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2008/07 The Football Academy 2013/03 1. 2008/07 ABOUT US T he HKF-Academy was founded in 1994. It is a specialist football company that teaches from 3.

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1 2008/07 The Football Academy 2013/03 1

2 2008/07 ABOUT US T he HKF-Academy was founded in 1994. It is a specialist football company that teaches from 3 years old children up to competitive adults. The Academy currently trains approximately 500 students throughout HK and has now expanded it's activities into China. The Academy employs only the highest qualified or experienced coaches. The Academy has had an unparalleled level of success, both on and off the pitch. We hold the astonishing record of making the final of HK's most prestigious national competition (Nike 5) 9 years in a row (winning 7 ) and we regularly win almost every local and international event we enter, including, the Adidas Cup, LCSD Cup, the HKFC Soccer 7’s and almost every age of our domestic league- the HKJFL. The HKF-Academy has had 29 of it's former students go on to play for the academie of overseas professional clubs s, including Arsenal, Chelsea,Spurs, Fulham, AC Milan, PSG, Nagoya Grampus 8, Gremio etc, 25 currently play in the Hong Kong 1st Division and 16 have reached national team level. The Football Academy 2013/03 2

3 2008/07 Talent Identification & Development Programme 3 2013/03 The Football Academy

4 2008/07 THE PROGRAMME The HKF-Academy curriculum is divided into four ability groups that offer both tactical and technical training in game based coaching. The program is tailor made for children aged from 3 years and up. DEVELOPMENTAL / HAPPY FEET The Academy offers a kick-start programme called Happy Feet, which is aimed at the 3-5 age group. It is the perfect warm-up programme for the Developmental Programme starting at 5. The focus of the Happy feet programme is object manipulation and familiarity, hand-eye coordination, basic balance and stability and various other associated GROSS motor skills developers The Developmental Stage is the next level up and is suitable for children aged 4-6 years of age. At this stage, students are taught a variety of drills and practices that develop a child’s fundamental FINE motor skills, such as balance, agility, coordination, spatial awareness and ball mastery. Though at this stage the body movements are non specific, the ball skills and kicking mechanics become more and more SPECIFIC to soccer. TECHNICAL / TACTICAL BEGINNER Suitable for children aged 6-10 years of age. Once the building blocks of movement have been put into place, in the Developmental stage (hopefully by 6 years), students will move on to a diet of core technical skills. This includes basic passing and control, dribbling, shooting, tackling, keeper training etc. Although the TECHNICAL element is strongly emphasized during this stage it is also important that the students learn basic TACTICAL considerations as well as crucial associated skills such as readiness, anticipation, reaction speed etc. While it is hoped that students can move on from this level by the age of 8 it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL they do not move on before these basics reach a level of proficiency. The Football Academy 2008/07 2013/03 4

5 2008/07 THE PROGRAMME TECHNICAL / TACTICAL IMPOROVER Students can be ready for this type of training by 7 and even 6 years old, once they have shown proficiency in the core technical areas of soccer such as passing, ball control, dribbling and shooting. In reality children are usually ready by 9-10 years old. The difference at this stage is that the focus changes from TECHNICAL to TACTICAL and skills are used in combination to achieve specific strategies like 3rd man runs and overlaps etc. Any weakness in the core skills will prevent these combinations and strategies from working. Players should not enter this advanced stage until the core skills are at least proficient because very little time and space exists and players can easily lose confidence. TECHNICAL / TACTICAL ADVANCED While age alone is not a determinate of suitability for students at this level, children should be technically, physically and mentally ready to perform complex technical and tactical skills while work under the pressure of having limited time and space. COMPETITION AND DEVELOPING A WINNING MENTALITY As you can see from our Talent Identification and Development diagram, we believe that decision making and all the values that are connected to competition are the real glue that binds together the techniques and tactics of soccer. As such, students are constantly driven and asked to problem solve in practices and matches at every age group. By combining regular advanced training with the development of essential life skills such as competitiveness, team work, individual responsibility and mental toughness, etc we believe the players develop characteristics that help them to achieve both on and off the pitch. The Football Academy 2008/07 2013/03 5

