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STD’S Chlamydia Gonorrhea Syphilis Pubic Lice Trichomoniasis “Trich”

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1 STD’S Chlamydia Gonorrhea Syphilis Pubic Lice Trichomoniasis “Trich”
Genital Herpes HPV & Genital Warts HIV Hepatitis B and C

2 TRUE OR FALSE 1. There are more than 30 different types of STD’S
2. STD’S can be spread through oral sex 3. Some STD’s have No Symptoms 4. All STD’s are curable 5. You can have more than one STD at a Time 6. Once you are cured of a STD, You can Never get it again. 7. STD’s can infect you eyes and mouth if fluids get transferred into these areas. 8. STD’s are diagnosed in males by a sample urine test and a swab IN the end of the penis. 9. STD’s Are getting more difficult to cure “antibiotic resistant” 10. You must inform all sexual partners after you are diagnosed with a STD

3 IMPORTANT 1 in 4 teenagers will contract a STD before they become adults! YOU can get a STD even if your partner has NO symptoms! YOU can get a STD by ANY form of Sexual Contact!

4 CHLAMYDIA Chlamydia is spread from person to person during sexual activity It can be passed through vaginal, anal, and oral sex Can also be passed by the hand to other body parts, such as the eyes, throat, and anus Chlamydia is treatable/It is a Bacteria Symptoms may appear days after contact

5 Symptoms of Chlamydia Clear or milky discharge from the penis
Burning when peeing Swollen or painful testicles Redness, itching, and/or discharge from the eyes May not have any symptoms at all! 3 out 4 women have no symptoms ½ of all men will have no symptoms

6 TESTING A Health Care Provider will conduct testing
Swab or other instrument to take cell samples Insert into the penis Insert in to the vagina (Pap Smear) Possible urine and Blood Test TREAMENT Antibiotics for YOU and YOUR PARTNER(S) NO SEXUAL CONTACT UNTIL THE DR. SAYS O.K.

Use a Condom





12 Gonorrhea Is spread through oral, anal, and vaginal sex
Can also be passed to the eye or other body parts through infected fluids It is curable/It is a Bacteria Very similar to Chlamydia Can to up to 30 days for any symptoms to appear

13 Symptoms of Gonorrhea Milky discharge from penis Burning when peeing
Pain and swelling in the testicles Vaginal discharge Lower stomach pain Irregular periods Fever Soar throat Redness and itching from the eyes May not have any symptoms at ALL!

14 4 out 5 women will have no symptoms
1 out of 10 men will not have symptoms 9 out 10 oral infection have no symptoms This is the STD which is referred to as “CLAP or the “DRIP”

15 TESTING Health Care Provider
Swab or other Instrument to take cell samples from the vagina, penis, anus, or throat May also test Blood or Urine Will also be tested for Chlamydia

16 Treatment A course of Antibiotics/sometimes more for you and Your Partner(s) No sexual Contact for You or Your Partner(s) until the Dr. say you are clear.








24 Syphilis Passed person to person by direct contact with a sore or rash
Can be passed through oral, anal and vaginal sex Can be passed by holding hands, kissing, and other close personal contact Syphilis is treatable! It is a Bacteria 4 stages: Primary, Secondary, Latent, Tertiary

25 Stage 1/Primary Stage A painless sore (chancre)
Sore will be found where the germ first entered the body Sore can appear 9 to 90 days after infection Sore may appear – then it will disappear on its own after 1 to 5 weeks You can still pass it to someone with or without a sore or any symptom


27 Stage 2/ Secondary Stage
Sores reappear May also get rashes on the hands and/or feet Rash may also cover the whole body May also get brown sores the size of a penny Rash heals in 2 to 6 weeks on its own But if not treated with antibiotics, it can still be transmitted to others!









36 Stage 3 / Latent If the disease has not been treated, it will disappear or “hide” then goes into stage 4 STAGE 4/ Tertiary Bacteria begins to damage the heart, eyes, brain, joints, and other parts of the body. Causes mental illness, blindness, brain damage

37 HERPES Herpes Simplex Virus Type I “Cold Sore” or “Fever Blister”
Can be spread through kissing and touching Can be spread through oral sex and then cause genital herpes Almost 90% of Americans have HSV-1 at some time in their life Most easily spread with an open sore



40 PAY ATTENTION! Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2
Almost always spread through sexual contact Can be spread from one body part to another Typically spread through an open sore, but can be spread with no symptoms (or blisters)present Many individuals will not have symptoms, but will be a carrier & pass it to another person, and get symptoms later on. THERE IS NO CURE! It is a VISRUS

41 STAGES of HERPES 1. Hardly noticable- A little red, pain free, a little swelling in the genital region 2. Small Blisters-very uncomfortable, sore, and filled with fluid (Blister) 3. Blisters BURST or POP – oozing liquid and fluid – Hurts A LOT 4.After the oozing – the blisters dry up and scab over 5. Shedding – Skin naturally sheds – possibly spreading during sexual activity

42 Stage 2

43 Stages 2 and 3 in the eye

44 Stages 2 and 3


46 Stage 4


EVEN IN A NURSING HOME WHEN YOU ARE 90! Outbreaks will Occur!

