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4.1..1. Receipt of bag – Mails PA receives the bags from the parent mail office – Checks with reference to mail list Whether bag is addressed to his office.

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1 4.1..1

2 Receipt of bag – Mails PA receives the bags from the parent mail office – Checks with reference to mail list Whether bag is addressed to his office Conditions of bags are in order Details of bags tally with the list List is date stamped and signed by Mail PA and preserved. 4.1..2

3 Receipt of bag… Any discrepancy noticed entry is made in error book. In case of short receipt of content bag, Canvas bag through which it was supposed to be received,is to be preserved along with label, cord and seal etc Transfers station bags to delivery PA Transfers Parcel bag to Parcel delivery PA 4.1..3

4 Receipt of bag… Opens TB and disposes the bags as below – Station bag to delivery PA – Forward bags to respective offices with Mail List 4.1..4

5 Exercise 4.1.1(Short answer questions) 4.1..5

6 EXAMINATION OF MAIL BAG Delivery PA examines station bag before opening – Condition – Its seal, cord and label – Clear impression of seal of office which closed the bag – Bag Label bears date stamp 4.1..6

7 Opening of Mail Bag 4.1..7

8 Transfer of contents of station mail bag Contents Reg.bag Parcel list with Parcels Unaccountable articles To Registration PA Parcel PA For pre-delivery process 4.1..8

9 Pre-delivery process Articles are faced and impressed with delivery date stamp – Date stamp is impressed on the back of articles – Stamp impressions to be clear and distinct Table sorting and disposal as detailed below in the next slide. 4.1..9

10 Distribution of contents Delivery PA Post box/bag To delivery PA /Sorting Postman Window delivery To concerned PA Postmen Post restante Deposit PA Bos Sub Account PA Missent Articles Sorting PA Unpaid articles to SPM 4.1..10

11 Pre – delivery process: Transfer of unaccountable articles Articles to be delivered through postbag/box For sorting by Delivery PA Window delivery articlesConcerned PA Post-restanteDeposit PA Missent articlesSorting PA for further sorting after making error entry Unpaid articlesTo SPM Articles for BOsTo Sub account PA Other articlesTo sorting Postman for beat sorting 4.1..11

12 Pre-delivery process… Sorting postman will sort letters beat-wise Each Postman arranges letters as per beat Postmen leave the office for delivery after collecting accountable articles from respective PAs. 4.1..12

13 Post Box & Post Bags Persons/institutions can collect letters from post office at their convenience by availing the facility of postbox/postbag Letters addressed to Post box and Post bag are sorted by Delivery PA or Sorting Postman Unpaid and accountable articles should not be sorted Preference to be given to this immediately after table sorting 4.1..13

14 Post Box/Bag Articles addressed to other person or firms c/o Post Box Nos. are delivered through the post box in the following cases: - Articles addressed to legitimate personnel of a firm renting a post box Articles addressed to family members and guests of the renter Articles addressed towards, trainees or inmates of an institution controlled by a recognized and known authority Articles addressed to casual visitors and commercial representatives staying with the renter. 4.1..14

15 Beat List & route map Beat list and route map will be maintained in all delivery post offices. It contains the information of each beat in respect of – Addressees to be served by each beat – Route taken by the postmen It is prepared by Postmaster and displayed in the delivery hall Different colours may be used for different beats to identify each beat. 4.1..15

16 Book of addressee’s Instruction Permanent; Valid for 3 years. Authorization to deliver articles to some one else Temporary; Valid for 3 months. For redirection of mails/Change of residence / office/To keep in deposit 4.1..16

17 Exercise 4.1.2(Short answer questions) 4.1..17

18 TAXING OF ARTICLES Articles are taxed for two reasons 1.Unpaid or insufficiently paid 2.Breach of conditions Rule 117 Vol VI/I 4.1..18

19 Taxing of unpaid/insufficiently paid articles (Min – Re.1) Double the deficiency For official unpaid – single deficiency If returned, sender should pay Rule 117 Vol VI/I 4.1..19

20 Penalty for breach of conditions - Min. Re 1 Post card ILC Letter Treated as letter- single deficiency Treated as letter- double deficiency Returned to sender/RLO Clause-101, 108 & 112 PO Guide Part-1 4.1..20

21 Penalty for breach of conditions - Min. Re 1 Book packet Over Size and over weight;Returned to sender. Others; treated as letter or parcel whichever is less, difference charged Clause-127 PO Guide Part-1 4.1..21

