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“A life saving product”. Goals for Gunzilla Must be a non-hazardous formula One formula to clean, lubricate and protect. Designed to reduce weapon malfunctions.

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1 “A life saving product”

2 Goals for Gunzilla Must be a non-hazardous formula One formula to clean, lubricate and protect. Designed to reduce weapon malfunctions caused by sand, carbon and cold temperatures. Can be used on all combat weapons including mortar launchers. Safer for skin contact than traditional cleaners containing hazardous chemicals. Soap and water cleanup

3 Gunzilla is unique Made from plants (no water, no petroleum) Leaves a non-ionic coating which doesn’t attract sand, dust or carbon Removes rust, carbon, copper, lead, plastic (from shotgun wads) and cleans corrosive ammo residue Cleans carbon faster than traditional cleaners because it breaks the bonds of the carbon molecules. Can be left on the weapons for an extended period of time without damaging the weapons. Increases the number of shots in most guns Virtually eliminates flyers for rifles (snipers) because of the coating it leaves on the weapon.

4 Non-Hazardous Formula Biodegradable, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly means very little. To be considered safe and non-regulated it must not list any hazardous chemicals in section #2 of the MSDS sheet. Potential fines for throwing away an empty container of hazardous chemicals in normal trash in some parts of the United States country is $5,000 to $30,000 per item. Fine for shipping a hazardous chemical by air and not marking it “Hazardous” is $30,000 dollars in the U.S. Empty Gunzilla bottles are treated as normal trash (no fines). Gunzilla can be carried on an airline (checked baggage) because it is non- hazardous, is non-flammable and is non-corrosive. Gunzilla is also air shipping safe and is not regulated by 49 CFR pages 100-185. Why expose yourself, your employees or your agency to hazardous products when you no longer need to?

5 Gunzilla is USDS BioPreferred Certified “BioPreferred was created by the Farm Security and Rural Investment Act of 2002 (2002 Farm Bill), and expanded by the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of 2008 (2008 Farm Bill) to increase the purchase and use of biobased products. The United States Department of Agriculture manages the program. BioPreferred includes a preferred procurement program for Federal agencies and their contractors, and a voluntary labeling program for the broad scale consumer marketing of biobased products. Under the procurement program, BioPreferred designates items, or generic groupings of biobased products, that are required for purchase by Federal agencies and their contractors. As a part of this process, the minimum biobased content is specified and information on the technical, health, and environmental characteristics of these products are made available on the BioPreferred Web site. Beginning in 2009, biobased intermediate ingredients and feedstocks will be included in the designation process. These intermediates are used to make finished consumer products.

6 Cleans, Lubricates and Protects Clean the weapon with Gunzilla and wipe it dry. The dry coating left behind provides lubrication and protection. If you want extra lubrication or protection you can leave a very light moist coating of Gunzilla on moving parts. For long term storage protection you can leave a heavy coating of Gunzilla on the weapons but they must be cleaned with Gunzilla prior to firing..

7 Improved weapon reliability and increased machine gun life Gunzilla has reduced weapon malfunctions in combat by 75% or more. Many combat troops claim they have not had a maintenance related failure when using Gunzilla in combat. In addition, federal and state agencies are also seeing improved weapon reliability during re-qualification. The improved weapon reliability starts with Gunzilla thoroughly cleaning all the carbon out of the gun. Most cleaners soften carbon but Gunzilla breaks the bond of the carbon molecules and turns them into a sludge like liquid. Once clean, sand and carbon are less likely to become attached to the weapon because of the non-ionic coating Gunzilla leaves. With less sand and carbon interfering with the lubrication and action parts of guns they become more reliable. Gunzilla also increases the life of machine guns because it provides superior lubricating properties. The Gunzilla coating is actually more slippery than traditional gun oils. This reduces the friction between the action parts which reduces wear and allows for the longer life of machine guns. The picture shows the attraction sand and carbon has for oils and traditional cleaners. However, almost no sand is sticking to Gunzilla and the coating is still providing needed lubrication. To obtain these results it is important to use only Gunzilla for cleaning, lubricating and protecting a weapon.

