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Cambodia Produced By Musamed, Amela, Ben, Quynh, Shalea, Laura.

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1 Cambodia Produced By Musamed, Amela, Ben, Quynh, Shalea, Laura

2 VIDEO….. 09/05/18/ n?iref=videosearch 09/05/18/ n?iref=videosearch

3 The perpetrators are….. The Khmer Rouge Pol pot Prince Sihanouk How did they gain power? The Khmer rouge formed an army that lounge a civil war in Cambodia and finally overthrow the former government and take over.

4 What rationale did the perpetrators give for their actions? Pol Pot, the leader of the new Khmer Rouge, imagined a classless society in Cambodia- a Communist utopia. Immediately after taking power, he led his new government in a campaign to rid the country of all class distinctions that existed between rural and urban populations. The Khmer Rouge envisioned a Cambodia without cities, private property, or money, where all goods have to be exchanged and bartered. All urban Cambodians were forced out of the cities and made to live agrarian life-style.

5 Who were the victims? Victims were former Lon Nol Government soldiers, civil servants, Buddhist Monks, elderly, religious minorities, intellectuals and people who has contact with Vietnamese These people were targeted because they were considered low life The government also executed those who show intelligence.

6 How was the genocide carried out? Pol Pot, the new found leader, forced everyone to work in fields to make food for the entire country. Food was already sparse, so malnutrition and starvation were the main causes of death. Anybody related to Vietnamese people or were even accused of relations with Vietnamese people were killed immediately. Any resistors against the Khmer Rouge, the new government, were killed with methods such as disembowelment, beatings, and nails hammered to the back of there heads. Propaganda was used in ways to make people less likely to turn against the Khmer Rouge. It was also used to make people suspicious of each other and to turn on one another, which would also prevent a large scale.

7 What years did Genocide Take Place? The Communist Party of Democratic Kampuchea, known commonly as the Khmer Rouge, took control of Cambodia on April 17, 1975 and it lasted till 1979. The location was in Cambodia.

8 How does it fit genocide? Genocide- intent to kill a curtain ethnic group or individual. This matches the definition of genocide because the Khmer rouge intended to kill people in Cambodia, who they consider weak and not worthy of living. There first step was to strip these people of their homes and personal belongings and later on killed, which proves that this action was intended, and not accidental.

9 Analysis Q2# 2# how did the media portray the victims. They said that the crime committed against the Cambodian were against humanity "I was shocked when I saw the bodies -- I was thinking maybe my mother was killed like this as well and I ran back to hide with the other kids.”

10 Analysis #Q1 1# How were the perpetrators portrayed? the media portray the Khmer Rouge, as senseless murderers. “Also this is a Cambodia treasure that must be returned, not just to enlighten us about what happened during the Khmer Rouge time, but for the younger generation to learn.”

11 Analysis Q3# 3# how did the media outlet cover the individual trial or attempt at holding them accountable? we think that this trial was a really good thing, and that people really need to knew who killed their family members and they need to bring justice to them. we would do the same thing if we were in there place. “I have been waiting for this hearing for 30 years. I never thought that it would happen. Now I hope that the ECCC will bring justice to all Khmer Rouge victims. I lost three members of my family during the regime and I am a sufferer of the regime," -Luch Bunthort, of Kampong-Khmer Rouge

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