6 2008/07 COACHES Edward Fordham Academy Director of Coaching Former UK Semi-pro BA (Hons) Sports Management 25 years coaching experience and Elite Futsal coaching experience Technical consultant to the Hong Kong 1st division side Rangers Director of Youth Football of 1st division club Rangers F.C English, Dutch and Australian FA license holder Certified in First Aid and CPR The Football Academy 2008/07 2013/03 6 Oliver Burton-Towell Coach BA (Hons) Coach Education & Sports Development (University of Bath) English FA qualified coach Coached at the British Football Academy (Tokyo,Japan) & British School of Guangzhou(China) Certified in First Aid and CPR Lawrence Akandu Coach Hong Kong National Team Player Professional Footballer Former clubs include : - Kitchee (HK), Happy Valley (HK), Tung Po (HK), Shatin SA (HK)

7 2008/07 FOOTBALL TRAINING SCHOOLS The HKF-Academy SPECIALISES in football coaching. The director of coaching, Edward Fordham, has a management degree in sports, 28 years coaching experience, is Dutch, English and Australian qualified, has an unparalleled record of success at all levels. His carefully selected team of highly qualified coaches from around the globe ensures that students can expect to receive the highest quality of standardized instruction, regardless of their age or ability level. Coursed are offered on a year round basis with weekly programmes following the 3 school terms and with camps and clinics taking place during the holidays. Students can chose to come once, twice, three times or more during the week (payment is on a sliding scale) and can also chose to join our team squads that play in friendly and competitive matches at the weekends. The Academy currently trains 500 students per week. The HKFA curriculum, is heavily influenced by the Dutch TIC, game based system, which is fundamentally rooted in the ideas of age and skill level appropriateness. While we believe and design materials based upon Piaget's cognitive phases of learning, we are also firm believers of Jerome Bruner's ideas that the structure of a course is crucially important for information transfer. So, while our programme structure emphasises age approriate materials our students are required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the course content befre they are permitted to progress to the level up. The Football Academy 2008/07 2013/03 7

8 2008/07 We have structured programmes of training and leagues throughout Hong Kong, Kowloon and now in China. We have the best administrative network and access to most of the best football pitches and sporting facilities. Indian Recreation Club Stanley Sports Complex Yew Chung International School (K2, K11 and S22) Shekou Sport Center of Shenzhen International School of Nanshan Shenzhen British School of Guangzhou Our teams are consistently champions in all age groups in Hong Kong and have won many local and international youth competitions in a wide range of age groups. The Academy runs soccer programmes for individual schools, conducts it's own private projects and is heavily involved in community work. Our company's philosophy is very much based upon the long term and upon a community principle. Out the outset, we entered the industry with the intension to build a soccer infrastructure which would serve the whole of Hong Kong. We believed that Hong Kong did not lack talent but instead it lacked a system through which this talent might develop. Where our company had made its biggest impact on Hong Kong's youth is through its out reach programme - Operation Breakthrough. For more details, please visit to the Academy website: FOOTBALL TRAINING SCHOOLS The Football Academy 2008/07 2013/03 8 NIKE FOOTBALL FIVE 2012 U14 CHAMPIONS 2011U12 CHAMPIONS 2010U12 CHAMPIONS 2009U12 & U14 2nd 2007U12 CHAMPIONS 2006 U12 CHAMPIONS 2005 U12 CHAMPIONS 2004 U12 CHAMPIONS 2003 U12 2nd NIKE Manchester United Premier Cup 2007U20 2 nd RUNNERS UP adidas Cup 2011U13 CHAMPIONS LCSD Cup 2011 U12 Champions

9 2008/07 PLAYER PATHWAYS The Football Academy is committed to offering its students a long term development plan and systematic player pathways. Up until now finding suitable pathways has proved to be a difficult task as professional clubs are notoriously suspicious of anyone that is outside of there network of coaches and scouts. Recently, the Academy has partnered up with an EPL talent indentification scout, who has worked with 25 clubs, including Manchester United, Man City, Bolton, Wigan, Stoke etc. Through our association with him, the Academy can now offer its students professionally assessed DVD’s (soccer CV’s), trips to Manchester, England, for advanced training and matches against professional teams; AND professional trials. Until now 29 of our past students have been accepted on to the academies of overseas professional clubs. Now that we have a systematic pathway we expect the numbers to explode. It is a good time to be an Academy student! The Football Academy 2008/07 2013/03 9

10 2008/07 The Football Academy The Hong Kong Football Academy Limited Tel: (852) 2866 7931 Fax: (852) 2591 6161 Email: Address: 15A, Ka Nin Wah Commercial Building, 423-425 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. 2008/07 2013/03 10

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