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A decrease in living standards and starvation were widespread

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1 A decrease in living standards and starvation were widespread
HYPERINFLATION Due to passive resistance being called there were no goods to be traded. The government simply printed more money and paid off debts in worthless marks.With so much money in circulation prices and wages rocketedand money became worthless and the value of the currency drastically dropped. People’s life savings became practically worthless and were not enough to buy a week’s groceries A decrease in living standards and starvation were widespread

2 Effects of Hyperinflation
‘In recent months, a new force seems to be arising in German politics. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis have hit the headlines with their meetings, banners and radical ideas.’ ‘The most active political force in Bavaria at the present time is the National Socialist Party..It has recently acquired a political influence quite disproprtionate to its actual numerical strength…Adolf Hitler from the very first has been the dominating force in the movement and the personality of the man has undoubtedly been one of the most important factors contributing to its success…His ability to influence a popular assembly is uncanny.

The situation needed urgent attention and in August 1923 Gustav Stresemann came to power and introduced a new currency, the Rentenmark.He also negotiated loans under the Dawes Plan. See p.144 for relevant quotes

4 The Munich Beer Hall Putsch
Focus:The events of the Munich Beer Hall Putsch and how Hitler would subsequently use the events to improve the Nazi Party.

5 The situation in Germany
By 1923 Hitler believed that the moment had come for him to topple the Weimar government. On 8 November Hitler hijacked a local government meeting and announced he was taking over the government of Bavaria. He was joined by the old war hero Ludendorff. Nazi stormtroopers began taking over official buildings.The next day, however, the Weimar government forces hit back. 16 Nazis were killed,the rebellion broke up in chaos, Hitler had been wounded whilst escaping. Hitler had miscalculated the mood of the German people. In the short term it had been a disaster and he ha was charged with treason. However, at the trial he gained enormous publicity for himself and his ideas Hyperinflation had done great political damage to the Weimar Government and in particular they had lost the support of the middle classes.Hitler stirred nationalist passions in his audiences

6 Focus-how did Hitler use the Munich Beer Hall to his advantage ?
He made long speeches in his trial which made him a national hero Hitler learned power in Germany could only be gained through the ballot box.They would have to work with the democratic system.. Ludendorff was not found guilty and freed . but Hitler was sentenced to 5 year although he ended up serving 5 months in very comfortable conditions where he wrote Mein Kamp (my struggle) He organised Germany into districts for more effective Nazi control. Hitler created a network of local Nazi parties which in turn set up the Hitler Youth, the Nazi Student’s League and similar organisations. Read p.150 for quotes and sources. He also got the party to readopt the Twenty Five Point Programme

7 ‘A veneer of legality-power through the ballot box
‘When I resume active work, it will be necessary to pursue a new policy. Instead of working to achieve power by armed conspiracy we shall have to take hold of our noses and enter the Reichstag against the Catholic and Marxist deputies. If out-voting them takes longer than out –shooting them, at least the results will be guaranteed by their own constitution. Any lawful process is slow. Sooner or later we shall have a majority and after that we shall have Germany. Hitler, writing while in prison in 1923

8 The Twenty Five Point Programme
1.The abolition of the Treaty of Versailles 2.A strong central government in Germany 3. Lebensraum-the need for ‘living space’ for the German nation to expand 4.Fuhrer-the idea that there should be a single leader with complete power rather than a democracy 5.Autarky-Germany should be economically self sufficient 6.For Germany to be aware of the threat posed by Communists and Jews 7.The Aryan Race to be superior over sub human Jews 8.Union of Germany and Austria 9.Large industries and businesses to be nationalised 10.Generous provision for old age pensioners

9 Mein Kampf National Socialism:this stood for loyalty to Germany,racial purity,equality and state control of the economy. Racism:Aryanisation and anti semitism. Armed force:War and struggle were essential. Living Space (Lebensraum). The Fuhrer:Debate and democratic discussion produced weakness. Strength lay in total loyalty to the leader In 1924 the Nazis won 24 seats in the Reichstag elections.

10 What was the state of the Weimar Republic in 1924 ?
Bulk of German population prepared to support the WR e.g. passive resistance & Kapp Putsch. Effective government action-Ebert’s actions against the communists and Stresemann’s reform of the currency. Foreign support with more sympathy from France and Britain&Dawes Plan with USA. Political opponents opponents weaker than they seemed.Freikorps and suspicion of extremist groups and communist revolutionaries lacking support.

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