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Green & Lean Initiatives Clare McEnroe Tom Fuery

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1 Green & Lean Initiatives Clare McEnroe Tom Fuery

2 EDGEWORTHSTOWN 1969 - Pouch/ Alu Tray EDGEWORTHSTOWN 1969 - Pouch/ Alu Tray DRIFFIELD 2004 - Dry DRIFFIELD 2004 - Dry IJMUIDEN 2010 - Cans IJMUIDEN 2010 - Cans C&D Foods Established in 1969 (Cans) 1990 Aluminium trays 1994 Research Centre 1994 1999 Can expansion 2001 Pouch Investment 2004 Dry Acquisition (UK) 2006 Major Fire 2008 Major Pouch investment 2008 Strategic partnership ABP 2010 Acquired Nestle plant in Imjuiden (cans) 2012 Acquired Arovit Group

3 New C&D Foods Group 2012 Driffield - Dry Driffield - Dry Edgeworthstown - Pouch / Alutray Edgeworthstown - Pouch / Alutray Larkshall - Dry Larkshall - Dry IJmuiden - Cans IJmuiden - Cans Valladolid - Dry Valladolid - Dry Birkfeld Treats/ Sausages/ Alutray Mullingar- HQ Esbjerg - Pouch / Alutray /Cans Esbjerg - Pouch / Alutray /Cans

4 C&D: UK & Ireland Customer Overview Launch dates 1969 – 1975 1976 - 1985 1986 – 1995 1996 -2003 2003 -2009 2010-2013

5 LEAN & C&D Lean introduced to C&D Foods in 2006 Top level value streams E2E and NPI (Projects) Training of Management and Operators (ongoing) SMED Visuals/Controls Info Points Work process flows SOPs 5S OAC Kaizen CI Teams and Control Boards A3 Boards

6 Green and Lean – Where to start

7 8 Different Types of Waste

8 Overview Energy reduction Water conservation Waste awareness

9 Water usage in C&D Water is most valuable resource 450m 3 required per day Extracted from on site wells Review carried out of all water treatments and production processes for ways to conserve water. Some successes, some rethinks required !

10 Water Conservation Projects Iron Filter backwash reduction Iron filter back wash reduced from 56 minutes to 16 minutes Reduction in softwater used in regeneration process Reduction in Stage 1 reverse flush from 9 minutes to 5 minutes Reuse of RO permeate Installation of extra RO membrane for RO permeate Water reused as soft water More reuse possible

11 Water Conservation Projects Reuse of cooling water – Soft water used in cooling tools for pouch filler – Initial project was collection and reuse of softwater. – Correct installation required to reduce contamination risk. – Currently control valves in place, water no longer re-used but is reduced.

12 RO Permeate 6 m3 Water Softener Regen 3 m3 Cooling Water Reuse 13 m3 Water Savings 35 m3/day Iron Filter Backwash 13 m3 13,000m 3 /annum

13 Energy Usage at C&D Energy is required for – Steam Generation. Cooking and Sterilising product – Hot Water. Cleaning & Sanitising – Motive Power (Motors, Compressors). Production and Facilities – Space Heating & Lighting.

14 Energy Usage at C&D

15 Improve burner efficiency Recover heat from exhaust gases Pre-heat boiler feed water Reduce steam losses Change Fuels Improve burner efficiency Recover heat from exhaust gases Pre-heat boiler feed water Reduce steam losses Change Fuels Options to Save Energy at the Boiler Exhaust Gas Feed Water HFOHFO Steam at 9 bar

16 Boiler Feed Water 50-55  C Boiler Feed Water Pre-heat Condensate Return 80-85  C Retort Return Water 35-40  C Soft Water Ambient Temperature 4-15  C Boiler Feed Water 70-75  C Steam injection

17 Average Weekly HFO Consumption – Down by 1800 litres/week – 5.95% reduction per Tonne produced – Average CO 2 reduced by 5.6 Tonne/week. Effects to Date 95,000 Litres/annum

18 Waste Awareness Waste mapping carried out and displayed the waste generated in the canteen in one day to staff Implemented a “bin-less” office Set up recycling stations in canteen Carried out waste mapping of site.

19 Learnings – Challenge the Status Quo – Utilise all resources, workers, contractors they have the knowledge – Allow for change to happen, monitor closely, be confident – Keep communicating change to encourage new idea generation.

20 Green & LEAN C&D

21 Questions ?

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