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History of hairstyles By: Kacie and Megan.

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1 History of hairstyles By: Kacie and Megan

2 Table of contents Rat Tail Hi-top Fade Duck tail Dreadlocks Pompadour
The Pixie Beehive The Shag Afro Corn Rows Bouffant Devil Lock Absurd Invention : Big Hair Hat

3 Rat tail

4 Worn in 1980’s Was named after ugly sea fish Associated with lower-class redneck culture Has recently renewed popularity Worn by all ages Australia associated with bogan subculture.

5 High top fade

6 Worn in s Made to look like pencil eraser Shaved at neck puffed up and shaved flat on top Popularized by Will Smith and Kid’n’Play 1986 popular in New York Washington D.C and Philadelphia In 1994 it simplified into low cut fade and corn rows

7 Ducktail

8 Worn in 1950’s Top either left in disarray symbolizing “greasers” With sides back and flat while top high Turned into a rebellious hairstyle Most popular among youth in 1950 During time of peace and freedom(1950)

9 Dreadlocks

10 Worn in 1970’s Involves sectioning hair into locks and growing long Came to America around reggae music 1st examples date back to east Africa and North America Egyptians wore lock hairstyles and wigs Locks are sacred among some sadhus

11 pompadour

12 Worn in 1950’s Combining hair against sides but pulling up and over on top Popular with Elvis and Johnny Cash The name comes from Madame de Pompadour For woman it has become popular again in 21st century Famous among men

13 Pixie

14 Worn in 1950’s Short hair with shorter bangs (fringe) Looked like what pixies were drawn to have as a hairstyle Popularized again in 1960’s Started wearing short hair in 1920’s Worn by all ages today

15 beehive

16 Worn 1950s-1960s Teased hair up with hairspray Usually in tall dome shape mimic beehive Styled to look like a beehive Use lots of bobby pins curlers Also known as b-52

17 The shag

18 Worn 1960s Made famous by Beatles Any cut that’s grown out and messy Worn by many celebrities Mostly worn by men First showcased in public in 1971

19 The afro

20 ’s Sported by people with very curly hair Grown and brushed out to create halo of hair Worn by both boys and girls Also called a fro Use cream, jells, or other solidifying liquids

21 Corn rows

22 ’s Popularized during “black is beautiful” movement Braid tightly to scalp in rows from front to back A traditional African style hair Became popular again in 1990’s Also known as braids

23 bouffant

24 Generally any hair cut piled high on top of head
1960’s Generally any hair cut piled high on top of head Tracy Turnblad (Hairspray)and Kramer (Seinfeld) wore them. mainstream style in western Europe in 18th century A bouffant cap is a resemblance to the hairstyle 1964 school girls took style and created own

25 Devil locks

26 Popular by the misfits Worn 1970’s to 1980’s Teased forward and pointed Sides and back kept short front long and combed Name was appropriated by Norikai Endo 1990’s experienced popularity in Asian markets

27 Absurd inventions: Big hair hat

28 Issued in 1962 Rigid water proof shower cap Enough room to give astrodome Suitable for cone heads and pope impersonations

29 Bibliography Four boys with devil locks. [online image] Available November Frater, Jamie. 25 hairstyles of the last 100 years. [online]Available VanCleave,Ted. Totally Absurd Inventions. [online]Available November

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