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Visit us at : Global Logistics Solution Provider.

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2 Visit us at : Global Logistics Solution Provider

3 Vision To have dominant presence in all areas of supply chain management world wide… Mission Statement “Our commitment to our customers to provide them with complete logistics solutions as well as dedicated and efficient service towards all of their Logistics needs. ”

4 Who We Are Atlas Logistics is most innovative logistic company that reaches out to provide comprehensive logistics solution. It is an IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved company. The young and dynamic management team at Atlas Logistics contributes greatly with their new thinking by adapting new technology, applying latest and modern methods in the field to help the needs of customers. We constantly strive to develop better, more efficient ways to do business, whether it is by implementing cutting-edge technology, increasing the number of services we provide, or expanding our network of branches and warehouses. This dynamic mind- set is reflected in our motto “Reaching Out” and demonstrates a tradition of innovation which is intrinsic to every part of the Atlas Logistics. COMPANY OVERVIEW

5 CERTIFICATIONS AWARDS ISO 9001 : 2010 IATA CUSTOMS HOUSE AGENTS BREAK BULK LICENSE MULTIMODAL TRANSPORT FIATA ACAAI CHA BB MT  Our company has been awarded 24th rank in the IATA ranking - June 2007 and achieved the kind of sales in air cargo,  20 th Rank in 2008  14 th Rank in 2009  Awaiting for 2010 Ranking  Received recognitions in the form of Certifications and Awards from all most all global Aviation players like Cathay Pacific, Lufthansa,Air France, British airways, Saudi Airlines, Emirates, Gulf air and Air India etc.  Awarded for Certificate of excellence-2006- 07 (Achieving 2nd position as IATA agent at ICD Sabarmati)  NMFTA (National motor freight traffic association in USA FMC

6 KEY MILESTONES 2008 Opened office in Vietnam IATA Ranking 20th Awarded “Sales achievement” by Gulf Air 2007 Awarded “Outstanding Performance” by Cathay Opened office in Japan Becomes a member of FIATA 2006 Gets ISO 9001 : 2000 accreditation Awarded “Excellent Performance” by Air Canada Awarded “Outstanding Performance” by Cathay Enters in partnership agreement In Italy Opens subsidiary office of Atlas Far east in Indonesia 2005 Enters Malaysian market by opening subsidiary office of Atlas Far east Opened office in Singapore Opened office in Srilanka Awarded “Sales achievement” by Gulf Air 2009 Opened office in China Opened office in US Awarded “Sales Achievement” by Gulf Air Awarded “Value Partner Of The Year” by Airtel Awarded "Sales Achievement” by Kuwait Air 2010 Awarded for implementation of E-freight Shipment Awarded “Top Cargo Agent “by Emirates Sky Cargo Opened office in Taiwan Awarded "Sales Achievement” by Kuwait Air Opened office in UK Awarded "Sales Achievement” by Air Arabia Preferred vendor status by United Nations 2011 Opened Office in Tirchi, Tamilnadu Opened Representative Office in Mysore 2002 Renames the company to Atlas Logistics and retains all the License 2001 Gets customs brokers license 2000 Becomes IATA approved company. Gets Break Bulk license Gets transitioned in to MTO (Multimodal transport operator) Starts handling domestic cargo by road and air Starts providing door to door services for almost all types of cargoes and in almost all countries. Establishes partnership with agents for handling business in different countries to provide door to door service for its customers. 1999 Started its operation in October 1999 with 16 offices in India as international freight forwarder 2003 Awarded “Sales achievement” by MAS Cargo 2004 Awarded “Sales achievement” by Gulf Air

7 SERVICES Air Cargo forwarding & consolidationOcean Freight forwarding Sea/Air & Air/Sea Programs Ground Transportation Atlas Offers wide range of services to its customers Customs Brokerage Project Cargo’s Warehouse ManagementPO Management Third Party Logistics Freight Insurance

8 Export & Import (Freight Forwarding ) Door to Door, Airport to Airport Service & Warehousing Distribution Dangerous Goods, unaccompanied Baggage, Perishable Cargo and Valuables Exhibition Cargo Handling Project Cargo Movement and Handling Garment on Hanger (GOH) Buyers Consolidation Charter Movement AIR CARGO

9 Export & Import (Freight Forwarding) Door to Door, Seaport to Seaport Service Both LCL and FCL service Buyer Consolidation Group age (LCL/FCL) Break bulk movement for Export/Imports SEA CARGO

10 W arehouse Logistics is F A S T. Fulfillment is our business. From the receipt of your inventory to processing you orders, fulfillment is what it is all about. However, fulfillment is more than receiving inventory and shipping orders. It is meeting our customer's expectation... and our promises. Accuracy is our watchword. From the time your order is received by Warehouse Logistics it is checked and double-checked for accuracy to make sure it has been accurately filled, packed and shipped. Our accuracy rate is 99.97%. Service is crucial to our relationship. You should expect customer service of the magnitude. Our pledge is to provide it Consistently, Willingly and Generously. Trust is earned...never just granted. We ask only for the opportunity to earn your trust through a long-term relationship. Warehouse Logistics will fulfill....after all, that is our business Warehousing

11 Distribution We provide specialized services in the transportation of parcel consignments. We also cater to the FTL (full Truck Load ) requirements. Backed up by the experienced, confident, motivated staff and huge infrastructure facility we can always cater to the needs of our valued customers.