49 Trichomoniasis “Trich”
“Trich” is a microscopic PARASITE which causes infection Men rarely know if they are infected 3.7 million people have “Trich” Only 30% of people will develop symptoms Can be passed through oral, anal and vaginal sex even with no symptoms present Rarely will infect body parts such as hands, face It is curable

50 Symptoms of “Trich” Itching and burning in the genital region
Burning after peeing Red and Sore Genitals Females may have an unusual discharge that can be white, clear, yellowish, or greenish If symptoms do appear-they can appear 5 to 28 days after infection


52 “Trich” Parasite


54 Diagnosis/Treatment Must have a physical exam and lab test done to determine if “Trich” is present Oral antibiotic is usually given for treatment Don’t have sexual contact until cleared by your dr.

55 HPV There are more than 40 types of HPV
Some types of HPV can cause Genital Warts Other types of HPV can cause cancers Most individuals are unaware that they have HPV Can be passed to your sexual partner with or without symptoms Most people will get it and never know they had it. Some types of HPV go away on their own before it causes health problems

56 HPV/Genital Warts Small bump or group of bumps
Some may be small, others could be large Some are raised, while others may be flat Some people who are infected, may not have any signs or symptoms! Warts do not turn to cancer Once infected with warts, they can be treated, but will continue to return!

57 HPV Over 20 million people have HPV
Many never know they have it or had it. HPV is SO common that most sexually active people will have it sometime in their life – even with VERY Few or ONE sexual partner Long Term effects of having HPV is Warts or cervical cancer






63 Pubic Lice/”CRABS” Can be found in all races and cultures
Pubic lice can be found in Genital Areas, beards, mustaches, eye lashes, and eye brows Pubic Lice IS NOT the same as head lice! Symptoms are itching in the genital area It is transmitted through oral, vaginal, and anal sex “Crabs” can also be passed to another by sharing towels, clothes, and sheets Pubic lice is curable




67 Hepatitis A,B and C Transmitted through sexual contact, direct contact with blood, infected needles, toothbrushes, and razors Individuals may not have any symptoms for years Eventually Hepatitis will begin to damage the liver. When the liver begins to malfunction, then symptoms may appear Symptoms could include: low grade fever, muscles and joints may ache, loss of appetite. NO KNOWN CURE/This is a Virus!

68 Prevention of Hepatitis
Wear a condom Limit sexual Activity Do not share Needles Be cautious if you get manicures, pedicures, or tattoos! Equipment must be sterile/Clean Vaccinations from Dr. (series of 3 shots) Don’t share razors or toothbrushes! High Risk Areas: Dorms, Nursing Homes, Day Care Centers

69 Testing for Hepatitis Blood Testing

70 HIV HIV is spread through the blood, semen, genital fluids, and breast milk HIV is spread through ORAL, VAGINAL, & ANAL SEX! Not Using Condoms and Sharing Drug Injection (needles) is a the most common way to transmit (spread) HIV HIV is spread through microscopic tears on your body (mouth, genitals, anus) Bodily fluid gets into the microscopic tear and passes the Virus to you! HIV is a VIRUS/Not cured Drugs can ONLY suppress or slow the growth of the Virus!

71 PROTECTING YOURSELF Limit your sexual partners (DON”T HAVE SEX!)
If you have sex ALWAYS use a condom! NEVER share needles, toothbrushes or razors! GET TESTED!! It is only a blood test!

72 HIV Many individuals may live years without having symptoms and not knowing they are a carrier! HIV is NOT AIDS! HIV progresses into AIDS after the years and the immune system weakens NO KNOWN CURE

73 AIDS AIDS is Late Stage HIV
If HIV is left untreated, it severely damages the bodies immune system (how you body fights disease and germs) Once the Immune System is severely attacked, AIDS is Developed Once you have AIDS, you no longer say “HIV positive” ---You have AIDS!

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