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2 Process in Registration Department Senior RSA Or Supervisior/HSA is the incharge of the Regn.Department: Regn.Department Consists Following: Receipts, Opening,Sorting,Closing & Despatch of regd.bag. A registered bag may contain : ordinary registered articles, value payable articles, bundles of registered articles including v.p. articles called registered bundles.

3 Process in Registration Department insured envelopes containing single insured letter or insured v.p. letter. insured bundles containing two or more insured letters including insured value payable letters. The registered list shows the particulars of the above items, their category wise total and also grand total. Money Order bundles are also sent enclosed in registered bags, duly invoiced in the registered list.

4 Process in Registration Department Receipts: RSA will do following works in c/w receipts. 1.Receive the Regd. Bag and Regd. Packet bag from the H.S.A./Mail Sorting Assistant 2.Receipt to be given in the Regd. abstract

5 Process in Registration Department 3. Examine the condition, label, cord & address of the bag 4. If received without seal/in torn condition it should be brought to the notice of H.S.A. & opened in the presence of H.S.A. and contents checked with the registered list. 5. If there is any discrepancy, action should be taken as per Rule 195 of Vol.V

6 Process in Regn.Department Opening: 1. Open in the presence of Supervisor/H.S.A. 2. Tally the No. of Regd. Articles with the total entered in the Regd. List and check the articles with reference to the entries in the Regd. List. 3. If the articles are not arranged according to the entries, Error entry should be made and brought to the notice of the concerned P.O or Mail office

7 Opening 4. If there is excess / short in the No.of articles received with reference to the Regd. List it should be brought to the notice of the H.S.A. and action should be taken as per Rule 195 of Vol.V 5. If insured envelope / bundle received, check with the entries, weigh the article and note the ascertained weight in the regd. List. 6. If there is difference in weight, it should be brought to the notice of H.S.A. and the H.S.A. should weigh the article and record the ascertained weight

8 Opening 7. HVMOs received should be checked with the list enclosed 8. If any HVMO is received short / without entry or as ordinary MO it should be brought to the notice of H.S.A./ Supervisor and entries should be made in the Error Book 9. No.of RLs received should be entered in the Regd. Abstract on the receipt side 10. Insured envelopes/bundles should be entered in the Insured check sheet

9 Sorting 1. Sort the Regd. Articles according to the sorting diagram / sorting list/ routing list 2. Sort the M.Os / HVMOs according to the Sorting diagram /sorting list/routing list 3. Segregate RLs destined to a particular Post office and articles addressed to a particular firm prescribed by the Superintendent 4. Prepare RBs for P.Os for which three and above RLs are available

10 Sorting 5. Prepare triplicate Regd. List for the firms / office for which five and more articles are available 6. Examine the registered articles to be despatched to eliminate missents 7. Regd. Articles / bundles insured envelope/bundles for the particular office should be entered in the regd. List by carbonic process and total struck

11 Sorting 8. HVMOs should be entered in the HVMO list and totaled, M.Os should be bundled and a check slip placed on top 9. HVMO/MO bundles should be entered in the Regd. List in the respective column 10. When insured envelope / bundles are despatched this should be checked by the H.S.A / Supervisor and signed. 11. Entries in the insured check list should be ticked by the H.S.A.

12 Closing: 1. Regd. Articles/bundles, insured envelope/bundle should be arranged according to the entry in the regd. List and bundled with the registered list i.e. carbon copy of the regd. List. HVMO/MOs should also be included in the bundle 2. They should be placed in a sound bag and tied with the label addressed to the office and sealed in the presence of Registration Sorting Assistant and in the presence of H.S.A./Superivisor when it contains insured envelope / bundle.

13 Closing: 3. The bag should be sealed with registration seal, if not supplied, with the date seal and insured seal if it contains insured envelope / bundle 4. The Regd./insured/HVMOs despatched should be entered on the dispatch side of Regd./HVMO abstract.

14 Despatch: 1. Sufficient time before the hour prescribed for dispatch in the Due Mail List the Regd. Bag / Regd. Packet should be transferred to the H.S.A./ Mail Sorting Assistant 2. Receipt should be taken in the Registered abstract

15 Final Duties 1. Articles entered in the registered / HVMO abstract on the dispatch side should be tallied on both sides and signed 2. Check sheet for insured envelope/bundle should be completed and signed 3. The bundle of regd. List / HVMO list received and dispatched, Regd/HVMO abstracts and insured check list should be handed over to the H.S.A. duly completed and signed by R.S.A. 4. Work papers should be prepared for the next set and handed over to the H.S.A.


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