22 Penalty for breach of conditions - Min. Re 1 Printed book Periodicals Treated as book packet/letter/parcel as the case may be and difference is charged Clause-128 & 129 PO Guide Part-1 4.1..22

23 Penalty for breach of conditions – Min. Re 1… Registered newspaper Blind literature Treated as book packet or periodical as per condition- difference charged Treated as book packet, letter or parcel and difference charged Clause-140 & 138 PO Guide Part-1 4.1..23

24 Breach Of Condition Book Post – Should not contain written communication – Should not contain more than five words of complimentary nature in case of greetings – Should not be Closed against inspection Su Inland Letter Card – Private manufacture inland letter cards should conform to the size – Should not contain any enclosure Clause -108 & 127 PO Guide Part-1 4.1..24

25 Exercise 4.1.3 4.1..25

26 Unpaid Postage abstract It is maintained at all delivery POs in Meghdoot Millenium postman module Unpaid articles are invoiced using menu Invoicing unpaid articles Returns will also be taken in the postman module Invoicing and taking returns are shown in next slides Rule-117 Vol. VI/I 4.1..26

27 Invoicing unpaid articles 4.1..27

28 Taking returns Returns of unpaid articles are taken as detailed in the next slide Delivery PA checks returned unaccountable articles on the following points Whether standard remark is written on them and postman has signed for the remarks (As per Project Arrow instructions) Whether remarks noted is convincing Rule No: 145 Volume V 4.1..28

29 Taking returns of unpaid articles 4.1..29

30 Taking returns.. Refused Left India Left without instructions Not known Not claimed Deceased Initial of Postman Beat No. 4.1..30

31 Redirection of Articles  Articles can be redirected with following conditions  To same addressee  By office of destination  No fee except for parcel  For parcel redirection fee is 50% of ordinary postage. Rule No:189 of volume VI part-I 4.1..31

32 Redirection of Articles…  Letter mail articles to be redirected, can be dropped in LB of the same post town or handed over to postman  Article should not have been opened  Foreign inward articles can be redirected within the country only. Rule No:189 of volume VI part-I 4.1..32

33 REDIRECTION 4.1..33

34 SOME IRREGULARITIES Old letter re-posted in letter box A due bag not received Discrepancy in mail list Mail bag received in tampered condition Article received in damaged condition 4.1..34

35 SOME IRREGULARITIES… Article received without contents Article received missent Parcel list/parcel not received in “M” bag Mail bag received missent 4.1..35

36 Irregularities and entry in error book Whenever any mistake is committed by staff or offices, error entry is made in error book (MS-2). The post master will initial the error entry. Copy of the extract will be forwarded to concerned office or section as well as controlling authority whenever necessary Rule No: 145 Volume V 4.1..36

37 ERROR BOOK DATEName of official/office committing irregularity Particulars Sl.No/Details Remarks showing action taken 1.11.2012Belgaum Stg Office Set/II dated 30-10- 2012 25 One L Bag addressed to Bidar HO received missent 1)L bag forwarded to Bidar HO 2)Error extract sent to SRO, Belgaum stg, with a copy to SSPOs. Radha Krishna Signature of PA Signature of PM 4.1.37

38 Exercise 4.1.4 4.1..38

39 Business Reply Permit PointsBusiness Reply Permit Definition Purpose Issuing authority Registration Fee The person/organization has to print business reply envelopes and cards with self address and to post them without affixing the postage stamp The customer can give his response in the supplied envelopes or cards by the person/organization Divisional Superintendent Depends on the period in which registration is done 01.04 to 30.06 –Rs.200 01.07 to 30.09– Rs.150 01.10 to 31.12– Rs.100 01.01 to 31.03– Rs.50 Clause No : 116 to 117 of PO Guide Part-1 4.1..39

40 Business Reply Permit PointsBusiness Reply Permit Renewal of registration Advance Deposit Accounting of Business Reply letters received for delivery Replenishment of advance deposit The permit can be renewed before the end of March on payment of Rs.200/- i.e. for four quarters The applicant has to pay advance amount equal to postage and handling charge for 15 days An account is maintained showing the details of delivery of each day (Date, Category, No. of articles received, Amt of postage, Handling charges, Balance of amount in a/c) The amount has to be replenished before the fortnight (starting from 1 st & 16 th ) or when credit is exhausted whichever is earlier Clause No : 116 to 117 of PO Guide Part-1 4.1..40

41 BRP 4.1..41

42 4.1..42

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