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Residual Waste Treatment in Norfolk - Land Full? Gerry Mole - Head of Environment and Waste Joel Hull - Project Manager 10 January 2006.

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1 Residual Waste Treatment in Norfolk - Land Full? Gerry Mole - Head of Environment and Waste Joel Hull - Project Manager 10 January 2006

2 The Challenge to Norfolk Municipal Solid Waste and Household Waste Residual MSW - currently sent to landfill Annual increase in MSW EC Landfill Directive - diverting BMW from landfill Biodegradable Municipal Waste - kitchen waste, green wastes, paper, card, cork, textiles

3 Where We Are Now In 2004/05 South Norfolk recycled and composted 23.86% Norfolk recycled and composted 30.75%

4 Landfill Directive Targets EC Landfill Directive landfill allowance for biodegradable municipal waste (BMW): 75% of 1995 quantities - 2010 50% of 1995 quantities - 2013 35% of 1995 quantities - 2020 Requirement for Residual MSW treatment solutions

5 Landfill Allowances

6 Focus on 2010 Target Year Assuming 3.4% growth, 36% recycling BMW sent to Landfill 210,000t BMW to Landfill Allowance167,000t Over Allowance 2009/1043,000t

7 Implications for Waste in 2010 Costs in 2005/06:Total£10.1M Estimated costs in 2009/10: Fines on WDA £150/tonne£6.5M Plus landfill costs £42/tonne £13.1M Plus landfill tax £30/tonne£9.3M Total£28.9M

8 The Norfolk Response Phased contract approach for residual waste treatment Phase 190,000 -150,000 tpa to meet 2010 target Phase 2up to approx 400,000 tpa to meet 2013/2020 targets Not site or technology specific

9 Treatment Contracts Must Be: Affordable to the people of Norfolk Deliverable with regards to technology and planning Flexible and adaptable over time Justifiable in terms of environmental performance - the BPEO Compatible with recycling targets

10 Phase 1 - ‘Contract A’ Contract A for 90,000 -150,000 tpa Aim - 2010 Landfill Directive target Public Private Partnership 10%+ recycling of residual waste 67%+ recovery of residual waste Award contract 2006 for 25 years Plant operational 2009/10

11 Phase 2 For up to approx 400,000tpa Aim - 2013/2020 targets Private Finance Initiative contract? 30%+ recycling of residual waste? 67%+ recovery of residual waste? Award contract 2007/08 for 25 years? Plant operational 2010+?

12 Residual Waste Treatment Technologies Mechanical Biological Treatment Energy from Waste Anaerobic Digestion Pyrolysis / Gasification / Plasma Arc / Vitrification (ATT) Mechanical Heat Treatment ‘New’ technologies?

13 Examples of MSW Treatment Demonstration plants - Defra MBT and Anaerobic Digestion - Leicester EfW - Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Kent Gasification/Pyrolysis - Bristol Europe - extensive examples

14 Where to find more information Waste Technology Data Centre run by the Environment Agency: What types of waste they accept and recycle, what effect they have on the local community, case studies p/newtech/advice.htm

15 Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) Generic term for several processes Separates recyclates (metals + glass) Generates soil conditioner (green waste, kitchen waste, card) Generates refuse derived fuel - RDF (paper, plastics, card, textiles)

16 MBT and Anaerobic Digestion Biodegradable fraction from MBT can be treated further by Anaerobic Digestion Generates soil improver Produces gas for energy Stabilized output can be landfilled

17 Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) RDF sent to another facility eg : Energy from Waste (EfW) Advanced Thermal Treatment (ATT) Used in co-combustion eg cement kilns RDF capacity? Suitability of soil improver? Rejects and market failures to landfill

18 Leicester (MBT+AD)

19 Dresden (MBT)

20 Soil Conditioner (MBT)

21 Refuse Derived Fuel (MBT)

22 Sustainable Resource Management Proposal


24 MBT and AD facility at Longwater 150,000tpa Norwich City, South Norfolk, parts of Broadland and Great Yarmouth One transfer station

25 Energy from Waste (EfW) Combustion of waste - small to large scale Generates electricity and / or heat Moving grate - common for MSW Fluidised bed (forced air) - sewage sludge Oscillating kilns - MSW

26 Energy from Waste (EfW) Residues - bottom ash, flue gas residue Bottom ash - can be used in aggregate, metals can be recovered Can use RDF Guaranteed high diversion of BMW Waste Incineration Directive? Compatible with recycling?

27 Isle of Man (EfW)

28 Vienna (EfW)

29 Energy from Waste (EfW) Marchwood, Hampshire 165ktpaDundee 120ktpa Chineham, Hampshire 90ktpaDudley 90ktpa Havant, Hampshire 165ktpaWolverhampton 110ktpa Grimsby, Lincolnshire 56ktpaLerwick 26ktpa Allington, Kent 500ktpaCleveland 245ktpa Isle of Man 60ktpaStoke 200ktpa Sheffield 150ktpa Tyseley, Birmingham 350ktpa Neath, Swansea 135ktpa South East London 420ktpa Kirklees 136ktpa Modern UK plants with capacity in tonnes per annum

30 Waste Recycling Group Proposal


32 Recycling and Energy Centre at Longwater MRF and Energy from Waste plant 150,000tpa (135,000 EfW plant) Norwich, Broadland and parts of South Norfolk and Breckland Three transfer stations

33 Planning and Permitting Applications The Planning Authority considers whether a proposed development is appropriate and allows others to help form this view The Environment Agency considers whether a proposed technology / approach is appropriate and allows others to help form this view

34 Phase 1 - Progress Three bids received in May 2005 Bids clarified and evaluated Waste Recycling Group selected as Preferred Bidder Sustainable Resource Management selected as Reserve Bidder

35 Phase 1 - The Next Steps WRG consults on scope of issues WRG holds open days 7/8 Feb NCC award contract spring 06 Contractor submits applications for planning and permit summer 06 Stakeholders consulted

36 Thank you for listening Joel Hull Project Manager Gerry Mole Head of Environment and Waste

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