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Welcome to Curriculum Night! 5 th Grade September 4, 2014.

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1 Welcome to Curriculum Night! 5 th Grade September 4, 2014

2 Meet the Team! Kathy Austrian- Language Arts/Social Studies Courtney Cooksey- Language Arts/Social Studies Karma Ezell- Science Valerie Hillerich- Math Kate Ogletree- Math Amanda Reeding- Science

3 Schedule 7:25- 7:35 Students arrive in classroom 7:35-7:45 Broadcasting 7:50-8:50 SAIL 8:50-10:10 1 st Block 10:10-10:30 Recess 10:30-11:50 2 nd Block 11:50-12:20 (Ezell, Ogletree) 11:55-12:25 (Austrian, Hillerich) 12:00-12:30 (Cooksey, Reeding) Lunch 12:25-1:45 3 rd Block 1:45-2:35 Specials 2:40 Dismissal

4 Live the ROLE! R - Respect O- Own your choices L- Listen attentively E- Exhibit your personal best Be a ROLE model!!

5 Science

6 Math

7 Language Arts

8 Social Studies

9 Grading Policy The district’s philosophy of assigning grades is concurrent with our fifth grade policy. On any test or quiz, where the student receives a failing grade (below a 75%), the student has the opportunity to retake the test or quiz. The grade recorded will be an average of the first grade and the redo grade with 75% being the highest grade that can be earned. On any homework assignment, where the student fails to turn in their homework, the student has the opportunity to turn it in within 2 days before receiving a zero. Grades will carry the following weight: Tests: 50% Daily Work: 40% Homework: 10%

10 Homework “Homework is an essential part of learning. It is assigned regularly for purposes of practice, reinforcing skills, enhancing learning, and providing feedback to students. It is also designed to teach children responsibility in completing tasks in a specified time. Teachers will use their professional judgment when determining how much homework is to be assigned. A general rule for assigning homework is: 50 minutes for Fifth Grade” Excerpt from the Lake Travis Student Handbook

11 Communication Tuesday folders- contain graded assignments and notes from school sent home weekly Planners- used to record homework assignments, test dates, project dates, behavior log TxConnect- stay up-to-date with your child’s grades Please find the TxConnect link on the district home page and follow the step-by-step instructions Email Website Conference period- 1:50-2:30

12 STAAR Testing Dates Math- Reading- Science- Retest for Reading- Summer retest date for Reading-

13 Additional Information Transportation: If there will be a change in how your child is going home, please send a signed note or notify Ms. Kenley by email before 1p.m. Birthday Celebrations: Students’ birthdays will be celebrated the last Friday of each month. A student may bring treats to share the last 15 minutes of class (1:30-1:45pm). TxConnect for grades New and Returning users: Please find the TxConnect link on the district home page and follow the step- by-step instructions

14 Safety Patrol 5 th Graders will be able to participate in Safety Patrol if interested. Mrs. Glenn trained the first class this week. Students will need to arrive at school by 7:15 and assist with front and side drop off. Parents will need to sign a permission form, which will come home prior to each class’ scheduled time.

15 All 5 th Grade Classes are Nut Free Classrooms There are several guidelines that need to be followed at all times: Students in nut-free classrooms are only allowed to bring a peanut/nut product to school if it is kept in a sealed airtight baggy in their backpacks during the school day. Peanut/nut products are never consumed in the nut-free classrooms. There is a Peanut/Nut-Free section of each table in the cafeteria. This guideline is also for birthday celebrations and designated party day!

16 Thank you for coming tonight! Please sign up for parent/teacher conference at the back of the Café See volunteer sign-up forms if you are interested in opportunities to serve our school

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