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Fifth Grade teachers: Mrs. Hablutzel and Mrs. Stewart.

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1 Fifth Grade teachers: Mrs. Hablutzel and Mrs. Stewart

2 Welcome!  Have a look around  Can you find your desk?  Please take time to organize your desk with your materials

3 Mrs. Hablutzel  6 th Year teaching in Dwight, Illinois  Grew up in South Suburbs of Chicago  Graduated from Southern Illinois University  Masters Degree in Administration  Married David Hablutzel in 2011  Expecting first child in late September  Dog named Oscar  Favorite Color: Purple

4 Mrs. Stewart  16 years teaching in Dwight  Grew up in Kewanee, IL  Lived in Las Vegas, NV  Graduated from St. Ambrose University  Masters Degree for a Reading Specialist  Married to Eric  Three children: Sarah, Ethan, and Melissa  Dogs: Belle and Wrigley  Favorite Color: Blue

5 Mrs. DeLong  Filling in for Mrs. Hablutzel during maternity leave  Retired from Dwight Grade School with 35 years experience  Raised 2 children in Dwight  Previously filled in for Mrs. Carls maternity leave

6 On your desk you will find…  Your textbooks: please put them in your desk  You planner: please put it in your desk  Fifth grade letter: read carefully and sign  Fifth Grade Homework Policy: read carefully  Fifth Grade Schedule: put this in your binder  SS Test Tips: put this in your binder  Spelling Schedule: put this in your binder  Parent Questionnaire: to be taken home, filled out, and brought back on 1 st day of school  Maternity Letter explaining Mrs. Hablutzel’s leave  2013-2014 Student Accident Insurance Coverage: take this home  2013-2014 Student Handbook Form & District Wellness Policy: to be signed and returned to school  Dwight Elementary School Wellness Program: to be taken home  Market Day: to be taken home  Arbor Management, Inc Letter: to be taken home  Student information page (including county): to be filled out and returned

7 Some Burning Questions Answered  Yes! Mrs. Hablutzel is pregnant and due in September. She will be back in January.  Yes! Fifth grade teachers have high expectations.  Yes! All work is expected to be turned in on time and there are consequences for not doing so.  Yes! You will spend half the day with Mrs. Hablutzel and half with Mrs. Stewart.  Yes! You will probably have some homework every night.  Yes! You always need to write in complete sentences.  Yes! You will be changing clothes for P.E.  Yes! You will have one quarter of Health with Mrs. Goodwin rather than P.E.

8 Class Parties  Halloween Party Thursday, October 31  Christmas Party Friday, December 20  Valentine’s Party Friday, February 14  Please see the class party sign up sheet on the table by the window  Any and all volunteers are welcome!

9 Homework  All homework is expected to be turned in on time.  On time is considered in the teacher’s hand during the class period it is due.  All homework will be collected from the entire class at one time.  If an assignment is finished early, the student will need to store the assignment in their binder until it is collected.  There are consequences for not completing work on time.  See Fifth Grade Homework Policy for more details  Use your planner on a daily basis to prevent homework issues  All assignments will be Tweeted on a daily basis. You may follow Mrs. Hablutzel and Mrs. Stewart on Twitter or see Tweets on the Fifth Grade Team Website.  Mrs. Stewart will be Tweeting all assignments during Mrs. Hablutzel’s maternity leave.

10 Planners  EVERY student is expected to write ALL assignments in their planner, even if the assignment is completed.  Suggestion: Write “Done” next to the completed assignments  Parents: Please check planners every night to ensure that ALL assignments are complete

11 Binders  ALL students are expected to have a binder  Zippered binders work the best  ALL assignments should be stored in the binder, in the corresponding folder at ALL times  Keeping assignments in your desk will only cause lost and late assignments.  Things to keep in the binder:  Loose leaf paper  Planner  Labeled folders with assignments inside  Zippered pencil pouch to hold writing utensils

12 Switching  Mrs. Hablutzel teaches a section of Reading and all Social Studies and Language Arts  Mrs. Stewart teaches a section of Reading and all Math and Science.  Students are expected to bring ALL materials and assignments with them to class, there will be NO returning to class for forgotten items.  This is why the binder is SO important

13 Any questions?  Mrs. Hablutzel and Mrs. Stewart are eagerly anticipating the start of the new school year.  We have a lot of fun and challenging activities planned that will have all fifth graders using their critical thinking skills.  Please get a good nights sleep the next two days to start off the school year with a smile!  Sharon Soto is in the cafeteria accepting money for lunch tickets for your convenience.

14 Please sign the sheet to the right next to your student’s name to indicate you have read the power point *If you find that you want to see the power point again when you get home you can find it posted on the Fifth Grade Team Website.

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