8 Superior Weapon Reliability In this test all three products were applied according to their directions. Then 1/8” of sand was placed on the entire piece of steel and wiggled back and forth to get equal distribution and attraction. The sheet steel was then turned 90 degrees and bumped several times on its side to remove any loose sand and this was the result.

9 Superior Lubricant Test: Measure temperature difference between U.S. Military CLP and Gunzilla after 25 rounds Weapon: Colt AR620 (AR-15) Outside Temperature: 27 degrees F Military CLP Gunzilla Difference Action temperature prior to firing 28 F 38 F 10 F Action temperature after firing 91 F 48 F 43 F Total temperature rise 63 F 10 F 53 F Lower temperatures mean reduce friction, superior lubrication, longer machine gun life, better reliability and it saves money.

10 Removes rust, carbon, copper, lead, plastic and cleans corrosive ammo Rust- Surface rust comes right off, pitted rust may take several coats and require some agitation. If the rust has been on the gun for many years Gunzilla may not remove all the rust. Copper- Some guns it comes right off and some guns Gunzilla must be left overnight in weapon. Since Gunzilla doesn’t evaporate only a thin coating in the barrel is required. Over 90% of our customers use Gunzilla to remove copper fouling, but if the copper is not being removed by Gunzilla then we recommend using Copperzilla. Lead- Usually comes right out but once in a while Gunzilla must sit overnight. The lead fouling left by shotgun slugs can be removed by Gunzilla. But if the fouling build-up left by the slugs is significant, then using Copperzilla first will speed up the removal of the lead. Plastic fouling (shotguns)- Comes right off Corrosive Ammo – Let Gunzilla sit for 20 minutes and then remove. With some corrosive primers the effectiveness of Gunzilla can be increased by running a patch soaked in water over the parts first. Then clean with Gunzilla. Freeing a jammed weapon – In a matter of seconds Gunzilla will free up a weapon that is jammed by carbon, sand, dirt or rust. Faster after first cleaning: The second cleaning with Gunzilla will be faster than the first because the fouling build-up will be reduced and it is easier for Gunzilla to clean the fouling once Gunzilla is coating the gun. First cleaning with Gunzilla: Clean most of the fouling off with Gunzilla, then put a coating of Gunzilla on the gun and let is sit for two days. Then clean it again and you will get fouling off the gun that has not been removed in years.

11 Can be left on the gun for an extended period of time without damaging the weapon Some copper and lead removers can damage weapons because they are designed to eat the copper out of the barrel. Gunzilla gets under the copper and/or lead and lifts it out but doesn’t harm the metal bore. When cleaning with Gunzilla there is no green on the patches when cleaning copper, only pieces of copper. Gunzilla doesn’t harm wire brushes. Crime scene guns can be soaked in Gunzilla for extended periods of time without hurting the identity of the gun.

12 Superior Rust Protector Gunzilla is superior at preventing rust because it removes surface rust prior to leaving the final protective coating. The CLP side (photo) rusted in 3 weeks and the Gunzilla side showed no rust. Gunzilla can be used on any metal surface to clean and protect against corrosion.

13 Superior Corrosion Protection This test was started in June of 2005 and each side had either an application of Gunzilla or the U.S. Military CLP applied according to the directions on the bottles. The sheet steel was then left outside for five days and then brought inside and placed in the basement. Within three weeks from the start of the test the rust was appearing on the U.S. Military CLP side. The Gunzilla side still shows no noticeable rust in over two years.

14 Gunzilla Users Gunzilla is currently being used by 24 federal agencies (including training facilities) and by over 400 law enforcement departments. We also sell Gunzilla to the Secret Service to protect the President of the United States. They have selected Gunzilla for one or more of the following reasons: Improved weapon reliability One product for cleaning, lubricating and protecting Cleans carbon faster than traditional cleaners Superior weapon lubrication Superior corrosion protection Increases life in machine guns Non-hazardous formula and no HAZMAT Gunzilla only requires ¼ to ½ the liquid normally used to clean, lubricate and protect weapons. U.S.D.A. BioPreferred Certified Saves money References available upon request.

