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Sickle Cell Anemia Columbia County Medical Assistant Association.

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1 Sickle Cell Anemia Columbia County Medical Assistant Association

2 Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle cell anemia is an inherited blood disorder in which the red blood cells, normally disk- shaped, become crescent-shaped. This causes blood cells to function abnormally and causes small blood clots. These clots cause painful episodes called sickle cell crises.

3 Sickle Cell Crises Hemolytic crisis – damaged red blood cells break down Splenic sequestration crisis – spleen enlarges and traps blood cells Aplastic crisis – infection causes the bone marrow to stop producing red blood cells

4 Symptoms Bone pain Fatigue Paleness Ulcers on lower legs Jaundice Fever Yellow eyes/skin

5 Additional Symptoms Frequent urination Excessive thirst Bloody urine Poor eyesight/blindness Chest pain

6 Complications Infections – spleen damage from sickled red cells prevents the spleen from destroying bacteria in the blood Stroke – narrowed or blocked blood vessels in the brain can lead to life-threatening strokes Acute chest syndrome – caused by infection or trapped sickled cells in the lung

7 Treatment Blood transfusions Folic acid Oral antibiotics Hydroxyurea Bone marrow transfusions

8 Additional Treatments Dialysis or kidney transplant for kidney disease Surgery for eye problems Gallbladder removal for significant gallstone disease Partial exchange transfusion for acute chest syndrome

9 Precautions Avoid the following: – Strenuous physical activity – Environments with low oxygen count – Emotional stress Avoid sources of infection Maintain proper hydration

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