Jefferson ERA I wrote the Dec. of Independence.

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2 Chapter 9 Jefferson ERA I wrote the Dec. of Independence

3 Ch 9 Jefferson Era Sec 1 Election 1800 Republicans TAKE POWER Jefferson President/Aaron Burr VP –Tie in the electoral college, so House of Reps decides –Alexander Hamilton urged one Federalist to vote Demo.Rep for Jefferson 12 th Amendment –Requires electors (electoral college) to vote for Pres and VP separately Jefferson won only because of Hamilton!!

4 Jefferson’s Inauguration 1801 Jefferson tries to bridge gap between Fed. And Rep Frugal govt, support state govts, large govt threatened liberties –Laissez-faire-let people do as they choose Support States Rights –States more powerful than fed. govt Reduce the size of federal govt. I am frugal

5 Jefferson’s Policies FRUGAL Cabinet- all Republicans with same views Allowed Alien and Sedition Acts to expire and repealed Naturalization acts Scaled down military Repeal all federal internal taxes (whiskey) Funds will come from customs duties Federal govt. consisted of a few hundred people

6 Judiciary Act 1801 Set up regional courts –Judicary act of 1789 set up federal courts Adams midnight appointments to courts ensured Federalist Control John Marshall Chief Justice Marbury vs. Madison- judicial review

7 Section 2 Louisiana Purchase 1800 Territory of US stretched to Mississippi River LA territory belonged to Spain Spain had secretly given LT to France Napoleon had plans for empires Louisiana Terr.

8 Nation Expands France informed Am diplomats that the LT was for sale 15 million was paid Doubled size of US overnight!! 1803 MONEY! Napoleon Jefferson

9 Louisiana Purchase 1803 Doubles the size of US! US after Treaty of Paris 1783

10 Lewis and Clark Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to explore the LP Left in 1804 and worked up the Missouri River Met Sacagawea Returned 1806 Collected animals, plants, drawn maps and information on people Provided inspiration for westward movement

11 Federalists Disagree Did not support the LP Thought newly carved states would be Rep. Plotted to secede BURR AND HAMILTON still mad about election of 1800…. Burr kills Hamilton in duel

12 Section 3 Conflict US expanding trade to China and India –Jefferson will be challenged Barbary Pirates- demanded tribute, protection, to let ships pass safely. War with Tripoli ended in 1805 Freedom of seas- US had a thriving foreign trade depending on the seas

13 Barbary Pirates

14 Jefferson Re-Elected in 1804 Yippee!!!

15 War England and France at war in 1803 US remained neutral Impressment again Embargo Act 1807 prohibited trade with any foreign countries Hurt US more than England

16 War Fever Jefferson leaves office, Madison President- 1808 Madison thought England was a threat, more than France

17 Ohio River Valley Conflicts with Native Americans Settlers want more land Battle of Tippecanoe won by Americans Now Indians siding with British

18 War Hawks From the South and West Wanted to go to war with England Strong sense of Nationalism Henry Clay John Calhoun Pressured Congress to strengthen military

19 Review Questions Who was elected president after Jefferson in 1808? What country was a major threat to the US at this time? France or England? Why were we fighting with Native Americans? Who were war hawks?

20 Section 4 War of 1812 July 1812 America vs. England and her Native American allies The British would be hard to defeat We were not prepared for war.. Jefferson’s policy of minimizing the military hurt us

21 War continues 1814 British attacked Washington D.C. British burned buildings and proceeded to Baltimore Francis Scott Key wrote the “Star Spangled Banner” while watching the fire fight over Ft. McHenry

22 War Ends England concluded that war was too costly and unnecessary Napoleon removed from power Treaty of GhentTreaty of Ghent signed to end war Didn’t change a thing.. Just to have peace Battle of New OrleansBattle of New Orleans occurred after peace treaty Andrew JacksonAndrew Jackson war hero instantly

23 Nationalism Federalist party lost respect b/c not favoring war with England Strong Nat. government carried on in War Hawks

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