15 Increases the number of rounds between cleanings without jamming Gunzilla Challenge: Take a gun which tends to gum up or jam and keep count of how many rounds before you notice a problem. Then take the same gun and clean it only with Gunzilla and wipe it dry. If extra lubrication is preferred after cleaning do not use oil. Use a lightly moist patch with Gunzilla and run over the moving parts. Or place some drops of Gunzilla where you would normally place oil. Then see how many rounds Gunzilla fires smoothly and compare. Another Gunzilla Challenge: Take a gun cleaned with your normal cleaners and once you are sure it is clean then clean it with Gunzilla and see the difference. Improved weapon reliability: A weapon is only useful if it fires and continues to fire when needed. If you notice an increase in the number of rounds after cleaning with Gunzilla, then it could make a big difference in a long firefight.

16 Gunzilla saves Money Since Gunzilla cleans faster than traditional products and it doesn’t evaporate, Gunzilla only requires ¼ to ½ the liquid of traditional cleaners. With Gunzilla there is no need to purchase 2 or 3 different products to clean, lubricate and protect. Eliminates all the extra HAZMAT storage, shipping, handling and disposal charges. Greatly reduces the potential short term and long term health risks associated with exposing employees and our troops to hazardous formulas.

17 Testimonials

18 Testimonials from Troops in combat using Gunzilla “Gunzilla actually makes the M-16 a reliable weapon for combat” “Gunzilla is a life saving product” “My squad has cut our weapon malfunctions by 75% since we started using Gunzilla” “Since I have been using this product I have had no weapon jams or malfunctions.” “The Gunzilla stuff is amazing. It works 10 times better than CLP that we are issued. The great thing is that unlike CLP the weapons do not accumulate dirt as quickly.” “I can tell you for certain, that no Marine in my squad who used Gunzilla ever experienced a maintenance related stoppage during a fight. …..Not only did Gunzilla substantially improve the accuracy of worn machineguns, but in temperamental machineguns with histories of jamming and fouling, regular Gunzilla used on ammo and bolt rails, allowed us to trust those weapons in combat. Gunzilla also extended the barrel life of two aging.50 Cal machineguns, whose throats were almost completely eroded when we were issued them. With regular applications of Gunzilla, those weapons remained serviceable throughout the entire tour, many thousand rounds after their barrels’ projected life.” “It is easier to clean our weapons after each mission and only takes half the time” “This product needs to find its way into the hands of every soldier over here” “It is the only product we use to clean and lubricate the M240G/B, the M2HB, the M249, M1014 shotgun, M16A4, M4A1, and M9.” “All of us over here that use it love it” “It will not break up the skin on your hands and washes off easy” “Gunzilla was more valuable than gold in our unit because our weapons would fire when we needed them most.” Complete testimonials are available on our website at

19 My son is a U.S. Soldier and his machine gun (5.56 mm) is the only one that shoots all day and does not jam- it’s also the only one that uses Gunzilla. This weapon is noted to jam due to fouling. He cleans it once a day, similar to the others who have the same weapon and use CLP. What you have is just not a better cleaner but it will save lives, something to be considered as useful as body armor. Parent of U.S. Soldier Thank you shipping out your product to my son who is in the Army in Iraq. I just wanted to let you know and any one else who is skeptical about using your product that they can put their skepticism to rest. My son stated that he wanted me to send him some more of your product because it works !!!!!!!! He advised me that he treated his M-4 with your product and did not have one jam or malfunction while on the range in Kuwait City. He stated that his men on the line were continually having to fix jams and malfunctions due to the sand that is always blowing in the air. He bought your product at a gun show at Camp Perry when he was home on leave, from a booth that was selling it and was strongly advised by his friend to try it. Well he did and he told me that he will not use anything else but your product. I had heard the same thing from the uncle of another soldier who happens to live in our town who also deployed in Iraq. Parent of U.S. Soldier

20 For your health and safety

21 Don Kettles, President TopDuck Products, LLC P.O. Box 80466 Lansing, MI. 48908 Tel: 517 321-8416 Email: Web: GSA Contract Number: GS-07F-0253T

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