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by the students of 9A, 9B, 9C Slonim gymnasia № 1 SLONIM BELARUS

2 Goths What is youth culture?
Youth culture is the ideas and opinions and styles of young people. It’s a particular relationship on the part of young people with the whole world of music, fashion style, image, dancing.

3 What is youth subculture?
A subculture is a group of people whose cultural trades set them apart within a culture or society. In many societies teenagers turned to form subcultures. Youth subculture is a group of people whose customs and values differ from those of society as a whole. However, teenage subcultures often help shape the customs and values of the parent society. Teenagers’ preferences in such matters as music and clothing styles often affect the tastes of society as a whole. The youth countercultures consisted mainly of older adolescents, some of whom wanted to set up a completely free and society based on their ideals.

4 What is youth subculture?
Nowadays young people follow a particular youth culture to rebel against society, to have something in common in order to try new options, to know who they are, where they stand and where they are going.

5 Types of Youth Subcultures
punks hippies bikers goths mods emo soul boys skinheads ravers tecktonik parkour glamour, etc.

6 Goths When the Goths appeared in the early 80s nobody thought that they would last, but they are still rather popular. A Goth is somebody who listens to Goth’s music and looks Gothic. One can tell Goths from the costume and make up. They are really interesting and can look really striking with their white skin and swept back hair. They are a mixture of quite a lot of fashions. The emphasis on black is something that is very much punk. But what makes them really different is their philosophy. They are into mystical things and wear silver decorations often with religious significance. Another thing is that they have a rather negative view of life. Everyone expects young people to be optimistic and full of life and enthusiasm, but Goths aren’t like that. They are quite pessimistic and interested in death; they have this attitude that everything is tragic. It seems to appeal to kids, and there are always lots in every generation, who like to look on the dark rather than on the bright side of life.

7 Punk subculture The punk subculture is a subculture that is based around punk rock. It appeared in the mid-to-late 1970s in the UK, the USA and Australia. Punk culture includes distinct styles of music, ideologies, fashion, visual art ,dance, literature, and films. Music is the most important aspect of the punk subculture. Punk music is called punk rock. Most punk rock songs are short, lyric. They express punk values. Some common trends in recent punk politics include anti-militarism, anti-racism, anti-capitalism, anti-nationalism and animal rights.

8 Hippie Subculture The hippie subculture was a young movement
that began in the United States during the early 1960s and spread around the world. They dress in a shocking way to express his or her identity. They have brightly colored hair and wears metal chains. Their music is aggressive. They say NO to everything.

9 Rockers Rockers are members of a subculture that started in the United
Kingdom in the 1960s among motorcycle riding youth. The first rockers were known for their motorcycles ,but by the 1960s , their subculture became associated with a specific music (rock-and-roll). Rockers wore heavily-decorated leather motorcycle jackets with metal studs, pin badges, patches and so on. When they rode their motorcycles ,they usually wore an open –face helmet and a white silk scarf ,leather caps, Levi’s jeans or leather trousers and tall motorcycle boots. In summer they wore T-shorts.

10 MODS The mod subculture originated in London in the late 1950s, and peaked in the early to mid 1960s. Elements of the mod lifestyle included music, clothes (often tailor-made), dancing and motorscooters. They wore modern Italian suits, liked jazz and blues. They spent more free time in nightclubs and coffee bars. Then hard mods appeared. They were rougher, and got their hair cropped short .The hard mods soon transformed into the first skinheads. They wore three-button suits, shirts, Levi’s jeans and Dr. Marten’s boots. These first skinheads had no association with any political movements.


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