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Industrial Training Briefing 02: Important Information FEGT EE.

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1 Industrial Training Briefing 02: Important Information FEGT EE

2 2 Content Introduction Important Details of Industrial Training Pre-Industrial Training During Industrial Training Assessment After Industrial Training

3 3 Introduction Main aims of industrial training: As part of the requirement for degree program To learn to apply theoretical knowledge onto practical problems and applications To gain working experience

4 4 Industrial Training Requirements Requirements to pre-register and register for Industrial Training: Completed 60 credit hours CGPA: >2.0 Not on probation (GPA: > 2.0) If student’s CGPA or GPA < 2.0 after May examinations, student is still allowed to go for internship

5 5 Special Conditions If student’s CGPA < 2.0 or under probation in May trimester, student is allowed to pre-register with the following conditions: Student must promise to fulfill the requirements at the end of the May trimester, provided it is mathematically possible to do so (Please consult your academic advisor) Inform the company of ‘under probation’ status during interview and application Student MUST withdraw if they fail to fulfill the requirements after the May trimester

6 6 Information Updating It is the student’s responsibility to keep themselves updated on the information of the industrial training 2 main webpages to get updates and announcements: * Facebook – EE Dept *Main

7 7 Important Documents All important documents can be found at the FEGT / EE Industrial Training page Please download the relevant documents and go through them Please download the relevant guidelines and follow these guidelines

8 8 Pre-Industrial Training Students are required to complete the following before going for their internship: Submit signed offer letter / reply slip from the company Submit signed indemnity letters to UTAR from the student and parents Pre-register for the subject (Or fill up add-drop form if requirements not yet met)

9 9 During Industrial Training Students are reminded to complete the following during their internship: Confirmation of course registration during October trimester Pay the tuition fees during the October trimester Keep a logbook of their training experience Submission of monthly reports

10 10 Logbook Students are required to record their daily activities as a Daily Report The daily reports shall be summarized and compiled as a Weekly Report The weekly reports for a particular month shall be summarized and compiled as a Monthly Report The Logbook is a compilation of all Daily, Weekly and Monthly Reports

11 11 Things to Do 1 Read through and understand all company regulations Obey all company regulations Be punctual Dress smart and neat Be respectful and friendly to all colleagues Always be positive and proactive Be helpful whenever possible

12 12 Things to Do 2 Listen carefully to any briefing / instructions Try to complete all given tasks within the allocated time limit Document your work properly Keep company confidential matters or information secret Appreciate your chance to train at the company Keep your work station tidy and clean

13 13 Things to Do 3 Keep yourself safe from danger at the workplace Avoid situations that may put yourself in danger Be aware of your rights and privileges

14 14 Special Company Events Participation in any company event, whether compulsory or non compulsory, is allowed Appreciate the chance if invited to join If invited and event is non compulsory, politely accept or decline If event is compulsory, please attend it

15 15 Unique Cases If upon 3 weeks of training, one finds that all the tasks given are non-engineering related, please email the lecturer in charge Suitable remedial actions will be taken if, upon investigation, this is found to be true by the lecturer in charge

16 16 Lecturer Supervision and Visitation Each student will be assigned a supervising lecturer The supervising lecturer will visit the student at the company once during the internship Students are required to provide contact details to the lecturer to arrange the visitation Students are required to submit reports to their respective supervising lecturer

17 17 Assessment The assessment breakdown is as follow: Company assessment (30%) Logbook and Final Report (60%) Presentation (10%) Students must fulfill ALL 3 SECTIONS of the assessment to qualify for a pass.

18 18 Report Submission Students are required to submit a Monthly Report (via email) to their respective lecturer no later than the 3rd of every month Students are required to submit the softcopy of the Final Report (via email) to their respective lecturer 1 week BEFORE the start of the January trimester The hard bound copy of the Final Report is to be submitted to the FGO during the FIRST DAY of the January trimester

19 19 Report Checking All reports MUST be checked and signed by the company supervisor BEFORE submission All guidelines for the reports are uploaded at

20 20 Presentation Students are required to give a 15 minute presentation with 5 minutes of Q & A during Week 1 of the January trimester Presentation is strictly formal

21 Thank you for your time and attention! All the best in your industrial training!

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