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Ana Guzman Ashley Farley Johnson Angelica Garcia 5 th Period.

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1 Ana Guzman Ashley Farley Johnson Angelica Garcia 5 th Period

2 Southwest Asia 1975-1979

3 A communist group called Khmer Rouge led by leader Pol Pot was responsible for all the mass murders taken place in Southwest Cambodia.

4 The Khmer Rouge targeted multiple different types of groups some including: Intellectual educated people, professionals, monks, religious enthusiastic, Buddhists, Muslims and Christians Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai ancestry where some of the ethnic groups he targeted.

5 Pol pot based you off on how much work you did and how good your work was, so he targeted elderly, handicap, the ill or children because they weren't able to work as much as others.

6 One of the reasons why the mass murders in Cambodia occurred was due to the America bombing in 1969.

7 Another the reason why the Cambodian mass murders occurred was that Pol Pot wanted to cleanse Cambodia of unwanted people. He wanted to make a fair country. Overall Pol Pot wanted to clean the country of all it’s impurities.

8 Pol Pot wanted a society without competition! He placed people in collective living arrangements and forced them to work on farms as laborers.

9 Those who didn’t follow orders were immediately executed. While others did their job were killed because their performance did not meet Pol Pots standards.

10 People were divided depending on how Pol Pot felt towards them. People who he trusted were called “Old citizens” The city dwellers were known as “New citizens” Other groups included the deportees, candidates and full rights.

11 Over four years Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge killed 1.7 million people!

12 Huge population loss almost ¼ of the Cambodian citizens were killed. Poor education system Malnutrition Unstable government Extreme poverty

13 There’s not much we can say about the international communities involvement in the Cambodian mass murders because they didn’t do anything to stop it. In fact they didn’t believe the Cambodians’ stories of the killings that occurred.

14 Mass murders like the one that occurred in the 1970s has NEVER happened again in Cambodia! In memory of all the tortured and killed innocent people there is now a memorial in Choeung, EK called the killing fields Even though no mass murders are taking place, Cambodia still has a slow economic growth Cambodia is also one of the poorest 3 rd world countries. (Extreme poverty!)

15 Has become a tourist site filled with about 8,000 skulls of the killed victims in the Cambodian Mass Murders. It is found in Choeung, EK. Its nine miles (14.5 kilometers)

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