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Monitoring delivery through PRI Basic guidelines 1.

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1 Monitoring delivery through PRI Basic guidelines 1

2 Why monitoring? Stringent commitment to delivery increases customer satisfaction Project arrow standards require achievement of delivery percentage of 95 to 97% Delivery staff tend to be careless unless properly monitored Articles and money orders are returned with incorrect remarks Delivery areas specially in the periphery of the beats are not promptly served 2

3 Monitoring on the beat Ensures promptness by postmen Public relations inspectors (P) monitor movement of delivery staff and effectiveness 3

4 Role of PRI(P) Supervise the work of postmen Carry out surprise checks Test the postmen on beat knowledge Conduct enquiries related to delivery Reorganise delivery jurisdiction based on the drives or local requirements 4

5 Duties Responsible for proper movement of postmen on beat Ensure that postmen do not loiter on their beat Ensure that postmen do not deviate from their beat Ensure that postmen do not employ unauthorised agency to deliver mail entrusted to them 5

6 Qualifications Practical working knowledge and extensive knowledge of rules Awareness of the delivery jurisdiction of the PO Familiarity with the delivery beats of all the postmen 6

7 Check of postmen PRI checks postmen bag to ensure – Postmen book and other documents are filled correctly before they leave the office – Articles are not unnecessarily detained and passed on from beat to beat – Every unpaid letter bears the Postmaster’s unpaid stamp – Thumb impression pads are kept clean and properly inked – Latest copy of the beat list is available Check the Postman on the beat at fixed points to ensure that Postman is doing the delivery properly in the assigned beat 7

8 Check of delivery Ensure that articles are delivered as soon as possible by the postmen He should adopt every means to expedite delivery Should follow the delivery staff in the beat to ensure that delivery is prompt Should post test letters to addressee’s at or near the end of the beat to ensure that postmen complete the work in time Verify payment of certain number of MOs and submit report to Divisional office 8

9 Verification of money order The PRI has to verify 50 money orders paid by postmen and delivery agents in a month This can be selected at random by the PRI in his jurisdiction The PRI submits the list of MOs verified to the Divisional head through the PM/SPM of the attached office 9

10 Testing of clearance of LBs Tests whether the letter boxes are cleared punctually Post test letters and trial cards in the letter boxes to check if clearances are prompt, including office letter boxes Report the results of the tests through the diary All letter boxes in the jurisdiction to be tested every quarter unknown to the LB clearance staff Will carry out surprise checks of letters cleared by LB peons to detect instances of – Removal of stamps – Use of fake stamps 10

11 Role of Postmaster Postmaster can entrust articles with incorrect remarks for further trial If PRI delivers such letters he can obtain explanation from erring postman and PM can take suitable further action Get such enquiries as may be necessary by marking the complaints to PRI 11

12 Diary of PRI PRI has to submit diary in form Genl.3 at the end of each day This is the record of work done the PRI each day The PM has to examine the diary Ensure that the diary of the PRI is submitted on time and examine the same to take further action as may be necessary The diary has to be forwarded to divisional head with his remarks by Postmaster 12

13 PRI(P) diary format (obverse) 13

14 Format of PRI diary(reverse) 14

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