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1 The three to five year plan Facilities Management Gary Stanley, Aptakisic Tripp School District 102 Richard Cozzi, ARCON Associates.

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1 1 The three to five year plan Facilities Management Gary Stanley, Aptakisic Tripp School District 102 Richard Cozzi, ARCON Associates

2 2 Project Goals to begin or improve your long term plan  Ultimate goal of project: to have a plan…. 1,2, or multi years  Preparing for the annual budget process.

3 3 Description You need a long term plan. You need to gather data. You need to start working on it. You need to sort out your facilities.

4 4 Analysis Gathering the right data…… Who are going to get this data from? Start with just one building and one base.

5 5 Data Base, what do I gather? Break the site and building down to its “PARTS” DIY, maybe? Who can help? 10 year life safety survey, Architect Maintenance staff

6 6 Team/Resources Resources allocated to this project –People –Equipment –Locations –Support & outside services –Stakeholders

7 7 When I am done Decide what you want to get out of this report. Do I want to have for internal, D/O level? Do I want this for Facilities Staff? Do I want this for A/E long term?

8 8 Schedule Collection of data will take time Decide how much to collect in each phase JanFebMarAprMayJunJulySepOctNovDec Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3

9 9 Break it down Start outside I used two areas to begin  The building “site” The lay of the area of the site  The building “exterior” What is the exterior, or building envelope

10 10 Site consists of these types Asphalt areas Playgrounds Concrete Fences Lawn areas Landscaping Lighting Site furnishings

11 11 Breakdown of site items Asphalt = parking, pathways, playgrounds Playgrounds = surfaces, mulch, equipment Concrete = walks and other surfaces Fences = simple… fences Lawn = areas around building set as lawns Landscaping = those items of ornamental valve Lighting = parking lots and walkway lighting Site furnishings = sculptures, signs, seating,

12 12 Exterior consists of these types Masonry Doors/frames/hardware Siding Roofing Windows / glazing

13 13 Breakdown of exterior items Masonry = the brick building and its parts; joints, sills, lintels Doors = the complete entrance/exits to the facility Siding = types or when on the facility Roofing = that which is on top Windows = the windows or glazed areas.

14 14 Take interest in the past to predict the future In each of my sections I begin with the History/Condition. This allows me to tell the reader what we know about the past of each of these areas. And… what the future plan looks like

15 15 Aptakisic Junior High Building Site Summer 2010 Asphalt areas, parking, pathways, playground History/Condition The general asphalt drive and parking areas are in good condition. Asphalt areas received crackfill and sealcoat summers 2005, 2007. Each year either crackfill or crackfill/seal is applied for maintenance to the asphalt surfaces. The front drive shows signs of alligatoring and may need to be replacement/resurfaced in future years. The track was sealcoated summer 2008, Future plan: Crackfill/Sealcoat $13,000 Playground Surface (rear Southeast units) History/Condition The playground surface is wood chips. Each year the surface is topped with additional chips as site maintenance. Future plan: Mulch $1,500 Playground Equipment (rear Southeast units) History/Condition The existing playground is a mixture of various units, swings, and older wooden climbing equipment. The equipment is in good condition but showing signs of age.

16 16 Interior breakdown Use these items for your interior inspections Wall surfaces, Ceiling surfaces, Floor surfaces; carpet, hard, Gym floors, Interior doors and hardware, Washrooms, Main office areas, and Gym or other special rooms

17 17 Then break out your building components General lighting, emergency lighting, exit lighting, electrical systems, CTTV Fire alarm system, security system Plumbing – general, fixtures Hot water system, food service equipment, curtain walls, casework, furnishings and storage areas.

18 18 Then break out your building components, continued This last area, is one which details out the mechanical equipment, in the boiler room or mechanical space or roof i.e. Rite boiler # 1……. Air compressor

19 19 Estimates of needs Use your staff, contractors, architects, engineers to Value the “needs” Put them in a spread sheet Use this to add up your needs.

20 20

21 21 Uses: BoE, Budget, Public Once the LRP is developed, plan to update it every year. The first one is the toughest. Print, distribute and reference regularly.

22 22 Questions? Thank you Gary Stanley, Rick Cozzi

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