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REO AssetTracker Application Overview v1.1 MaximLogic LLC.

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1 REO AssetTracker Application Overview v1.1 MaximLogic LLC

2 Features REO AssetTracker is an online REO sales process management platform. The application provides web-based communication solutions, transaction coordination tools, information storage, and management solutions for REO professionals. The system enables brokers and agents to simplify, improve, and speed REO sales while maximizing their competitiveness and profitability. Key features:  24/7/365 REO property information availability  Unlimited number of users  Real time REO transaction management  Broker - asset manager - vendor communication solutions  REO process daily task management  REO property billing management  Agent performance management  Statistical reporting

3 REO Information Management REO Property Profile

4 REO Information Management Table of REO Properties

5 REO Client Contact Management Ability to access client website or send email to asset manager directly from the system

6 Vendor Contact Management Ability to contact Vendor / Field services company directly from the system

7 Title Company Contact Management Ability to manage communication with Title Company / Closer

8 Sale Details Management Ability to manage pending or closed transaction information: buyer, buyer’s agent, and loan officer contact info.

9 Bill Management Ability to keep track of REO utility / vendor bills, bill related invoices, client reimbursement, estimates, supporting photos and documents.

10 Daily Task Management Ability to manage REO sales process through timely property - status related task assignment.

11 Daily Task Management Ability to monitor task completion and agent performance

12 Statistical Reporting System is able to run custom statistical and analytical reports on any data stored in system. Reports are SQL queries that can be run dynamically in application. Reports will be added and customized, by client’s choice.

13 Guaranteed Satisfaction REO AssetTraker was designed from experiences and consulting of REO professionals around the county. The main idea was to create a low cost and very user friendly web based application for REO agents.

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