12 Advantages of using ATLAS Warehouse Services Extensive Network with Excellent Infrastructure. Competitive Rates. Warehousing facilities across the country. Backup by latest Information Technology. Professional Management. Trained manpower with complete sense of service. Forklifts to load and unload materials. Adherence to delivery schedules by exercising absolute care in handling the consignments. Break - bulk material handling. Trained Customer Care team to respond immediately to customer queries & complaints Company uses goods movement by latest technology like GPS ( Global Positioning System) for secured and safe delivery.

13 Pick upInbound LogisticsOutbound LogisticsDeliveryTransportationVendorsCustomers DATA REPOSITORY/ WAREHOUSE MATERIAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS REGULATORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS FINANCIAL SYSTEMS  Warehouse Management  Distribution Management  PO Management  Pick up / Delivery  Freight Forwarding  Carrier Management  Customs Brokerage  Export Compliance ATLAS Comprehensive Warehouse Process Flow

14 Atlas Logistics Customised Warehouse Process Flow For L&T

15 Checking of invoice qty & DC qty. DC will be handed over to inspection respective supply group for their inspection. With receiving location no's for material identification ATLAS Scope of Work Flow Chart RECEIVING STORES: (BOC/IMPS) Upon confirmation from Stores Incharge accurancy of documents Atlas will do the following A n y v a r i a t i o n o b s e r v e d E s c l a t e t o C u s t o m e r Record Tranist Damage ATLAS will identify the empty location for unloading material and then unload & store in FIFO and tag it with appropriate heat colors code tags as per L&T standards h a n d o v e r t h e s u p p l i e r c o p y o f t h e D C o r L R t r a n s p o r t e r Receiving stores' floor ' staffs will also coordinate to the inspection team for locating and offering for inspection. L&T Transporter

16 Checking of invoice qty & DC qty. Receiving stores supervisors will be, supervising the activity of receiving the documentation after draft GRN, unloading and locating of items in the site ATLAS Scope of Work Flow Chart RECEIVING STORES: YARD (C&F & WELDMENT ITEMS) Upon confirmation from Stores Incharge accurancy of documents Atlas will do the following A n y v a r i a t i o n o b s e r v e d E s c l a t e t o C u s t o m e r Record Tranist Damage h a n d o v e r t h e s u p p l i e r c o p y o f t h e D C o r L R t r a n s p o r t e r L&T Transporter Receiving stores' floor ' staffs will also coordinate to the inspection team for locating and offering for inspection. Receiving of large volumetric and weighted items in YARD

17 Tagging of the same with neat identification Supplier or Scarp ATLAS Scope of Work Flow Chart REJECTION HANDLING RPM MAIN STORES Upon identifying and locating the rejection items Atlas will do the following F o r S u p p l i e r s c r a p F o r S c r a p Coordinate with concerned L&T recommended person and follow, up of disposal action as per L&T direction Coordinate with L&T stores in -charge for disposal of supplier items

18 ATLAS shall not indulge in disposing or contacting scarp dealers directly without L&T consent. ATLAS will issue all system based and system generated documents after LTM authorization (As specified by LTM). ATLAS shall submit MIS - report on daily basis regarding pending rejections & action plan for disposal of the same with values. ATLAS handover the rejection items to us in person (identifying) For receipt of rejections items ATLAS shall maintain proper window timing for effective coordination. Any rejection items kept under ATLAS custody. Without information or handing over of approved documents, ATLAS shall not be responsible for loss / damage. We expect L&T buyer's cooperation for effective supplier rejection disposals. Arranging vehicle for supplier rejections L&T to suggest. House Keeping - Rejection items housekeeping would be ATLAS responsibility: Only 5S best material traceability system which is followed by other auto majors in the world. ATLAS shall ensure better damage control while handling the components. This will be monitored on weekly basis and report will be submitted to L&T. Comprehensive MIS will be provided about all the activities carried out by ATLAS on monthly basis and CSI index will be obtained from L&T for continuous improvement. Adhering to. 100% FIFO system with heat colors code tag Through PFEP study we can suggest possible cost saving to L&T in the existing Milk run system. With our suggestion L&T can in turn reduce the transportation cost to their suppliers.

19 FEW SUCCESS ATLAS HANDLED WAREHOUSE CUSTOMERS Atlas has handled successfully complete door to door logistics operations for these customers. ATLAS has provided following services to below customers. Freight forwarding Customs clearance Transporation Warehousing & Distribution  Kitting/Dekitting  Labelling  Packing







26 WORLD HEADQUARTERS Location of company Atlas Logistics Pvt. Ltd.. 138, 2nd Floor, Maruthi Towers HAL Airport Road, Kodihalli Bangalore - 560 008 Telephone (+91) 80 41985000 Fax (+91) 80 41153933

27 ATLAS PRESENCE WORD WIDE - SNAP SHOT India India Bangladesh Bangladesh Srilanka China Illinois South Korea Japan Vietnam Thailand Singapore Malaysia Indonesia UK UK Hong Kong Taiwan New York

28 India India ATLAS INDIA OFFICES For further details plz visit our Website ………………………… Opened Office : 2002 Warehouse Area : 100000Sq.Ft No of offices : 23 No of employees : 350




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