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THE MUNICH PUTSCH 1923 Revolution 3!.

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1 THE MUNICH PUTSCH 1923 Revolution 3!

2 BACKGROUND In November 1923 Hitler saw HIS chance to start a revolution! Germany was very unstable: Invasion of the Ruhr Hyperinflation Weimar democratic government was very unpopular Germany was humiliated

3 Hitler’s Putsch (or revolution) would be an absolute fiasco and failure
However from this failure Hitler would emerge stronger and beginning his road to REAL absolute power.

4 THE PLAN Hitler knew the time was right for a revolution.
He got together a large group of unemployed men and former soldiers known as the Storm Troopers or SA. They began attacking other political groups – like Communists.


6 Hitler plotted with the nationalist leader of Bavaria – Von Kahr as well as War hero General Ludendorff to take over Munich in a revolution. BUT as Hitler waits with 3,000 troops Von Kahr calls off the revolution


8 Hitler is furious and on the 8th November 1923 he bursts into a local Munich Beer hall and forces Von Kahr to agree to revolution- Then he lets him go!

9 FAILURE Hitler and his troops begin to march into Munich to seize power Kahr however has called out the police and army The army fire on the SA killing 16. Hitler is arrested later and put on trial for TREASON.

10 RESULT The Munich Putsch was a FAILURE.
It was badly organised and poorly planned. The Nazis appeared to have been humiliated The Nazi party was banned and Hitler prevented from public speaking until 1927.

11 BUT The Munich Putsch was also a strange BOOST to Hitler:
The TRIAL was a massive publicity boost for the Nazis – Hitler became famous across Germany Many Germans agreed with his views Hitler also had sympathy from the German judges who gave him only a small prison sentence in Landsberg prison

12 Life’s hard here – I even have to make my own tea!!

13 BUT 4. Hitler used his time in Prison to write a book of his political ideas called ‘Mein Kampf’ (my struggle) It was a bestseller and his ideas became widely known. Bestseller Four and a Half Years of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity and Cowardice

14 Finally.. Hitler realised from the experience that he could only come to power through democratic means (not revolution) He would use Weimar democracy to destroy itself! He organised Propaganda (advertising) campaigns. He started the Hitler Youth Local Nazi party branches set up The SS was set up as his personal bodyguard.

15 Munich Putsch Source Practice

16 A Cartoon published in Germany
Beer Mugs Hitler & Ludendorff A Cartoon published in Germany Published in 1924 German Judges

17 Hitler and Ludendorff are shouting that they are ‘Germanys saviours’
Beer Mugs Hitler & Ludendorff Hitler and Ludendorff are shouting that they are ‘Germanys saviours’ The Judges are saying ‘Rubbish! The Worst charge we can bring is breaking local entertainment laws’ What is the message of this cartoon? Use the Source and your knowledge to explain your answer

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