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Merchant Marine Training Centre วิชาการเป็นเลิศ เชิดชู คุณธรรม ผู้นำ.

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1 Merchant Marine Training Centre วิชาการเป็นเลิศ เชิดชู คุณธรรม ผู้นำ

2 Merchant Marine Training Centre2 วิชาการเป็นเลิศ เชิดชู คุณธรรม ผู้นำ

3 Merchant Marine Training Centre3 วิชาการเป็นเลิศ เชิดชู คุณธรรม ผู้นำ

4 Where and what causes fires

5 About 60% of engine room fires are caused by oil leaking onto hot parts of engines. Most lubrication, hydraulic and fuel oils have an ignition point above 250°C. If a liquid hits a surface hotter than its auto ignition temperature, the liquid will ignite. What to look for

6 All surfaces above 220 o c have to be insulated in order to protect from ignition from flammable liquids Indicator Valves 260 o c Flanges 230 o c

7 Fires and Firefighting Class of FireMaterials on FireBest Extinguisher Class "A" FireCloth - Paper - WoodWater Class "B" FireFlammable LiquidsFoam Class "C" FireElectrical FiresCO2 Class "D" FiresMetal on fireDry Powder Important! Never let the fire get between you and the exit

8 The Fire Triangle What would happen if you took one of the parts away ?

9 Fire Drill Sound alarm (advice Master and officer on watch) Follow Muster alarm list Close doors and stop ventilation Identify dangerous cargo Analyse method or extinguishing Analyse how the fire could spread If necessary consider evacuation of the vessel and prepare all documents to be saved Send a message to the company and if required, to the insurance or freight forwarder After the fire has been extinguished, send a cancellation message Enter everything that happened in the log book

10 Questions (Look at fire fighting file on website) The engine room fire alarm is sounding what are you going to do? What are you going to do next? What are the dangers with tackling this type of fire? How will you tackle this fire? What should you never let happen? What type of extinguisher would you use on a diesel fire? You had a major fire in your engine room and you sealed off the engine room and activated your co2 fixed fire fighting system, but how do you know if the fire is out?


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