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Player-Parent-Coaches Meeting for the 2014-2015 Season.

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1 Player-Parent-Coaches Meeting for the 2014-2015 Season

2  Meet the Coaches  Required Cards/Paperwork  Goals, Expectations: Constitution/Parent/Player Expectations  Communication  Practice and Performance Schedules  Clothing Order  Parent Volunteer Opportunities  Questions

3  Physical Education and Health Teacher (7 years)  Parker Link Crew Coordinator (1 year)  FAHS Varsity Pom Participation (3 years) -MVP (2000) and Captain (1999 & 2000) - New York All Star (98) - Paris All Star (99)  Bodies in Motion Dance Company (2006)  Varsity Pom Coach FAHS 2004-2006 (2 seasons)  Parker Pom Head Varsity Coach 2008-Present (6 seasons)

4  Art Teacher at Parker High School  Danced since age 3  Ballet-15 yrs, Tap-13 yrs, Jazz-10 yrs Modern/Contemporary-3 yrs  Danced in ECC and Dreamscapes for UWW  Head promotions for UWW Dance Company-1 yr  Attended American Collegiate Dance Festival Association North-Central Regional Conference  Tap is favorite style

5  Athletes need:  Completed red card with goldenrod participation form attached  Current physical or Alternate Year card  Concussion form signed one time per school year by the athlete and parent  Signed AEIB form (once per year)  Pay fee or complete paperwork for waiver / reduction by September 5, 2014.

6 All athletes and their parents are required to read, sign, and turn into the athletic office concussion education information before they are allowed to begin practice or tryout. These forms are required to be signed once each school year.

7  All cards and concussion information MUST be handled through the athletic office!  Cards and paperwork need to be completed by Monday August 11 th in order for athletes to practice at the start of our fall season.  *Please note that during the summer, cards can be turned into Ms. Stratton in the athletic office between 8:00am-4:00pm. Mrs. Cinto has very few contracted hours in the summer.

8  $75 due by September 5, 2014.  Fees and waiver forms will not be accepted any earlier than the first week in August.

9  Grow together as a TEAM -Family dynamic, bonded always supportive of fellow dancers strengths/accomplishments, etc.  Grow individually as a DANCER -Put forth and keep focus on always putting in sincere effort and commitment -Celebrate personal victories achieved  A.P.N.S.-Always Proud Never Satisfied -Maintain work ethic and focus through out the season to continuously get stronger performing as a team and individual dancer.  Have Fun!!!

10  Rschool: Game Schedules and Up to the minute Cancellations.  Parker Homepage-  Athletics  Poms *Constitution, Calendars, Award Requirements

11  Email, phone  Group Texting  Facebook -Parker H S Poms  Concerns, Questions Handled Privately

12  Accessible from Parker Poms Website at ANYTIME through out the season  Dancer and Parent/Guardian Signature

13 Athlete Expectations: Parent Expectations: Parents Can Expect Me to: Follow the code of conduct Concerns will be expressed to the Coach first one on one. Parent/Guardian will reinforce the necessity for the athlete to communicate directly to the coach first Communicate one on one with the athlete first when concerns arise. Notify coach of any schedule conflicts well in advance Notify coach of any schedule conflicts well in advance Confirm whether or not the schedule conflict is excusable and communicate how the situation will be handled. Understand and put forth sincere and consistent commitment to the program. Support towards the commitment of the programShow consistent commitment to the program Be on time (10 min. early) to practice and performances Ensuring the dancer is on time to practices and games/performances Be on time (10 min. early) to practice and performances Ask questionsAsk questions when they arise Times and locations of practices, games or competitions. A monthly schedule will be provided the athlete ahead of time. The schedule will also be accessible on the Parker High School Website in the Parker Poms Section. Be honest and willing to help others Support dancer in their time management with school work and their commitment to their involvement in Parker Poms program. Be available for help and to answer questions at the appropriate times. Come with a positive attitude Show respect to fellow dancers, coaches and Parker High School staff members. Role model behavior that represents expected behavior of the athletes. Remember that your #1 job is being student keep your grades up and work ethic positive and consistent in classes. Notifications of what the requirements are in order to be involved in the Parker Poms Program. These expectations are explained specifically in our Poms Constitution Keep all electronic devices in the pom room during practice time. Notify a parent/guardian when a dancer is injured or when disciplinary action is taken on an athlete.

14 Procedure to follow when wanting to express a concern: A. Set up an appointment with the coach B. If the coach cannot be reached, call the Athletic Director to set up a meeting with the coach C. Do not confront the coach with concerns before, during or directly after a practice. Do not confront a coach before, during or directly after a competition/performance. Please allow 24 hours to pass before confronting an emotional concern through verbal communication or email, in order to ensure thoughts instead of emotions are guiding what gets accomplished with the conversation. D. Respect the timing of home phone calls/emails: Phone calls should be made between 7:30am-6:00pm. Emails can be sent at any time keeping in mind the 24 hour rule listed above depending on the topic of conversation. If an email is sent outside of the appropriate phone call time frame, the parent/guardian understands that the email may not be returned until the following day, or the next preceding week day if the email is sent on the weekend. What are Appropriate Concerns to Discuss with the Coach? 1. The treatment of your athlete, mentally and physically. 2. Personal skill improvement and development 3. Concerns about your athlete's behavior 4. Concerns about negative/destructive behavior that applied to your athlete. What are the Inappropriate Concerns that Should Not and Will Not Be Discussed with the Coach? 1. Who made the squad, what level squad and why? 2. Other dancers- their development and relationships, unless it directly involves your athlete, and in that case only what directly involves your athlete. 3. Performance placement, choreography changes to feature your athlete 4. Spread of bad sportsmanship.

15  Practice Begins Tuesday June 17,2014 -7:00am-9:30am -3 days a week in Summer Conditioning, Technique and Choreography  Fall Season (Starting August 25, 2014) -Monday, Tuesday, Thursday -3:45-6:00pm

16  Web Address: oms oms OR Visit  and Search for the Team Store by State

17 General Information  All orders are done online  There isn’t a “minimum” number of items that we need to purchase in order to reach a “price break”  Orders will be shipped right to your house as long as you provide that information when ordering  Each order is individual! The longest turn-around time would be 3 weeks during the busy season which is August-September.  There is NOT a deadline of when orders have to be in and you may visit the website and purchase as many times as you would like.  Shipping is $5 on all ground shipping orders.

18 Transportation Opportunities To U-W Whitewater Camp: 7/27/14 (7:30AM) Chaperone Opportunities Emergency Situations State Fair Competition: 8/3/2014. Great America Spooktackular: 10/5/14 Bucks Competition: 12/6/14 SNACKS FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE COMPETITIONS or FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES

19  Email: Phone: (Nichols) 608-743-5794 (Weber) 608-743-5822 *Contact Info, Camp and Dance Dress Payments, Sizing charts

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