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21 Ways to Make the Most of Your Website A Guide for Successful Businesses.

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1 21 Ways to Make the Most of Your Website A Guide for Successful Businesses

2 How bad can it be?

3 What action am I supposed to take?

4 Do you view this website as credible?

5 Are you Inspired?

6 Can you pick out the good features?

7 Getting closer…

8 What do want from a great website? Should it be: Your best sales rep? A brand new branch? A great customer service person? A fantastic administrator?

9 Build your website for your customer, NOT for you! What type of consumer are you trying to attract? Think about the key elements required Create a clear path from home page to end goal Remember - you may have more than one visitor type How do you keep them all interested and happy?

10 What I think a great business site could use

11 5 Key Ways to Draw People to Your Site Email Newsletters & Marketing Blogging Social Networking SEO Competitions

12 E-Mail Newsletters & Marketing Publish a regular e-mail newsletter Be a responsible e-mail marketer (not a spammer) Ask clients what they would like to be informed about and adjust your email content accordingly Permission based email marketing campaigns achieve average response rates of 10%, compared to banner ads (0.5%) and direct mail (1.0 -1.5%)


14 Blogging Blogs are great for businesses, keep your clients posted with new events, your own personal train of thought and reference material to check out We helped a client develop a blog strategy and launched a new website called In the first 20 days through this marketing only, the client generated USD $281,

15 Blog Statistics Not all blogs are equal. You can’t expect an 8.5% conversion rate unless you know what you are doing so talk to an expert i.e. us!

16 Social Networking Bebo, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter (John Key is making use of this ) Youtube – Upload your advertising, create a video blog for your clients.

17 Search Engine Optimisation Work with your keywords to help your natural search ranking. Try Google Adwords to attract motivated visitors. 82% of New Zealanders search Google first for a product or service, 4 x higher than any other online directory. 33% happily view a Google Adword. Where do you rank?

18 Competitions You can draw people to your site from feeder sites e.g. and by allowing people to referral market to competitions.

19 5 Hot Ways to Convert Visitors Client testimonials Media clips library Slideshare Shopping cart Surveys

20 Client testimonials Establish your credibility Show what clients say about you Add logos for organisations you belong to

21 Media clips library Provide audio and video clips quickly and easily

22 Video on my website – Will it work for me? 82.6% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company website that has a web commercial 68.4% of consumers are more likely to buy products online after seeing a web commercial Jeffrey Gitomer The Power of Video Testimonials...

23 Slideshare Is a great way to share presentations/tips and more on your website

24 Shopping cart Sell products - physical, electronic or workshops - directly from the site Shop windows Display products and services in lists Proposal generation & order acceptance

25 Shopping Carts are 25% more effective

26 Surveys Survey your site visitors to discover their challenges and questions Conduct detailed surveys for client feedback, assessments and diagnostics

27 6 Tips to Keep Them Coming Back Shuffle/Automatic Updates Display a randomly-changing list of things on your site - e.g. a "tip of the week" or "photo of the day" E-courses Deliver your expertise in automatically-scheduled e-mail courses –E-Book Downloads, Publish e-books and special reports Events- RSS Feeds Publish a simple Web-based calendar of events or display latest industry news straight to your site. Password-protected areas (Intranet) Increase value by providing protected areas for selected clients –Document Vault.Build a "resource library" of your favourite Web sites, e-books, audio clips and other material; and choose which parts you make public or private. Self-assessment quizzes Allow visitors to assess themselves & their business Podcasting e.g.

28 Learn from the best and delete the rest Sites that get it right!

29 Build credibility

30 Be direct – sign up on the home page

31 Help the visitor to think less

32 Package your service as a product

33 Create a community feel with your clients

34 BUT – at the end of the day its not what your site looks like but how it performs!

35 Ultimately about Return on Investment The only non product selling site out of 1000 Datum customers who is in our Top Ten Most Profitable List – 3 main reasons being Productised his services Email marketing really works just check out the spikes (screen shot) Enquiries - newsletter registrations Nett result = 30% of his business comes from his website

36 Take Action Now If you want to talk to NZ’s best internet marketing Guru make an appointment today I will put a plan together that will generate 25% more profit or your money back! Can you afford not to act now?

37 3 Ways You Can Start 1.Attend the next Datum Connect Seminar 2.Ask for my personal e-newsletter that I only send to my valued clients 3.Book yourself in for a one on one consultation to find the best solution for your business 4.See this presentation again online at:

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