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Personal Development Plan

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1 Personal Development Plan
Higher PE Badminton Personal Development Plan

2 Overview of the development plan
Aim: To develop your stroke repertoire in badminton, specifically the overhead clear shot. Overview of the development plan You will have 2 targets within the plan: 1 physical and 1 mental Duration of the development plan: 6 weeks Frequency of the development plan: 3 times per week

3 Task 1 Choose one of the following physical targets for your development plan: Think about your own performance of the overhead clear when choosing your target. “To develop the fluency of my movement to the rear of the court” “To improve my transfer of weight when contacting the shuttle” “To extend my arm and generate a throwing action when hitting the shuttle” “To follow through with the racket across my body after contacting the shuttle”

4 Your Practices The practices you use will be based on your stage of learning. Cognitive Stage Practice Stage Automatic Stage Shadow Practice Simple Repetition Drills Hand Feed Practice Racket Feed Practice Half court game Complex Repetition Drills Target Practice Pressure Drills Conditioned Games Sequence Drills

5 Your Practices You must design 3 practices. What is the approach?
Description What is your goal for the practice? How might you receive feedback?

6 Examples of the different approaches you could use
Shadow Practice Repetition Drill Pressure Drill Sequence Drill Conditioned Game

7 Principles of effective Practice
When your designing your practices follow these principles: Specific – Practices are specific to your needs Variety – Practices must be varied to avoid boredom Exciting – This will maintain your motivation and keep you challenged Goal setting – Set yourself a measurable target that it is attainable, but achievable.

8 Ways of receiving feedback
Video analysis Peers Teacher Knowledge of results Internal feedback

9 Think about the following things when designing your practices
How many people are involved? What equipment do you need? Are you using other props e.g. hoops for target practice What area are you working on?

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