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2 Coca-Cola in Alabama There are more than 1,800 Coca-Cola associates in the state.

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2 2 Coca-Cola in Alabama There are more than 1,800 Coca-Cola associates in the state

3 you 3 our success depends on our commitment to sustainability... and to

4 4 ENERGY & CLIMATE SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING WATER STEWARDSHIP WATER STEWARDSHIP we narrowed our focus to ensure maximum effectiveness

5 5 essential to the sustainability of our business water

6 6 we are focused on water stewardship improving our water efficiency recycling the water used in our operations replenishing through community water access and watershed restoration and protection

7 7 water efficiency through technologies and innovations our water efficiency has improved 11% since 2005

8 8 water recycling our wastewater meets or exceeds applicable laws and regulations before being released into the environment

9 9 replenishing water our beverages are produced locally our water is sourced locally we replenish the water we use by investing in local watershed projects

10 10 60 community water partnership projects in in the United States

11 11 source water protection plans 70 + source water protection plans completed help us understand potential water quality or scarcity threats

12 12 sustainable packaging

13 13 sustainable packaging... helps meet consumer needs is the face of our brands protects the quality of our products

14 14 our packaging vision: zero waste 50 % 2015 goal: 43 % today we recover of our bottles and cans 85% of our bottles and cans are recyclable

15 15 packaging efficiency efficiency in 2010, we avoided the use of 100 million pounds of primary packaging

16 16 SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING consumer recycling programs recycling programs Coca-Cola contributes hundreds of millions of dollars to the collection and recovery of beverage packaging materials we established Coca-Cola Recycling, LLC to increase recycling rates throughout North America

17 17 We placed 150,000+ collection bins throughout North America “Give It Back!” messaging

18 18 target target100 94 % recycling rate our Target 100 program challenges our production facilities to redirect all solid waste away from landfills and into productive recycling efforts 250 million pounds of waste diverted From landfills

19 19 plant bottle packaging We’ve launched 10 billion packages in 20 countries Saved equivalent annual emissions of greater than 100,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide Piloted sparkling this spring in Birmingham and two other cities

20 energy efficiency and energy efficiency and climate protection 20 our commitment to reducing costs and minimizing our environmental impact

21 21 SALES EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURING FLEET/ TRANSPORTATION carbon emission reduction reduction

22 22 new coolers and vending machines and vending machines 50% more efficient Use EMS-55 intelligent energy to shut off lights and adjust temperatures HFC reduction in our equipment presents less risk to climate change

23 23 fleet/ transportation Our 600+ hybrid electric delivery trucks The largest fleet of its kind in North America They run quieter and operate with about 30% less fuel and emissions


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