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Sem 7 Internship Update April 8, 2011 1 4/30/2015.

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1 Sem 7 Internship Update April 8, 2011 1 4/30/2015

2 A few updates since Dec 29, 2010 2 4/30/2015 Allocation of 191 students (2 students going to Australia) almost completed across 63 industries, 12 geographic locations. Some students are going to distant locations like Aurangabad, Belgaum, Hyderabad, Indore, Jamshedpur, Jamnagar. Detailed location break-up as shown below. Sl.No City TOTAL % 1 Coimbatore 9248% 2 Hosur & Bangalore 2513% 3 Hyderabad 74% 4 Chennai 4423% 5 Madurai 63% 6 Neyveli 42% 7 Pondicherry 53% 8 Others 85% 191100%

3 A few updates since Dec 29, 2010 3 4/30/2015 Student / Parent undertaking and other relevant documentation is under progress. All signed forms to be submitted to Training Department by 5:00PM on April 22, 2011. Forms available in Training Dept. Dates fixed for Internship between May 12 – July 23, 2011 A few additional areas that we will be covering in this presentation-  Fees and Academic Plan during and after Internship  Monitoring and Inspection schedule  Reporting Mechanism  Hostel and Logistics arrangements and procedures

4 Assessment and Evaluation Plan 4 4/30/2015 SubjectMay-12JuneJul-23Jul-27 - 31Aug-01SepOct Assessment schedule Interim Review at Industry CA1 – 60% Presentation after Internship CA2 40% Oct 11, 12 Industrial Training VII -At External Industry -Attendance from Industry -In between Review and Monitoring Presentation as CA1 -Follow-up visits to PSGII Training Mini Project (1 credit) -Topic will be identified based on Internship -CA2 will be held Oct 11-12

5 Assessment and Evaluation Plan 5 4/30/2015 Industrial Training VII – 100 marks dependent on Internship period of May 12 – July 23, 2011 20 marks – Attendance 30 marks – 6 Internship diary reports x 5 marks each 30 marks – 3 evaluation with Industry inputs x 10 each 20 marks – 2 evaluations x 10 marks each - Value add obtained from Internship opportunity Mini Project – CA1 – 60 marks (Presentation July 27-31) 20 marks - Presentation 30 marks – Final Report 10 marks - Mini Project Topic identification Mini Project – CA2 – 40 marks (October 11-12) 15 marks – Presentation 25 marks – practical application and demo of Mini Project topic

6 Assessment and Evaluation mode 6 4/30/2015 Daily / weekly updates (email, mini-reports) will be defined in discussion with the Industry. End-of-Internship report to be submitted in the specified format, based on which CA1 evaluation will be done in the last week of July, as well as identification of a topic for Mini Project. Periodic phone calls and planned video conferencing presentations where available. Schedule for visits by Training and Faculty members – frequent and periodic coverage of all industries locally. Outside Coimbatore – schedule for coverage of at least 2 trips where feasible, and 1 trip to all distant locations. Involvement of Industry personnel to the extent possible for validation of student presentations.

7 Accommodation and Logistics 7 4/30/2015 Hostel room will be allotted and fees to be paid as usual. Mess charges total reduction for those internship students outside Coimbatore, or not using Hostel mess services. Primary contact points from Training Department and Department Tutors will be provided for students to call for any requirement. Outside CBE students to provide their contact (email and cell, including local guardian or contact if available) and accommodation details prior to commencement of Internship. Bonafide certificates where needed will be issued by the concerned Department HOD’s. Students to collect other relevant documentation from Training Department before leaving for Internship (e.g. letter to Industry, PSG contact information, Report format etc.)

8 Students to carry….. 8 4/30/2015 College ID card and Bonafide (where applicable). Sandwich uniform for boys and overcoat for girls, with Black shoes and belt. Training Record and Semester Diary. Kit / documentation provided by Training Department Special reference to all contact details list – make multiple copies in purse, room etc. and carry with you at all times. Any other document or ID provided by the Industry – and to be returned at the end of Internship.

9 And finally….. 9 4/30/2015 Follow all stipulated practices and procedures as given to you by the Industry supervisor. These instructions are essential for ensuring that you have a safe and effective internship. Remember all earlier instructions about code of conduct during and after Internship. You are all ambassadors of PSG and are expected to uphold the rich tradition and value behind the name. GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU IN YOUR EXAMS AND INTERNSHIP!!!

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