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Plant Optimization Engineer Utilities/Technical Services

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1 Plant Optimization Engineer Utilities/Technical Services
MillerCoors Golden Brewery Sustainability Improvement . Energy Water Waste to Landfill Julie Smith, PE, MS Plant Optimization Engineer Utilities/Technical Services

2 Brewery Sustainability Improvement
Agenda Corporate Goals/Leadership Brewery Processes Brewery Utilities Opportunities Waste to Landfill Culture

3 Corporate Sustainability Goals
Energy Usage of 120 MJ/HL by 2015 Electricity Steam Vehicle Fuel Water Usage of 3.18 HL/HL by 2012 Zero Waste to Landfill by 2015 CO2 Self-Sufficiency of 85% by 2015 50% Reduction in Green House Gas by 2020 Why Sustainability? Customer Demand Continue our Business Save Money Marketing Responsibility for Future Generations!


5 Brewery Process Overview
Malting Brewing Fermenting Conditioning Packaging Warehousing

6 Golden Brewery Map

7 Golden Brewery Layout Aging Cellars, Hop Storage Power YDP Still
Fermenting Turbine Brewing Conditioning Packaging/Warehouse/Gov. Cellar Malting/Kilns

8 Brewing Process Mash In Filter/Lauter Boil Wort Chill Ferment

9 Fermenting Yeast + Wort = Beer Maintain Temperature Residence Time CO2
To Aging

10 Conditioning Aging Filter Blend To Packaging

11 Packaging Bottles, Cans and Kegs Rinse Fill Label Package Palletize
To Warehouse

12 Warehouse Store Product Move Product Temperature Docks

13 Utilities for Brewery Operations
Ammonia Steam Electricity Plant Air Water Treatment Wastewater Treatment CO2 Recovery Power Plant – Co-Generation Coal and Natural Gas Fired Boilers 800 LB Steam Electricity 400 LB Steam 50 LB Steam

14 Utilities – Map of Valley

15 Utilities – Where does the Steam Go?

16 Resource Savings Opportunities




20 Steam Savings Opportunities
“Low Hanging Fruit” Leaks Traps Control Valves Pressure Relief Valves Process Optimization/Team Work Compression Equipment Operation Problem Solving Metering - Short-Interval Control Set Points CIP Times Quality/Efficiency Projects HVAC Plant Air Refrigeration Brew Kettles


22 Plant Air Opportunities
Leaks Operations Compression Equipment Set Points Small Projects Cabinet Cooling/Pressure Air Shut-Off on Equipment not Operating Low Pressure Uses Condensate Drains Pneumatic Valves and Equipment Large Projects Decentralization Distribution Headers

23 Condensate Return Benefits Where is it Going? Cost Energy
Waste Treatment Water Treatment Where is it Going? Sewer Stack Steam Leaks

24 Utilities – Where does the Electricity Go?

25 Resource Savings Opportunities

26 Electricity Savings Opportunities
Culture Lights Office Equipment Phantom Energy Process Optimization/Team Work Metering/Short Interval Control CIP Times Pump Control Hard Shut-Downs Operating Strategy Water Usage Quality/Efficiency Projects Pump VFD’s Controls Equipment Right-Sizing Facilities HVAC Insulation Electricity Savings Opportunities No! Yes!

27 Electricity Savings Opportunities Malting Lights Results

28 Electricity Savings Opportunities BOC HVAC Recommissioning Results

29 Electricity Savings Opportunities Packaging Green Shut-Down

30 Utilities – Where Does the Water Go?

31 Resource Savings Opportunities
Water and Wastewater


33 Savings Opportunities – Water and Wastewater
Save Water = Save Energy! “Low Hanging Fruit” Leaks Controls Nozzles Team Work/Process Optimization Problem Solving Broom Not Hose CIP Times Cleaning Machines Dry Lube Seal Water Quality/Efficiency Projects Re-Use Once-Through Cooling Water Empty Can Rinse Water Reject Can Conveyance

34 Waste to Landfill Currently ReUse or Recycle >98% of Total Waste
Spent Grain Yeast Ethanol Still Glass Cans Single Stream Industrial (Paper, Cardboard, Stretch Wrap, Metal) Still, 100 Ton/Month to Landfill (2010) Goal – Zero Waste in 3 years (or pretty close) Sort, Label, Color Code Optimize Collection Source Reduction



37 Co-Products Golden Brewery
Bill Coors: “Waste is Just a Resource Out of Place” Yeast – 12 MM LBS/year Fuel Grade Ethanol – 2.5 MM gal/year Spent Grain – 400 MM LBS/year All sold locally Grain Dust Malting Malt Storage Grain Load-Out Brew House

As a first step to make the Golden Brewery “The Largest Zero-Waste-to-Landfill Brewery in the World”, we need your help to: sort recyclables from the trash created at the brewery paint examples of our new standardized color-coding system of lugers/dumpsters draw up facts about trash and recycling at our brewery to create a great display RSVP on the Volunteer Website ( What:  Operation Zero Waste CARE & Volunteer Event When:  Thursday, Sept. 15th  Sorting: 7am – 8:30am 8:30 am – 10am Visit and learn: 1pm – 4pm Where:  Pavilion at Investment Recovery What to bring: Pants, long sleeved shirt, PPE (bump-cap, steel-toes, safety-vest, and Kevlar gloves) Pavilion at Investment Recovery Employee Sales / Beer Trailer



41 Culture and People What is Culture?

42 Culture – What is Culture?
Definitions: The quality in a person or society that arises from a concern for what is regarded as excellent in arts, letters, manners, scholarly pursuits, etc. That which is excellent in the arts, manners, etc. A particular form or stage of civilization, as that of a certain nation or period: Greek culture. Development or improvement of the mind by education or training. The behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the drug culture.

43 Culture Elements for Success Leadership Green Teams Education
Communication Recognition Projects Score Cards

44 Culture – Green Teams Golden Green Team – CARE
“Committed to Active Responsibility for the Environment” Established 2006 Lunch and Learn Education Recycling Brown Bag Movies Movie Library Volunteer Opportunities Clear Creek Watershed Recycling Audit Holiday Meal – Zero Waste Bin Stewards

45 UM Prioritization by Area
Water Projects Steam Projects Electrical Projects AUDITS IDEAS Effort Impact Top Priorities & Assigned Leads Brewery Priorities & Sustainability Team

46 Golden Brewery Energy Sustainability Team TS Initiatives Projects
Consumption, Cost, Carbon Sustainability Team Loss & Waste Analysis Process Packaging TS Logistics Focused Improvements Packaging Line “Zero Energy” Pilot Keg Line Air A Water Overflow Packaging Dry Lube Conditioning Cold Sanitization TS Initiatives Cost Improvements Fuel Cost and Mix Fixed Cost Elimination Energy Audit Initiatives & Projects Metering Strategy Electrical and Steam Meters Metering Plan Projects Cooling Tower VFD’s Heat Exchanger Condensate Return Plant Air System Projects Frick #5 Evaporative Condenser Lighting Projects

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