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Digital Marketing Workshop VA1 2014 #VA1 Dave Neudeck Mary

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2 Digital Marketing Workshop VA1 2014 #VA1

3 Dave Neudeck Mary Tom Casey Robin Digital Marketing Team

4 What is your Strategy?

5 Todays Topics Content Marketing Facebook Mobile Strategies for 2015

6 Definition: Any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers Content Marketing

7 Drives Results





12 Attention Interest Involve Interaction Engaging Content

13 Marketing Funnel

14 SEVEN STEPS Content Marketing Strategy

15 Website Visitation Website Conversions Online and Offline Bookings Packages and Itineraries Event Attendance Brand Lift Social Media Engagement Tax Receipts 1. Establish Goals

16 Copy Writing Photography Advertising Videography Measurements & Analytics Time and Money 2. Develop a Budget

17 Current and Desired SURVEY TIME 3. Know Your Audience

18 Which Web Browser do you use? 1. Safari 2. Google Chrome 3. Firefox 4. Internet Explorer 5. What’s a Web Browser Survey Question 1

19 Mobile Device? 1. Samsung Galaxy 2. iPhone 3. HTC Droid 4. Flip Phone 5. Nope! No mobile device for me. Survey Question 2

20 How do you book travel? 1. Mobile Device - Online 2. Desktop / Laptop - Online 3. Telephone 4. Travel Agent 5. Wait until I get there Survey Question 3

21 Social Media used most often? 1. Instagram 2. Twitter 3. Facebook 4. Pinterest 5. Are you out of your mind? Survey Question 4

22 Image Storage? 1. The Cloud 2. Flickr or related site 3. Hard Drive 4. CPU 5. In a photo album after I get the film developed. Survey Question 5

23 Total Your Points: 14 or more points 9 to 13 points Less than 9 points Survey Scoring

24 Interests Age & Location Content Consumption Create Personas Tech Savvy: Use Google Analytics Demographics and Interest categories. (tracking) 3. Know Your Audience

25 Source: Google Analytics http://blog.virginia.org

26 What are you known for? What do you want to be known for? DRIVE TOURISM RESOURCES 4. Drives & Lures

27 Articles Images Video Web Analytics – Top Pages Social Media – Top Performers 5. Inventory Content

28 Purge Dated Media Identify Differentiators Review Existing Content Identify Needs Articles, Images, Video 5. Inventory Content

29 Authentic and Trustworthy Quality over Quantity Style Consistent Remember Your Audience Use Your Budget 6. Create New Content

30 Lists: 10 Best, Faves, Hidden Gems FAQ’s from Visitors Ask Locals Use Social Media: Recommendations Competitors & Industry Leaders Travel Sites, eNewsletters Content Creation

31 Slide Shows Social Media Posts Interview Locals / Experts Create a Series Rework Existing Conent Popular Keywords Videos Content Creation

32 Website and/or Blog Search – SEO/SEM Media Kits Social Media Advertising – Social Target Your Audience Native Advertising Use Your Budget 7. Publishing Content

33 Examples






39 Create 5-10 New Articles in Q1 Identify 25 Great Images Develop an Editorial Calendar Add a Budget Line Item 2015 Content Challenge

40 Questions?

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