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4268 Lakefall Court Riverside, CA 92505 Toll Free (877) 244 0700

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1 4268 Lakefall Court Riverside, CA 92505 Toll Free (877) 244 0700

2 You already own the most preferred software tools used by credit professionals to manage credit … Let Credit Strategy configure your software for maximum credit management effectiveness If your company supports Microsoft Office Products …

3 Why Credit Strategy? Customers own the software and avoid annual licensing fees. Customers can enhance their own software as processes continue to evolve. Customers customize their software to work the way they do. Customers save thousands of dollars over the leading alternatives. Microsoft's office products are very reliable. Best of all …. There is no software product available that is better for your company than one designed by you. The concept of customizing and configuring your own software has many advantages over conventional software programs.

4 Credit Strategy Credit Collections Disputes Correspondence Organizer Reports 6 Customized Credit Management Modules “Improves productivity & profitability” Increases Collection Call Activity Increases Receivable Turnover Increases Dispute Resolution Increases Cash Flow

5 The Power of Access Credit Strategy was developed as a supplement to your accounting software. Credit Strategy combines data from your accounting system with credit data typically not stored on your main system. Combined data is stored in a Microsoft Access or SQL database for quick and easy retrieval. Credit Strategy is customized to coincide with your credit department processes. Credit Strategy works with most accounting software such as, Oracle, SAP, J.D. Edwards, Baan, Peoplesoft, etc.

6 The work flow is intuitive, and reduces the number of keystrokes and time normally associated with most credit department tasks. You can accomplish more in less time with Credit Strategy. Credit Strategy is designed to help the credit professional who is expected to do more with less ……

7 You can even customize your own ongoing support program. Credit Strategy offers a variety of ongoing maintenance and support programs. Service providers can maintain your program on-line from anywhere in the world.

8 You are only 2 clicks away from every credit function From the Main Menu …

9 Log every collection call Record line item notes Assign reason codes for collection call activity Record payment promises and monitor cash flow Forecast daily and weekly cash collections Prepare adjustments and credit memo requests on-line Tickler files for action item follow up Track customers turned over for collections One button toggling to pre-selected host system screens Email or fax invoice copies and statements while on the phone Credit Strategy’s “Collection Module” is extremely efficient, intuitive and user friendly. Collection Module

10 Log disputes and monitor resolution activity Assign ownership and track turnaround time Identify disputes by reason code for purpose of improving internal processes Tickler files for action item follow up An effective tool for turning paper problems into cash … Finally ! Dispute Module

11 Maintain parent/child relationships Roll up subsidiary activity such as sales, agings, credit limits and pending orders Establish corporate credit limit as well as subsidiary credit lines Attach credit documentation on-line to customer files for quick retrieval Store and archive bank and trade references on-line Analyze financial statements through the use of key ratios Record pertinent alternative financing data on-line On-line credit approval authorizations Credit scoring templates Ability to identify and measure the risk elements of your A/R portfolio Effective management tools for monitoring credit risk exposure Credit Module Reduce Paper Files

12 Manage all your correspondence from one screen ….. Statements (with or without credits) Dunning Letters (featuring the “smart” dunning cycle) General Correspondence (also a tool for sales & marketing) Correspondence Module

13 Let Credit Strategy provide all your adhoc reporting needs Credit Strategy Report Module

14 Workload Organizer Organize and prioritize all your daily activities from one screen. Which accounts have the highest delinquent dollars ? Who is past due and hasn’t been contacted ? Instant reminders on all follow up activity for collection calls, dispute resolution and credit investigation work-ups

15 How Does It Work ? Main A/R System IS provides Credit Strategy with required table & field names from customers accounting system. Credit Strategy maps required fields to the credit management system. Customer works in a live data environment. IS provides Credit Strategy with network access and permission to map accounting fields. It’s as easy as 1..2..3..

16 What’s The Word On The Street ? … I have used several of the leading accounting and credit software packages and nothing comes close to Credit Strategy for providing quick and easy solutions for managing collection and reconciliation activity … Jim Padgett (Collection Manager) … Credit Strategy is tremendously effective and provides a very low cost solution for adding powerful tools for our credit department. Credit Strategy also provides us the ability to further customize and enhance the product through our IS Department …Roger Monaco (CFO)

17 Your Credit Management Systems Solution

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