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2 Important Rule Books Indian Post Office Act 1898
Post Office Rules , 1933 Postal Manual Volumes 1 to 8 Savings Bank Manual 1 to 3 Financial Hand Book 1 and 2 FRSR

3 Introduction Postal manuals consist of information about the Rules and procedures to be followed for the transactions done in PO Every official of the organisation has to meticulously follow them Rules and procedures in the manuals contain the tasks to be performed and exceptions In case of doubt officials may refer manual for clarification

4 Postal Manuals

5 Postal Manuals Postal manuals are for the guidance of staff in Post Office. They lay down the operational procedures. Postal Manual Volume 1 – This is a compilation of legislative enactments related to Post office. It contains the following acts and rules The Indian Post office Act 1898 The Indian Post office Rules, 1933 The Government Savings Banks Act 1873 The Post office Cash Certificates Act 1917 The Post office Savings Banks (Nomination) Rules, 1960 The Government Savings Certificates Act, 1959 The Government Savings Certificates Rules, 1960

6 Postal Manuals Postal Manual Volume II – Contains general guidelines, rules relating to organisation matters, appeals, petitions, stock, budget and buildings Postal Manual Volume III – Rules relating to discipline Postal Manual Volume IV – Rules relating to appointments, promotions, leave and establishment Postal Manual Volume V – Rules relating to mails and investigation Postal Manual Volume VI – This is in three parts and contains rules relating to Postal operations except Savings bank and certificates Part I – Rules relating to collection and delivery of ordinary and accountable mail Part II – Rules relating to booking, transmission, payment and accounting of Money orders Part III – Rules relating to functioning of sub accounts branch, accounting in POs, Duties of postmen and letter box attendants

7 Postal Manuals Postal Manual Volume VII – Rules relating to operations in Railway mail service Postal Manual Volume VIII – Rules relating to functioning of various administrative units like Circle office, Divisional office, stock depot., etc., Branch office rules – Rules relating to the working of branch offices Post office Savings Bank Manual Volume I – Contains rules relating to various types of savings accounts Post office Savings Bank Manual Volume II – Contains rules relating to transactions in various types of Savings Certificates

8 Postal Manuals Foreign Post Manual
Post Office Savings Bank Manual Volume – I – Procedural rules for all types of accounts Post Office Savings Bank Manual Volume – II - Procedural rules for Savings Certificates Post Office Life Insurance Fund Postal Manual of SB Control Pairing & Internal Check Organisation All India PIN Code Directory

9 Practice Exercise 1.6.1

10 Post Office Guide Post office Guides are for the guidance of customers
Post office Guide – Part I Contains guidelines to customers transacting in various Postal products in inland mail and other financial services and details the conditions Post office Guide – Part II This guide deals with conditions for posting of international mail Post office Guide – Part III Contains the list of Post offices Post office Guide – Part IV This guide relates to Post office Savings bank and certificates

11 FHB Volume 1 General principles and rules about accounting
Relation with audit Supply of funds and other remittance transactions Revenue and miscellaneous receipts General Rules on pay and allowances Contingent charges Loans and advances to government servants

12 FHB Volume 2 Supply of stamps from stamp depot
Supply of stamps to Post offices Revenue receipts under postage revenue, postage collection, prepayment of postage in cash,unpaid postage Commission on Mos,IPOs sold fees from Post box and postbags Receipt from other departments PO accounts-Consolidation of accounts,HO Summary,SO/BO summary,Supplementary accounts for March ,HO Cash Book ,Postmaster’s balance sheet Submission of Cash account and Cash balance report to PAO

13 FRSR Fundamental and supplementary rules Leave rules TA rules
Pension rules

14 Acts relating to Post office

15 Indian Post Office Act, 1898 Act of 1866 amended and came into force from Lays down the privileges in carrying mail, prohibitions and protections Specifies the requirement for prepayment of postage and the right to recover the same Lists the conditions for transmission of Postal articles and reserves power to intercept articles and treatment of undeliverable articles

16 Indian Post Office Act cont’d
Discusses the rules relating to money orders Specifies the exemption from liability for articles and money orders Lists out the penalties and procedure for penalty

17 Exemption from liabilities
Exemption is provided for acts done in good faith; Following are the relevant sections of the act Section 6 (loss, misdelivery, delay or damage) Section 48 (money orders)

18 Offences and penalties
Chapter X of the Act specifies the offences and penalties; They are Penalty for misconduct of person carrying or delivery mail bags or Postal articles (punishable with fine) Penalty for voluntary withdrawal from duty without permission or notice of personal carrying or delivering mail bags or articles (imprisonment upto one month or with fine or both)

19 Offences and penalties cont’d
False entry in register kept by person carrying or delivering postal articles (imprisonment upto six months or with fine or both) theft, dishonest misappropriation, secretion, destruction or throwing away of postal articles (imprisonment upto seven years and with fine) Opening, detaining or delaying postal articles (imprisonment upto two years or with fine or both)

20 Offences and penalties cont’d
Fraud in connection with official marks and for receipt of excess postage (imprisonment upto two years and with fine) Fraudulently preparing, altering, secreting or destroying post office documents (imprisonment upto two years and with fine) Fraudulently sending unpaid postal articles (imprisonment upto two years and fine)

21 Offences and penalties cont’d
Contravention of section 4 & 5 (exclusive privilege) – punishable with fine Contravention of Section 19 & 20 (sending prohibited or indecent material by post) – imprisonment upto one year or with fine or both Defiling or injuring post office letter boxes – Imprisonment upto one year or with fine or both

22 Offences and penalties cont’d
False declarations in respect of postal articles – punishable with fine Detaining mails or opening mail bag – Punishable with fine; If committed by an official of post office, becomes cognizable offence under CRPC Unlawful diverting of letters – Imprisonment upto six months or with fine or both

23 Offences and penalties cont’d
Penalty for defiling or injuring post office letter boxes is punishable with imprisonment for a term up-to one year or with fine or with both Penalty for affixing without authority thing to, or painting, tarring or disfiguring post office or post office letter-boxes.- fine upto Rs.50 Whoever places in or against any letter box provided by the post office for the reception of postal articles any fire, match or light, any explosive, dangerous, filthy, noxious or deleterious substance, or any fluid or commits a nuisance in or against any such letter box, or does any thing likely to injure any such letter box or its appurtenance or contents, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine or with both. Whoever, without due authority, affixes any placard, advertisement, notice, list, document, board or other thing in or on, or paints, tars or in any way disfigures any post office or any letter-box provided by the Post Office for the reception of postal articles, shall be punishable with fine which may extend to fifty rupees.

24 First Schedule of PO Rules
Power to fix rates of inland postage GOI may, by Gazette Notification, fix the rates of Postage and other sums to be charged in respect of Postal articles, and make rules as to the scale of weights, terms and conditions Provided that the highest rate of postage, when prepaid shall not exceed the rate set forth for each class of postal article in the First Schedule i.e., for Letters, Letter-cards, Postcards, Book, Pattern and Sample Packets, Registered Newspapers, Parcels

25 Government Savings Bank Act, 1873
Introduced on 28th January 1873 Codifies the laws relating to Government Savings bank Specifies how payment can be made in special circumstances (deceased claims, minors, lunatics) Provides protection against prosecution to the officials for acts done in good faith

26 Government Savings Certificates Act, 1959
Introduced on 18th September 1959 Lays down the general provisions relating to holdings by minors and transfers relating to certificates Provides protection for acts done in good faith Reserves the right to make rules as to various transactions in certificates

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