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Badminton Skills and drills.

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1 badminton Skills and drills

2 Forehand serve Serve Forehand grip, forward stride and knees flexed
                                Serve Forehand grip, forward stride and knees flexed Take racket back waist high, cock wrist on short serves and uncock wrist on long serves Release shuttle on forward swing and follow through. Contact below waist.

3 Backhand serve Low backhand serve: 1.backhand grip
Racket Skills basic technique Low backhand serve: 1.backhand grip 2.racket held in a downward pointing position in front of the body. 3.racket foot slightly forward. 4.Shuttle hit out of non-racket side. (pushing/tapping action). Backhand Serve                                

4 clears Overhead clear Drop racket arm behind shoulder, cock your wrist, and weight on back foot. Shift weight to front foot. Contact in front of body with racket face open and follow through down.

5 Forehand overhead 1.underarm back swing, body weight on back foot, wrist allows racket to drop behind back. 2.throw the racket head at the shuttle, elbow then wrist leading, body swing forward. 3.hit the shuttle with arm fully extended, shoulders and body weight into shot and weight transfers onto front foot. 4. Follow through with racket.

6 Backhand overhead

7 smashes Smash Same cues as overhead clear. Tighten grip and reach high. Contact shuttle in front of forward foot. Shift weight to back foot and take racket back. Shift weight forward into stroke and whip racket up and into falling shuttle. Contact with a closed racket face and follow through.

8 Forehand drop shot Drop shot
Begin stroke with the same mechanics as overhead clear and smash. Contact shuttle with a square racket face in front of the body. Slow speed of the racket just prior to contact. Follow through slightly so shuttle barely clears the net and drops in the front court.

9 Backhand underarm defence

10 Forearm underarm defence

11 Forehand overhead with jump

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