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At TopDuck, we make “life saving products”

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1 At TopDuck, we make “life saving products”
Superzilla is specifically designed to lubricate, penetrate, clean, displace moisture, and protect all metals. It is a patent pending formula made from plants and contains no water, no petroleum, is non-flammable, non-corrosive, and is a non-hazardous formula. Superzilla is certified as a U.S.D.A. BioPreferred Product. TopDuck Products, LLC owns Superzilla along with several other non-hazardous proprietary products. We are best known around the world for our product Gunzilla which was introduced in Troops call Gunzilla “a life saving product” because it has reduced weapon malfunctions by 75% or more in combat. At TopDuck, we make “life saving products”

2 Superzilla AP-10 BioBased Formulated (made from plants)
Non-hazardous formula Non-flammable Non-corrosive Displaces moisture Disperses oil and grease Leaves a non-ionic coating that doesn’t attract sand, dust, or particles Has a low odor for indoor use Is a certified USDA BioPreferred Product

3 Superzilla as a lubricant
As a lubricant Superzilla is more slippery than traditional oils. It’s evaporation rate is less than standard oils providing lubrication for an extended period. Lubricates in both the wet and dry modes but will provide longer lubrication in the wet mode. Doesn’t attract particles (non-ionic) so the lubricant can work without the sandpaper effect of dust, sand, and foreign particles. While it is sitting liquid on metal it is also removing and/or protecting the metal from rust and corrosion. Ideal for chains, rollers, bearings, gears, locks, valves, hinges, and cables. Provides extended life for metal cutting tools when used as a lubricant.

4 Superzilla as a lubricant
Superzilla is ideal for a lubricant because it is more slippery than traditional oils and it’s evaporation rate is less than 1% a month. Which allows the lubricant to stay on the surface for a longer period. It also has a zero ionic charge so it doesn’t attract or retain sand, dust and dirt which can prevent good lubrication.

5 Superzilla as a Cleaner
Removes greases, oils, tar, and soot on outside furniture Removes surface rust Removes pine sap, permanent marker, crayon, carbon, exhaust stains, hairspray, and ink Removes label adhesives Removes epoxy glues from hands and objects prior to completely drying. Removes scuff marks on floors and tire marks Removes paint and nail polish from carpeting, and hard surfaces Removes oil and greases from clothing and carpeting Clean stainless steel without leaving streaks Ideal for cleaning up oil spills, removing oil from birds, rocks, tools, clothing etc.

6 Superzilla Removing Oil from Fabrics
Superzilla will remove oil, grease, tar and all oil based materials. It will remove these oil based materials from animals, tools, wood, metal, plastic, rocks, concrete, and clothing. To prove how effective Superzilla is at removing oil, we tested it on cotton which is the most difficult surface for removing oil. At the right we put oil on four patches of cotton fabric. Then we cleaned the middle two patches with Tide, OxyClean or both. But the oil remained. The bottom patch was cleaned with Superzilla then washed with Tide. All the oil is removed.

7 Removing Oil from Concrete
Oil is poured on concrete and allowed to sit. Then we applied Superzilla and let is sit overnight. The Superzilla is then washed off with soap and water and the oil is completely removed from the concrete.

8 Superzilla removing oily soot from vinyl coated chair

9 Superzilla Cleaning Plastic
Plastics absorb foreign materials into the pores of the plastic making them very difficult to remove. In addition, the sun breaks down the plastic coating which removes the shine and turns the surface into a dull coating. Superzilla will remove the most difficult foreign materials from the plastic and restore the plastic finish to a like new condition. Below we demonstrate Superzilla removing rust from a plastic picnic table.

10 Removing Baked on Plastic
This is a oven hot gloves (plastic) were left on top of the oven while it was cooking. The gloves melted plastic from the gloves onto the oven top. Superzilla was applied and left for 45 minutes and the plastic was all removed easily.

11 Removing Adhesives How many times have you removed tape, labels, or decals and found the adhesives remained on the surface you were trying to clean. Normally these must be removed with dangerous petroleum based solvents. But below we took a piece of wood that had duct tape on the wood for 12 years. When the duct tape was removed the adhesive remained on the wood. We applied a coating of Superzilla and let it sit for 1 hour, then we came back and applied another coat and wiped the adhesive from the wood.

