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GULF OIL Philippines, Inc An ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 : 1996 certified Company.

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1 GULF OIL Philippines, Inc An ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001 : 1996 certified Company

2 Inflates and Repair Inflates and repair enables the instant repair and inflation of a punctured tyre without having to remove the wheel. Use of this product must be considered as only an emergency repair.

3 Neutralizer Air - Conditioning Cleaner A unique cleaning and protection product for all types of air-conditioning systems, it combats growth of bacteria and mildew within air-conditioning systems.

4 Dashboard Polish A highly protective non-smear polish based on long-life components,it cleans the surface leaving it looking shiny and new.

5 Glass and Crystal Cleaner A quick drying foam cleaner formulated with non-toxic components, it helps clean and degrease glass leaving the surface looking immaculate.

6 Tyre Black Formulated with special components for the restoration of polymer surfaces (rubber & plastics), this product helps restore the original appearance of the tyres; carpets; boards; spoilers; mirrors housings & all rubber & plastic parts. A product that is particularly useful for professionals in commercial businesses, for example carwash stations; coach builders & the nautical sector.

7 Multi - Functional Fluid Efficient releasing agent that induces rapid release of surfaces that have seized together. Long lasting lubricant due to its formulation of special oils and hydrocarbons. Acts as a surface protector against corrosion and oxidation. Can be used as a polish on all clean surfaces, leaving a glossy finish. A very low surface tension and adhesive characteristics allow it to repel humidity.

8 Wax Spray High performance wax spray, which revives painted surfaces & provides long-lasting protection against atmospheric conditions.

9 Grease, tar & incrustation removal Specifically designed for the cleaning of all types of brake elements, in particular for segments, brake shoes, drums, clamps, skids, cylinders & springs.Contains specific cleansing components for the removal of grease, tar & general incrustation. The new directional sprinkler increases the cleansing force through use of a pressurised product spray. Brake and Clutch Cleaner

10 Quick, deep action general cleaner A deep acting, quick action cleaner for removing oil, grease, tar & grime. It may be safely used for car & truck engines; motorbike chains; lawn mowers; mechanical parts; garage & workshop floors; etc., & its action is harmless to rubber & plastic parts in the engine. Engine Cleaner

11 A specific deoxidising agent for all types of electrical contacts An agent specifically formulated for the cleaning & deoxidising of any type of electrical contact, cut-out; cable connection. It acts by preventing the formation of oxides, sulphides, or other impurities, thus facilitating the passage of electric current & the elimination of dissipations. Deoxidiser for Electrical Contacts

12 Inert, water repellent, temperature resistant, lubricant It is an inert, ultra fine particle and friction-reducing lubricant, formulated to be used anywhere where permanent locking is caused through adverse temperature & corrosive conditions. It is water repellent, usable at temperatures from minus 30 degrees C up to +1100 degrees C., & may be used on discharge header pivot’s, expansion joints, boiler inspection plugs or apertures, screw caps, thread connections & any other application where a durable lubricant is required. Copper Lubricant

13 Deep acting release agent A deep acting, combined action product, manufactured from low molecular weight components, which loosens oxidised or unengaged surfaces. Operates to relieve incrustations & free metal seizures. Used as a lubricant & for protection of assemblies, preventing the development of rust & guaranteeing the perfect joining of the various constituent parts. For use as a protection agent & water-repellent on screws; nuts; couplings; threads; hinges; car locks; motorcycles; industrial vehicles & mechanical equipment Concentrated Release Fluid

14 Protective lubricant This product is based upon a combination of special greases & synthesised linear polymers to produce a protective, resistant lubricant. It protects surfaces against acidic or alkaline corrosion, but also from the effects of seawater. Formulated for use on chains; ropes; gearing joints; gearings & submerged parts in the mechanical; nautical & aeronautical industries. Multi Purpose Grease for Rotating Surfaces

15 Thank You

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