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The Vision Weiss-Röhlig moves

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2 The Vision Weiss-Röhlig moves
Vision In long-term partnerships, we support customers in developing new approaches and opening up new markets. And we provide the outstanding logistics services needed to achieve those goals.

3 The Values Weiss-Röhlig moves SOLID
Weiss-Röhlig offers support you can rely on, and is pro-actively responsible. We believe in cooperative and trustworthy long-term relationships with our customers and partners. VIVID Weiss-Röhlig welcomes challenges with both enthusiasm and optimism. We create new approaches and drive developments forward. COMMITTED Weiss-Röhlig listens carefully to customers to understand their needs. We develop precisely customized solutions – and are only happy when our customers are completely satisfied.

4 Origin of Weiss-Röhlig
In 1999, Gebrüder Weiss and Röhlig, two international logistics companies, combined their strengths to open up the markets in Asia and North America. The partners founded joint ventures under the Weiss-Röhlig name at strategically important trading centers. Market entry 2000 Northern China, Hong Kong/Southern China, Singapore 2003 USA 2004 United Arab Emirates 2005 Canada 2007 Taiwan 2008 Japan 2009 India and Thailand 2011 Vietnam

5 Core Competence Air Freight
Strategic partnerships with carrier and global agreements Long-term cooperation Door-to-door consolidation Heavy lift airfreight charter services Reliable schedules Capacity management Hub and consolidation services Insurance services

6 Core Competence Sea Freight
Strategic partnerships with carrier and global agreements Strategic procurement and capacity management Door-to-door services LCL, FCL, Break Bulk services Weekly LCL, FCL consolidations LCL, FCL buyers consolidation Heavy lift, Break Bulk, project, vessel charter Custom and quarantine formalities consultancy Insurance services

7 Core Competence Logistics Solutions Individual customer solutions
Procurement Distribution Warehousing logistics Fulfilment Contract logistics

8 Core Competence Project Logistics Cargo supervision
Full and part charter by sea and air Consolidation, packing and containerization Purchase order management and cargo tracking Feasibility studies Road studies Budget calculations Project flow descriptions

9 Supply chain management
Consulting and additional support beyond logistics Global procurement, storage and distribution: Our SCM team develops concepts tailored to your requirements and coordinates their implementation worldwide. By minimising risks and maximising efficiency, we can help reduce your costs and thereby make a positive impact on the over-all performance of your logistics activities.

10 Supply chain management
Value-added services around the globe Weiss-Röhlig people/IT We combine local expertise and a wide range of services along your supply chain. We support you in everything from raw material procurement through to inventory management and shipment to consumers. We develop a customized concept to increase the value added within your supply chain.

11 Supply chain solutions
Professional warehousing Goods receipt inspection Consolidation and deconsolidation Pick and pack services Short and long term storage Customs clearance Inventory management Distribution by truck and parcel

12 Supply chain solutions
Additional warehousing services Repacking Labeling Order fulfillment Serial number tracking Returns management Quality control Rework Buyers consolidation Kitting

13 Supply chain solutions
Consulting and IT Tailor-made solutions Logistic network consulting Planning, monitoring & controlling Barcode implementation Package design Electronic data interchange Online tools

14 Value Added Services Local warehousing and distribution
Customs clearance Purchase Order Management Warehouse Management System Vendor Management Inventory Single Point of Contact

15 Global network with about 8,000 employees in more than 50 countries

16 Worldwide partnerships
Our Premium Agents In more than 25 countries, Weiss Röhlig provides its services through local Premium Agents. These partners are thoroughly tested before being accepted into the Weiss Röhlig network. So we can be sure that our customers around the world receive a service that meets our high quality standards.

17 Weiss-Röhlig Online Order Manager
Technology – Online Order Manager Shipment tracking Booking of shipments Shipment documents for download e.g. commercial invoices, packing lists Customized reports Invoices and statements Download of all information in Excel or PDF format Monthly or yearly shipment reports on a CD

18 “Green Thinking” Reduce, reuse and recycle
Weiss-Röhlig tailors its operations to ensure environmental compatibility and efficiency. Throughout the company, we work actively to cut our energy, water and paper consumption. Environmentally friendly waste disposal is another pillar of our “Green Thinking”. And we support our partners in developing environmentally sound processes. Our Environmental Management System is certified to ISO

19 Our Quality Policy ISO 9001 Quality and expertise, forward-looking technologies, proximity and personal commitment: That is both our mission statement and a customer promise. Our Quality Management System goes beyond ISO 9001:2008 requirements. It is a Management tool to fulfill our ambition, which is to be the trade companion for entrepreneurs facing the global challenge.

20 References Hewlett Packard | Information technologies Services: Distribution logistics, clustered hub Countries: CEEC Hilti | Tool manufacturer and fixing systems Services: Air & Sea, Surface transport and logistics Countries: Worldwide

21 Advantages What makes Weiss-Röhlig the right partner for you?
Single point of contact for your business Global network, local knowledge Global contracts with premium carriers Mastering complexity of supply chains Fair competitive pricing (long-term relations) Innovative IT solutions Global SOP usage assures high-quality standards Delivering tailor-made solutions Proactive involvement of senior management

22 Weiss-Röhlig in Country
Organisational structure Name Position If you wish to give a customer an overview of the local organisational structure, use this slide. The following still needs to be done: Please amend the headline (inserting your own country) Fill in the fields in the organisation chart (the number and arrangement of the individual boxes is, of course, flexible), or insert your own existing organisation chart

23 People who make a difference
Contact us Please insert your own contact details and your own picture. ! Please watch out for the quality of your picture (Should look professional )


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