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The Comanches By: Carson, Lauren, James and Bethany.

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1 The Comanches By: Carson, Lauren, James and Bethany

2 Food If the Comanches could not access the buffalo they would eat fish, wild fowl, dogs, coyotes, and bears. (Warren 41). Carson

3 Hair styles The boys cut their hair on the left side even with the ear, to show of ear ornaments (warren 38). The right side was never cut (Warren 38). It grew almost to the ground and was tied up in a loop with a string of deer sinew (Warren 38).The girls parted their hair in the middle with one braid hanging down in the back (warren 38). Carson

4 Clothing In warm weather men wore breech cloth which was attached to a belt and hung to their knee (warren 36). During cold weather leggings made of tanned buffalo or deerskin covered the body from foot to hip and were decorated with beads, shells, and animal teeth (Warren 36).They also wore shirts with v-necks that were made from the skins of deer, antelope, buffalo, or sheep. Furry buffalo robes, bison hide boots, and even woven snow shoes were used to combat the extreme cold weather of the plains (Warren 36).The girls wore long deerskin dresses in warm weather. (warren 36). In cold weather, they would wear long furry robes (Warren 36). James

5 Body Decorations Comanche men usually had pierced ears with hanging earrings made from pieces of shell or loops of brass or silver wire (Crystal). The men also tattooed their face, arms, and chest with geometric designs, and painted their face and body (Crystal). Comanche men also wore bands of leather and strips of metal on their arms (Crystal). Comanche women might also tattoo their face or arms (Crystal). A popular pattern among the women was to paint the insides of their ears a bright red, and paint great orange and red circles on their cheeks (Crystal). They usually painted red and yellow around their eyes (Crystal). Lauren

6 Shelter The Comanches always used buffalo hide for their shelter. They stretched the buffalo hide up to 16 to 18 inches and pushed it down into a tepee form. Carson

7 Region The Comanches lived in the Great Plains because that is a place with a large population of buffalo. Bethany

8 Flag The Comanche’s flag is half blue and half red (Crystal). The blue is on the left and the red is on the right (Crystal) It has a yellow circle in the middle and on the right part of the circle there is a Comanche riding a horse (Crystal). The flag also has writing on the circle it says Comanche Nation Lords of the Southern Plains (Crystal). Bethany

9 Friends The Comanches were enemies to just about anyone around them (Moore). Later in Life they became friends with the Kiowa and sometimes made allies with other plains tribes (Moore). James

10 Children When the Comanche’s children could walk they would follow and help their parents in the daily chores. The Comanche children learned to ride a horse before they could walk. When they were first born the babies stayed in a cradle board while their parents were working. James

11 Economic Patterns The Comanches obtained different kinds of food by trading with neighboring agricultural tribes (Crystal). They traded mostly with the Wichita and the Caddo to the East and the Pueblo tribes to the West (Crystal). Lauren

12 Activities Some of the main activities the Comanches enjoyed doing were basketry, weaving, wood carving, metal working, making household goods, making toys, tack for horses, and cradle boards (Crystal). Lauren

13 HeaLth Believes The Comanches considered it healthy to drink the warm blood of a freshly killed animal (Warren 41). Bethany

14 Sources Warren, Besty. Indians Who lived in Texas. Dallas, Texas: Hendrick- Long, 1981. Moore,R.E.. Texas Indians. 2000. December 8, 2006. Picture of Buffalo blood retrieved from: All other clip art and sounds retrieved from: Microsoft Office Power point 2003 Lipscomb,Carol. The Handbook of Texas Online. June 6, 2001. December 8, 2006. Crystal,Ellie. Crystalinks. December 14, 2006. December 8, 2006.

15 Thanks We want to give a BIG thank you to……. Ms. Sarkis for guiding us along the way!

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