12 Removes Labels and Permanent Marker
Before After Before After

13 Removes Nail Polish Before After

14 Cleaning Stainless Steel
Stainless steel is very difficult to clean and keep clean because handprints and foreign materials standout. Superzilla cleans stainless steel and when the Superzilla is wiped dry it leaves a coating that resists handprints and foreign materials. Superzilla also leaves a perfect finish without streaks.

15 Superzilla removing paint Graffiti
Normally Superzilla will not harm paints that have been baked on or powder coated. It also will not harm most wood finishes. But Superzilla will remove paint sprayed out of an aerosol can even after it has dried. As a precaution all non-metal finishes should be tested first prior to using Superzilla.

16 Removing Paint from Blocks
Removing paint sprayed out of an aerosol can from blocks or bricks can be very difficult. Below we have sprayed a block with green paint and allowed it to dry for 5 hours. Then we applied Superzilla to one half of the painted area and let it sit for 5 hours. After 5 hours we used a power washer and it removed all the paint from Superzilla side and very little paint from the other side. Superzilla breaks down the paint and encapsulates it so it doesn’t penetrate into the brick.

17 Superzilla as a Penetrating Oil
Will free your rusty nuts faster than any penetrating oil Works on locks, hinges, cables, chains, and valves Creeps on metal to provide deep penetration Removes rust as it is penetrating Frees stainless steel nuts and bolts Once the rusty nut and bolt are free the rust comes freely off each part. Frees exhaust parts Ideal for freeing stuck parts exposed to harsh environments. Preferred product for disassembling antique cars and tractors.

18 Superzilla as a Penetrating Oil
Superzilla’s natural capillary action combined with its rust removing abilities makes it the best penetrating oil on market. Superzilla is the “new gold standard” for penetrating oils because Superzilla is the only product that does this: Superzilla goes in here! Comes out there!

19 Superzilla as a Penetrating Oil
The picture on the left shows where the Superzilla was applied only to the threads on the outside of the nut. The picture on the right demonstrates how Superzilla has penetrated through the treads of the nut and ¾ of an inch beyond the nut. These pictures were taken 30 minutes apart.

20 Superzilla freeing rusty nuts
The pictures below are of a nut and bolt that have not been removed from a disc in over 40 years. The picture on the left shows where we applied Superzilla to the outside of the nut only. The picture on the right shows how far the Superzilla has moved through the threads and onto the flat surface of the bolt after sitting 24 hours on the metal. This action allows the nut to be removed freely. Notice how far the Superzilla penetrated at the end of the red arrow.

21 Superzilla Cleaning Carbon from Injectors
Problem: Engine won’t start without gasoline or run properly on its own because of blocked injectors and carbon buildup. Solution: Mixed Superzilla with diesel fuel and ran the engine. Soon black smoke was coming out of the exhaust and within minutes the engine was running normal. The engine was shut down and restarted on its own without gasoline for the first time in two years.

22 Superzilla turning throw away parts into usable parts at SAPTCO
Problem: Overhauling buses requires the removal and cleaning of many parts that are covered with rust, oil, dirt, and carbon. Many of the parts are simply thrown away because proper cleaning would take the parts out of tolerances making them useless. Solution: We took a box of injector plungers that were going to be thrown away because they were locked with rust, dirt, oil, grease, and corrosion. Then we applied Superzilla and let it sit for a few minutes. Soon the plungers were moving back and forth freely.

23 Superzilla at SAPTCO

24 Superzilla’s Applications
Locksmiths Factories and Industrial facilities Machine shops Tool making Hospitals and restaurants Oil industry Automotive & transportation maintenance facilities Agricultural machinery & irrigation systems Military installations and maintenance operations Cleaning up oil spills (birds, tools, rocks, and equip.) Anyone demanding superior performance

25 Companies testing or using Superzilla
Boeing Pepsico NADEC SAPTCO U.S. Department of Energy U.S. Coast Guard U.S. Navy State of Michigan ITT Defense Locksmiths Many small manufacturers in the U.S. Many small machine shops in the U.S.

26 Superzilla is… One Product with Countless Uses

27 At TopDuck, we make “life saving products”
World Headquarters TopDuck Products, LLC manufactures and markets environmentally friendly and superior performing products for home and industry. TopDuck Products, LLC Don Kettles, President 2902 Sanders Rd. Lansing, MI USA Tel: Website: At TopDuck, we make “life saving products”

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