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1 7 th Grade General Music Ms. Ollish November 28 th 2006.

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1 1 7 th Grade General Music Ms. Ollish November 28 th 2006

2 2 Today’s Agenda Take Attendance Collect Fundraiser Order Forms Talk about upcoming Concert Start Jazz Unit

3 3 Fundraisers Please pass your order forms to your left Remember that the orders will be in the week of December 18 th You must have all money collected and ready to be turned in on Wednesday January 6 th

4 4 Holiday Concert A quick reminder that all of you are required to attend either the Holiday Band or Choir Concert and write a two page summary of what you hear and see The Band concert is Tuesday, December 5 th The Choir concert is Wednesday, December 13 th If anyone has a problem with attending either one of these, please see me after class

5 5 Jazz Music Jazz is an original American musical art form that began around 1900 in New Orleans. It is rooted in African American musical styles with a blend of Western music technique and theory.

6 6 Origin of Jazz At the turn of the century, the people of New Orleans were from many different cultures. In the 1800's settlers from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and Italy migrated to this prosperous city. As new settlers arrived in the New Orleans' seaport, musical traditions from all over the world began coming together. African American musicians merged European traditions with the blues, ragtime, marching band music and many other elements to create a new style of music known as "jazz."

7 7 Jazz Instruments Jazz musicians used instruments used in marching bands and dance band music. Instruments such as trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and drums

8 8 The Roaring 20’s As African Americans migrated to northern cities like Chicago and New York in search of better opportunities, they brought jazz and the blues with them. In the 1920’s many young Americans were discouraged because of the destruction of World War I and they began to challenge the old- fashioned attitudes of their parents. They started listening and dancing to high-spirited jazz and blues became part of their rebellion.

9 9 Flapper Girls Young women, known as "flappers," shocked their parents by cutting their hair and wearing shorter dresses. They were young women just wanting to have fun and dance to the new music of the 1920’s.

10 10 Big Band Swing In the 1930’s popular bands became larger in size. The Great Depression caused men and women to struggle to find jobs, and having money to pay record albums was very unlikely. Therefore, radio continued to be the center of entertainment in America. A new style of jazz, "big band swing," emerged. People loved to dance to swing and it became the most popular music of the 1930's and 1940's.

11 11 Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong (1901-1971) was one of the greatest American jazz musicians He was born and raised in New Orleans, the "birthplace of jazz.“ He started his career as a musician in 1922, and continued to grow as a master of the trumpet, and a very good singer

12 12 Group Project Assignment Spilt the class into groups of four. Your group is going to be assigned a famous jazz musician to research As a group, you will fill out the worksheet being passed out The group assignment will be presented in front of the class on Monday, December 4 th Each group member must present something about the musician you were responsible to research Be creative with your presentations as much as possible.

13 13 Tomorrow Tomorrow we will work on the group projects Be ready to work the entire period because it will be your only full day in class to work together So try to get as much done as possible

14 14 Musicians Miles Davis Billie Holiday Benny Goodman Duke Ellington Ella Fitzgerald Charlie Parker Ornette Coleman

15 15 Have a Great Rest of the Day See you Tomorrow!

16 16 Reference =UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&tab=wi&q=

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