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A Complete Home Care Solution

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1 A Complete Home Care Solution

2 Indo Power Product’s Li st :- Ultra Plus Toilet Cleaner Advance Sanitizer Glass & Household Cleaner 5X Metal Scum Cleaner Advance Floor Cleaner

3 Ultra Plus Toilet Cleaner  Easements :  Give the toilet bowl a thorough clean without those eye-watering chemical smells  With its decalcifying agent, once round the rim with Ultra plus Toilet Cleaner with a scrub keeps your toilet clean and fresh  Oh, and you need not hold your nose when you do!  Easy To Apply :  Remove items from atop and around the toilet.  Put on clean gloves  Wipe down the toilet with a damp sponge  Apply ultra plus toilet cleaner to the inside of the bowl  Scrub the bowl with a toilet brush  Flush the toilet  Shake well before use.

4 Advance Sanitizer  Easements :  Save upto Rs. 15-20 @ per liter as compared to other sanitizing products.  You can make 1 lt. of sanitizer solution from 20 ml of Advance Sanitizer.  Advance Sanitizer has been enriched with the good perfume and essentials oils, which rapidly fight with bad odor and spread perfume in the oil.  It is most effective and germs killer.  Advance Sanitizer also helps to stop the spread of germs in Hospitals, Offices, Hostels, Health Care Centers, etc.  Easy To Apply :  Clear the floor if any furniture that's easy to move.  Swipe or vacuum all loose dirt and debris.  Mix 5-15 lt water with 250 ml of advance sanitizer and use as much as applicable. Or you can directly apply a few drops of advance sanitizer on the surface.  Wiped out on the surface.  Shake well before use.

5 Glass and household cleaner  Easements :  The Indo Power Glass and Household Cleaner is a blend of refined, high-tech additives, with gentle, superfine low- micron liquid abrasives that luxuriously cleans all finishes, including clear-coats, without scratching.  Its fast acting formula easily cleans car glasses, tables, freeze, showcase, LED, chairs and other glasses parts.  The Indo Power Glass and Household Cleaner protects against the harmful effects of acid rain, salt water hazing and exhaust blackening.  No scratch while wiping the surfaces.  Easy To Apply :  Remove dust first.  Press bumps to spray fine mist over surface.  Wipe with clean dry cotton cloth/paper sheet to get clean and sparking result.  Shake well before use.

6 5X Metal Scum Cleaner  Easements :-  It’s ideal for use on chrome, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, stainless steel, car-alloy, kitchen Chimney, Greasing Area plated surfaces, and all painted surfaces, including clear coat. In short, the 5X Metal Scum Cleaner produces the clean, smooth, high gloss luster that Liquid Gloss Polish maintains.  Also removes rust, tarnish and corrosion on chrome, aluminum, brass, etc.  For all metal surfaces, brass, copper, sterling silver, aluminum and stainless steel.  Easy To Apply :-  Take a few 5X Metal Polish Cleaner on a cotton cloth and scurv on the metal.  Leave the applied part upto 15 minutes if the it is old.  Don’t use water while scurving. You can use only a few drops of water if the surface became dry.  Take help of brush on unreachable place.  You can reuse the remain paste on next time after shining the affected part.  Shake well before use.

7 Advance Floor Cleaner  Easements :-  Available in multi-flavoure.  Kills 99.9% germs in less than 60 seconds.  Cleans tough stains.  Leaves a pleasant fragrance - available in three fragrances: Citrus, Floral and Pine  With the use of Advance Floor Cleaner you can keep your house as well as your offices sparkling clean & absolutely germs free through the day.  It removes bad odor and repels insects.  Easy To Apply :-  Clear the floor of any furniture that's easy to move.  Sweep or vacuum all loose dirt and debris.  Use one capful in half a bucket of water (3 Litres). Gently mop the surface. No need to rinse.  Apply Advance Floor Cleaner on the surface directly.  Buff the floor with a soft cloth to remove any soapy residue. Cloth diapers work well for buffing, because they’re very soft and absorbent.  Shake well before use.

8 Marketed By : Bansal Chemicals Basai Inclave, Indl. Area, Part-1, Gurgaon – 122001 (HR) For Complainants, Suggestions & General Feedbacks, Feel Free to Call Us : +91-7834900043 For more details, online order & dealership request, visit us at http://indoproducts.in

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