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Training Guide. Exterior The exterior needs to be completed first.

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1 Training Guide

2 Exterior The exterior needs to be completed first.

3 Wheels Start on wheels first- Acid or brake away for rust, or excessive amount of “grime” on wheel When using acid, mag, or brake away, always wear mask and gloves Clean tires and wheel wells with all-purpose cleaner and brush

4 Car Exterior Start at top of vehicle to the hood, then sides and back with a wash mit, or brush Over lapping strokes Dry car using California blade to remove excess water and then use shammy towel on vehicle shammy towels need to be damp use microfiber towel on wheels and door jams

5 Waxing If needed buff vehicle before waxing approved eyewear must be used when buffing vehicle Spray wax needs to start at top and then the 4 sides of vehicle. Should never exceed 6 sprays Hand paste wax start at the top of vehicle and apply with a back and forth motion, not circular, apply wax to hood, sides of vehicle, and then back Make sure from top to bottom, that all paint is covered, and make sure to open doors and wax door jams all plastic needs to be taped off prior to wax Remove wax with clean microfiber towel

6 Tires Use tire shine on all tires all exterior plastics, including wheel wells

7 Car Interior Start by sweeping entire vehicle front to back, including under hood and trunk, while sweeping using detail brushes to remove dirt and debris from cracks and crevices Wipe down all plastics and leather using all-purpose cleaner or leather and vinyl cleaner, and also use detail brushes When shampooing carpets or cloth seats, start by first removing spots with all-purpose cleaner or spot remover, and then move on to shampooing in its entirety with an industrial grade extractor If carpet is excessively dirty, all seats are removed, plastics and hardware are taped off and carpet is dyed *when dying carpet it takes approximately 3-5 applications

8 Car Interior cont. vents, cup holders, and miscellaneous compartments are to be cleaned using either dry detail brush and wet with soapy water brush and then wiped with all-purpose cleaner and towel use silicone shine on all plastics and modeling (dash, vents, buttons, gear shifter, doors, unless otherwise specified by customer wipe all chrome pieces and monitors with dry microfiber towel

9 Windows This is the last step of a detail When cleaning windows first fold towel 4 ways so that there is a wet and dry side Spray window with foaming window cleaner, and then start by washing window with one side of towel and then dry using other side of towel

10 Detail Spray Used last to go over any handprints, light dust, or overspray of any product used Shop Cleaning Shop must be cleaned every day starting 1 hour prior to closing

11 Safety Mask, gloves, eyewear must be used when needed All electronic plugs and cords need to be kept out of water, even the yellow waterproof cord Personal Hygiene It is very important to take a shower and use deodorant before coming to work

12 Chemicals Used tire shine all-purpose cleaner hand paste wax spray wax ammoniated window cleaner leather conditioner aerosol leather and plastic cleaner aerosol shine aerosol non smoke air freshener extractor or carpet shampoo high foam car wash tar off clay bar rubbing compound glaze Final detail spray carpet dye black paint black undercoating

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