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Preparation for practice What you need to do to prepare for and undertake your placements.

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1 Preparation for practice What you need to do to prepare for and undertake your placements

2 Midwifery Practice Placements Placement plan - provided during induction week NMC standards - you will work with your sign off mentor for 40% of the placement. Mentors may have up to 3 students at any one time according the NMC standards Placements are provided at ANY NHS Trust within the circuit to enable placement learning outcomes to be met. Midwifery placement website introduction Uniforms - policy for wearing of uniforms Introduction to your Link Lecturers and clinical site orientation

3 Placement preparation Assessment of Practice document NMC Midwifery competencies Professional Behaviours Essential Skills Clusters - these will be graded by your mentor and form the overall mark for your placement module Record of Experience Development of an individual action plan for placement. Reviewed twice a year with your personal tutor Evaluation of placement experience Reflection on clinical learning

4 Mandatory training At the beginning of each year of the programme you will have instruction or updates in the following Basic Adult Life Support Manual Handling Medicines Management - successful completion of Safe Medicate online

5 Students Personal Preparation Review information on placement website related to allocated Trusts Find out about specific placement areas using a range of resources including placement profiles Contact placement area at least a week before commencing placement to discuss shift patterns, mentors rota and arrange a visit if possible Read any induction material available Prepare for initial interview Take responsibility for clinical learning Identify your strengths and weaknesses with your mentor Make the most of feedback given Discuss with mentor how ESC can be achieved Undertake background reading while on placement Ask questions Adhere to professional behaviours

6 PPQA - Practice Placement Quality Assur ance Before you attend your placement you are advised to access the placement profiles on the PPQA site. This will allow you to best prepare yourself before practice. Your placement profile provides you with important information about your placement location, travel details, the placement setting, health & safety, philosophy of care for the area/trust, learning opportunities & learning resources provided, relevant references & and housekeeping information. 1) Follow the 'Practice Placement Profiles' link - see image below 2) EITHER Select Organisation  Select Placement OR use the Search free-text box to find the profile for your upcoming placement

7 Evaluation of Practice Placements on Healthcare Placements - PPQA website Evaluations are completed on the Healthcare Placements - PPQA website. To access the system you first need to register. You must use your SHU email address to create your USERNAME. Once registered you will need to complete an online questionnaire about each individual placement area you have attended. Please complete the questionnaires as honestly as possible. You will be prompted to print a certificate to confirm completion of your evaluations, which you may be asked to hand to your supervisor/mentor or Academic Advisor. ©SHU Placement Learning - September 2013; updated April/May 2015

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